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His finger sliding over her very private parts brought even more blush to her cheeks, darkened her lips and she closed her eyes tightly, telling herself that he didn't have all the power! He Didn't! That touch vibrated through her though. Her eyes were still closed when he gently, almost kindly slipped the vibrator between her labia, holding them apart, it's chill surface touching her swollen clit. Even after her panties were drawn back up the vibrator felt like it violated her, holding her labia part, resting next to her tender entrance. The sensations, which she couldn't get out of her head, brought more tears, more struggling, which did nothing at all to dislodge either the vibrating clamps or the vibrator from her panties. Struggling did however brush the nylon of her panties over her now smooth and very sensitive pubic area, making her feel vulnerable and ashamed. Worst case scenarios ran through her mind.. that he was video taping it.. that when he'd finished with her she'd be sold at auction or some horrible thing. When he spoke, her eyes opened and were drawn to the horrid looking clamps.. She'd scream for sure if he put those things on her! They look liked they'd hurt terribly, hurt her even. "I'll tell you anything you want to know, Professor... I will."
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