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Erotic Escapades of Elise: The Home Invasion Photo Shoot - Part Two

Hoselvr had been of member of Elise’s website for many years. He did not particularly care for most of her stocking photosets, but he always looked them over because he just liked seeing her body. However, his computer hard drive contained every pantyhose photoset she ever made, which after so many years of being on the internet, numbered in the hundreds. In addition, he had downloaded all of her videos regardless of the legwear it featured. She had changed her hair color several times over the years as well as shortened it. Although he preferred longer hair, at least she hadn’t shortened it too much – as long as it was long enough to lightly brush the top of her shoulders, he was satisfied. Over the years, he made it a habit to post a positive comment about her most recent photo shoot posting. Her website had a Guest Book section where members were able to post comments and photo suggestions. However, too often some members chose to criticize Elise about the type of outfit she wore, or the lighting, or the location. It was always something. The worst of the comments were from those members who wanted Elise to start going fully nude on the website. Although, she had begun to lean that way, occasionally showing her naked breasts, she always used nudity in good taste and did not blatantly display her exposed crotch. Hoselvr enjoyed this newfound exhibition of her body, yet his favorite photo shoot was still the first one in which she wore the sheer light blue dress that allowed her breasts to show through the material – not really nude, but with plenty of suggestion. In addition to posting in her Guest Book, Hoselvr often sent Elise emails as well. Here he gave her compliments and photo session suggestions, to which she often replied. Over the course of several years, they had grown to trust each other, sharing a few details about their regular lives. Several times, Hoselvr purchased a dress or skirt and blouse for her photo shoots. Many times, he purchased pantyhose for her, providing her with several expensive brands such as Donna Karan and Wolford. Elise was always grateful for the gifts from a number of members and had even arranged for a post office box in her hometown to receive them.

In the morning after some breakfast, Keith spent an hour setting up for the first photo shoot, assembling several light stands, positioning their angle, testing them. Next, checking over his two digital cameras and the one digital video camera, he made sure they each had fresh batteries. He wouldn’t necessarily be using all of them at first, but he wanted to ensure now they were ready when he needed them. Early on in their website’s history, they often were plagued with interruptions because Keith had initially purchased cheap photo equipment. However, he learned quickly that quality equipment was well worth the investment. With the quality of the photos evident, it prompted numerous comments from Elise’s members on the increased photo resolution and sharpness of the videos produced.

Meanwhile, Elise made her own preparations. First, she showered, keeping the water slightly cool to ensure she did not get too warm before the shoot. Her nipples responded to the cool water, hardening and pointing their light pinkness. After she stepped out, she quickly dried herself off, slipped on a pair of suntan pantyhose and sat down on the bench in front of the vanity to put on her makeup. Not one to overdo her makeup, Elise had learned to prepare it simply – only enough to accentuate the natural beauty of her eyes and face. Once that was completed, she slipped the baby doll nightie over her head, letting is satin material slid down her body into position. Reaching her hands up, she adjusted her breasts in the formed cups of the negligee and slipped each spaghetti strap into place. She glanced down to see that it was fitting properly. It was a nice fit and she noticed her nipples poked the material out. Next, Elise retrieved her heels from the closet and slipped each on, admiring her silky legs in the full-length mirror on the closet door. She took the time to smooth out the pantyhose on each leg as she lifted them up to place the heels on her feet. With the simple, yet seductive negligee, Elise chose not to wear any panties. She had purposely made sure the pair of hose had an opaque gusset to stay modest in that area for this photo shoot.

Elise walked down to the living room where Keith had everything prepared. He looked her up and down, licking his lips in approval. Elise in turn wagged her finger at him, indicating he needed to curb his lust until they could complete the shoot. He gave her a playful pout with his lower lip, but stepped over to the camera on the tripod and motioned her to take her place. Elise walked a few steps to an outside corner on the far wall of the living room, leaning her back against it. Keith focused the camera and took a picture, Elise adjusted her position, and Keith took the next. They flowed through this routine in a well-practiced nature, having spent hundreds of hours in many photo sessions. Elise soon crouched down allowing the camera a view under the frills of the baby doll nightie’s bottom hem. Keith liked a position the best as it made his hardening cock grow.

As the photo shoot progressed, Elise shifted her position repeatedly, from standing, to crouched, to kneeling, to sitting. In each position, she slid her hands over her body, moving the bottom of the nightie up and down, exposing her legs and ass. At the end, Elise stood up again and playfully leaped into the air, her hair flying. Keith laughed and shot, catching her flying hair, the final shot fuzzy from the movement of her hair. When the shoot was over, Keith checked the picture count – 123. Not bad, he thought, not the largest picture set, but certainly not the smallest either. At no time did she remove any part of the negligee. Despite that, they both thought the shoot would please their members. Satisfied, they both sat on the sofa to rest. After several minutes, Keith put one hand on Elise’s thigh, while reaching his arm around behind her. Elise wanted the attention, but knew if she gave in to him so early in the day, they would not get much else accomplished. She quickly moved his hand out of the way, stood up and walked into the kitchen to retrieve a glass of water.

Keith sighed and stood up, checking the camera. With the size of the memory card in the camera, there was plenty of space for at least another set. When Elise returned to the living room, she handed him the half-empty glass and he drank it dry in one gulp. He set the glass down on the coffee table in front of the sofa, noticing the light lipstick marks on the opposite side of the glass from where he drank.

“What outfit are you going to do next?” he asked her as she started to approach the stairs.

“Want me to surprise you?” Elise asked him as she ascended the stairs.

“Well,” Keith replied, calling up to her as she continued to climb the stairs. “It won’t be that much of a surprise since we talked about everything you were planning to wear. That is, if you stick to the plan, which I know you don’t always do.”

He received no reply as Elise rounded the corner at the top of the stairs and entered the master bedroom to change. Keith fiddled with some settings on the camera while he waited. He was tempted to sneak upstairs to take a peek at what Elise was changing into but thought she might get angry, accusing him of delaying the next photo shoot. Just as he took a tentative step toward the stairway, his cell phone rang with his favorite ringtone. He reached into his pocket immediately and answered it.

“Hello, this is Keith,” he spoke into the phone.

The caller explained a rather complicated problem with their computer system that confused Keith quickly as they had no idea what the proper terminology was in his field. He let out a too audible sigh and agreed to check out their system, quickly writing down their address. Returning the phone to his pocket, he called up the stairs to Elise, breaking the news to her, hoping he could return in only a few hours. He grabbed a light coat and left through the garage door. Starting his car, he pushed the button to the garage door opener clipped to his sun visor, backed the car out of the garage, pushed the button again to close the door, backed out of the driveway and sped away.

What Keith did not see as he hurriedly drove away, was Hoselvr stepping around the far corner of the garage, and slipped inside.
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