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Erotic Escapades of Elise: The Home Invasion Photo Shoot - Part Three

Hoselvr spend months planning this moment, although in reality, he thought about it for over a year before he really made any of the actual plans aimed at the execution of his bold endeavor. About three months before, he knew he would be traveling to Greensboro, North Carolina for a conference. Having already sent numerous packages of clothing and pantyhose to Elise via her post office box in Greensboro, he knew she must live nearby if not directly in the city. Granted, the relationship Hoselvr built with Elise via email did not extend far enough for Elise to trust him to the point of revealing her home address. However, Elise was not aware of Hoselvr’s secret weapon – one of his college roommates worked for the post office in Greensboro, having transferred there from Chicago two years earlier. Still friends with Matt, Hoselvr kept in contact via email and telephone with him. Since Matt owed Hoselvr a large favor, Hoselvr had contacted him months before, letting him know of his up-coming trip. Matt jumped at the chance to get together with Hoselvr and said that would have to party together on one of the nights he was in town. Hoselvr then asked the favor, giving Matt a bullshit story about being friends with Keith years before but over the course of both of them moving to different states (Hoselvr had moved around a lot due to work), they had lost touch. Hoselvr told Matt the last and only address he had for Matt was a P.O. Box in Greensboro. Matt agreed to check the box card to see if Keith still held that box and give him the home address for Keith. The several days later, Matt texted the address to Hoselvr.

The next part of the plan had been both easy – getting Keith out of the house by posing as a new customer located over an hour away from the house – and difficult – getting Elise all dressed up when he arrived at her house. Of course, the last part wasn’t truly necessary – Hoselvr could still have fun forcing her to put on something special, but he wanted the initial moment of seeing her in person for the first time to be extra special. That is why he spent time emailing Elise to convince her and Keith to hold a photo session that weekend. It’s why he made the photo shoot request and sent Elise the latest outfit.

Hoselvr froze in the darkened corner directly inside the garage and waited for the door to fully close. Once that happened, he immediately worked his way through the two-car garage and into what appeared to be a laundry room adjacent to the kitchen. He paused there listening. Hearing no movement, he proceeded through the kitchen, dining room and into the living room where the extra photography lights still shone. Glancing around, he could see they had been involved in their photo shoots, but Elise wasn’t in the room. Then he heard her call down the stairs.

“Keith!” she said loudly, still in the bedroom. “Who was that? I didn’t hear what you said. I’m almost ready so I will be down in a second!”

Hoselvr moved quickly, ascending the stairs two at a time, moving toward the sound of her voice. He arrived at the entrance to the master bedroom just as Elise turned to look. She jumped and took a step back, then quickly fastened the last button on the gold satin blouse, leaving her hand resting on her chest protectively. Hoselvr could not believe his luck. All his planning and manipulation had led to this moment. Elise stood only steps away, looking as sexy as her photos. Before speaking, Hoselvr took the view in. Elise wore her short leather skirt, seen in several picture sets over the years. Above, she wore the sleek gold satin long-sleeved blouse. She wore suntan pantyhose and a pair of black heels. Her hair was simple and hanging down to her shoulders.

“Hello Elise,” Hoselvr said as she began to shake. “I finally get to see you in person after so many years of jacking off to your pictures.”

“W-what?” she said, her voice shaking. “Who are you? Keith! Keith! Who is this guy?”

“Oh he won’t hear you my dear,” Hoselvr said. “I sent him on a long errand. We have several hours to play like you’ve never experienced.”

“H-help! K-K-Keith!” she cried, taking another step back.

Hoselvr took several steps forward, closing the gap between them rapidly. Trapped with no direct way out of the bedroom, Elise stood near a corner of her vanity and the foot of the bed. Hoselvr had already cut off her escape toward the adjoining bathroom where she could have locked herself inside. She tried to think of how to escape, but all thought eluded her and she froze in fear. Then she let out a small weak scream as his hand touched her shoulder. Elise shuddered and then dropped to the floor like a rag doll. Hoselvr laughed as he looked down at her unconscious body. Her skirt had pushed further up her thighs, exposing nearly all of her silky legs. Hoselvr knelt beside her, lightly brushing the hair from her face, then trailing his hand across it, down her neck and rested it on her breast, squeezing lightly. Then, filled with lust, he began to grope her, squeezing her tits and thighs, sliding his hand everywhere over her body that her awkward body position would allow.

When he squeezed her left tit hard, she moaned slightly. Hoselvr stood back up and scooping his arms under hers, he lifted her up, rotated around, and dropped her onto the bed. Elise stirred and opened her eyes. Disoriented, she did not immediately recall how she got onto the bed or why a strange man was standing over her. Then, seeing the desire in his eyes, she was jarred back to the reality she now faced.

“W-what d-do you w-want with me?” Elise asked him quietly.

“Elise,” Hoselvr replied. “I want all of you. Your sexy body has been teasing me for years. Your legs in pantyhose, those tits you show so little. I want it all.”

“N-nooooo, please leave me alone,” she cried. “I have money…..I have it in my purse downstairs.”

“No fucking way,” he told her. “Your gorgeous body is going to be my payment.”

Elise stared, mouth open, shivering on the bed in fear. Unable to move, she watched Hoselvr sit on the bed beside her. He lifted a hand and again brushed the hair from her face, but immediately gripped her by the chin.

“For this to work,” he began. “You will have to cooperate. I don’t have all the time I would have wanted, but it should be enough for a few hours of fun with you. The more you cooperate, the less harm that will come to you. Do you understand?”

Elise nodded her head, a single tear trailing down her cheek…
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