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Amy Flynn admired her professor more than she was ever likely to admit. She'd keep her secret thoughts about him well to herself, even if there was just a touch of blush on her cheeks when she entered his classroom. It was well after school hours and she was honored to have been invited to participate in his projected.

Her long red hair was up in a ponytail, curling naturally around her neck. Her green eyes filled with hope and excitement. She wore no lipstick, but her lips were a deeper pink, innocent just like the rest of her. She wore a skirt, the first she'd ever bought - and she bought it for her professor. It was a dark navy slit up the back just a bit. Her blouse was a sheer white affair, buttons up well past the full swell of her breasts. Under her clothes, she wore her favorite white lace panties and bra, and then of course cream colored pantyhose and heels that were higher than she'd ever worn. Tablet held in her arms, she knocked and stepped into his domain. "Professor? I hope I'm not too early!"
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