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Erotic Escapades of Elise: The Home Invasion Photo Shoot - Part Five

Elise screamed as she fell back onto the bed, Hoselvr climbing on top of her, preventing her from escaping. With her hands still trapped inside the sleeves of the blouse, Elise’s arm movement was severely limited, her body pinning much of the blouse underneath her. She panicked when she realized she couldn’t fight him off, twisting her body, attempting to roll him off her. She kicked her legs, but couldn’t get the right angle, only succeeding in lifting one of her legs between him, no leverage to harm him.

“Stop fighting my Vixen,” he teased her. “This is going to happen. I’m going to fuck you – twice even.”

Twice? – Twice, she thought. What does he mean by twice? Is he going to fuck me like this a second time, or does he have something else in mind? Having only had vanilla sex with anyone before, Elise had no idea Hoselvr intended to fuck her ass as well. Unless he wants a blowjob too, she though further. I think I could do that. I’ve had some practice with Keith. Maybe if I offered it now? He might agree and then decide to leave.

“Please stop,” she said. “I will suck your cock if you promise not to do anything else.”

Hoping this enticed him, she opened her mouth, forming a circle with her lips to demonstrate her willingness. Hoselvr grinned, but did not stop feeling her body. Instead, he took advantage of her pursed lips and kissed her hard. Elise tried to turn away, repulsed by his hard kiss. He in turn, grabbed her chin and turned her head straight, forcing the kiss on her.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned in anger.

Hoselvr stopped and lifted his head, smiling at her. Elise clamped her mouth shut, holding her lips tight together. He laughed in her face, causing her to add a scowl.

“The voluntary blow job is a nice offer, Elise,” he told her “but, I have been dreaming of your pussy enveloping my cock for so long, I can’t wait any longer.”

With that, he sat up and began to probe between her legs with his fingers. Next, he used both hands to work a hole through the thin unprotected material of her pantyhose. Once this was accomplished, he immediately began to probe her naked pussy lips, seeking them out, feeling them, and spreading them for access to her pussy. He went prone again, pressing on top of her, one arm reaching between her legs. Elise gave up on trying to kick and turn, feeling his full weight on top of her. Instead, she tried to talk to him, hoping to appeal to his better nature.

“Hose,” she started. “Please Hose, please stop this. I thought we were friends. Friends don’t do this to each other. Friends care for each other and are gentle. This isn’t you. I know it isn’t. I know you like women and pantyhose, but rape? That is not you. You are gentle with women, you make love to them, but not rape. Please don’t rape me, please.”

Hoselvr paused. In all his previous exploits – his co-worker Nancy, Cindy and Stephanie the school teachers, Katie the prosecutor and her athletic sister Amy, and most of all Mickey who was his favorite – never did any of them voluntarily say the word “rape” out load. He did recall forcing Mickey to say it, but that was different from this. Without replying to Elise, Hoselvr stood up and quickly pulled his shirt off and then undid his pants pulling them down to his knees before climbing between her legs again. His cock was already fully erect, and Elise stared at it, forcing herself not to compare its length and girth with Keith’s cock. Hoselvr shifted, lowering his cock toward her pussy. Elise shuddered, knowing what was happening, but feeling powerless to prevent it. Keith, please come home, she thought, as his cock began to enter her, its tip spreading her pussy lips to either side. With only the tip inside, he paused holding his weight above her body with his arms braced on the bed. Elise looked up to him, her eyes pleading. She tried to speak but no words would come as she formed her mouth to say them. She tried to lift her arms, hoping she could push against his chest to stop his cock from travelling further. Hoselvr made a kiss with his lips and then quickly moved his hips, plunging his cock deep inside her. He sighed loudly at the feel of her cunt around his stiff cock.

Elise let out a small pathetic cry as she felt him fully enter her. This was it, she thought, she was now officially a rape victim. Her mind was distant, thinking about rape, rough sex and manipulation – not regarding herself – not as the victim, but rather more clinically, as though she was analyzing a therapy client. Her mind trailed off further as she felt him slowly move his cock in and out. She tried to imaging this was just a fantasy or he was actually Keith playing a trick on her, messing with her reality.

Hoselvr forced himself to remain gentle, making slow rhythmic thrusts, avoiding slapping against her body, a slight separation before he reversed direction to withdraw again. After many minutes of gentle strokes, he slowly began to increase the speed of his thrusts, still taking full strokes, the tip of his swollen cock hovering at the soft entrance to her pussy for only a moment before his shaft plunged in once more.

“Wrap those legs around me Elise,” he commanded her between short quick breaths. “I want to feel your pantyhose slide against me.”

The sound of his voice startled her back to the true reality of her situation. She blinked her eyes and tried to comprehend what he just asked her.

“U-uh?” she stuttered.

“Are you telling me ‘no,” he asked her sternly. “That better not be what I heard!”

“N-no p-please,” she pleaded. “Th-that’s not what I said. What did you ask me? Please, I didn’t hear.”

“I didn’t ask you anything Elise,” he said, his voice less stern this time. “I told you to put your legs around me. You will slide those hosed legs on me. I want to feel your legs.”

Elise sighed, relaxing slightly as she realized his sudden anger subsided just as quickly and that he did not try to hurt her again. She slowly lifted one leg, swinging it over to rest against the back of his thigh. Then she slowly raised her other leg, crossing it with the first, wrapping his legs in hers. He shifted his hips so each of his thrusts now caused her legs to slide along his legs and push against his ass. One of his favorite sexual positions, he savored the feel of her body and pantyhose covered legs, his cock fucking her pussy, the feel of her soft breasts - but hard nipples - brushing against his chest on the end of each down stroke. Lust building now, his thrusts became more urgent, the strokes rougher, faster. Elise felt the change, knowing her compliance triggered him to fuck her harder. She closed her eyes, hoping to drift back into the fog that separated her mind from the reality. Suddenly, her eyes snapped open.

“Oh my god, Hose,” she cried out. “Please don’t cum in me. I’m not on anything. Keith always wears a condom. Please don’t.”

Hoselvr was too deep into the sensations to hear or care what she just said. He continued to pound deep into her cunt, feeling his balls tighten in preparation for the delivery of his seed. With renewed ambition, Elise tried once again to lift her arms and twist her body to roll her rapist off. Hoselvr felt her fight, shortening his strokes to keep the weight of his body closer to hers, preventing her from gaining ground in the struggle. Excited further by her actions, he grunted and gave one final, violent thrust deep inside her, and exploded.

“NO!” Elise screamed as she felt his hot load spray inside. “God, no!”

He grunted and pushed against her, his cock throbbing its sticky seed deep, as she continued to struggle under him. He groaned again, mouth close to her ear, feeling her hair on his face, her legs tightening around him, an involuntary reaction to the sensations she felt inside. With his load fully delivered, he stopped pushing against her. Lifting his head from the side of her face, he forced another, gentler kiss on her lips. Elise allowed the kiss without resistance, but quickly uncrossed her legs and dropped them to the bed, shocked by her reaction.

After resting on top of Elise for a few minutes, Hoselvr climbed off the bed and stood up.

“Please leave now,” Elise pleaded. “Please go and leave me alone.”

He sat back down on the bed beside her, brushed the hair from her sweaty face, and looked into her eyes.

“No Elise,” he said flatly. “We have more time. You’re going to play dress-up for me now.”

Elise stared at him, the tears beginning to flow…
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