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With my third pick, I select television actress DOVE CAMERON, age 21, United States.


I down another shot of vodka, and hold it in my mouth. The 190 proof spirit stings, but I refuse to swallow. Instead, I reach down to grab my newest acquisition by her bleached-blonde hair. Up rises Dove Cameron, her big green eyes heavy-lidded with lust. I thumb open her pouty lips, already swollen from sucking my cock, and lean in for a vodka-filled french kiss. The burning liquid fills her messy little mouth, much of it spilling onto her pristine white bodycon minidress as our tongues intertwine. She straddles my leg and begins to grind, mashing her clit against my muscular thigh, staining my white linen pants with her wetness.

Our al fresca brunch on the penthouse terrace had been her idea. Making it an all-white affair meant that she had something special in mind. The mid-morning sun makes the decor glow. Dressed all in white, we both dazzle in the daylight as we kiss. Dove gives a mischievous moan... and then promptly bites down hard on my bottom lip. My grip on her hair tightens, threatening to tear out her tresses. She moans at my manhandling. I'm giving her what she wants. Something special in mind, indeed.

"Guessing you want the rough stuff?" I grumble. Dove gives me a sexy smile... and proceeds to spit in my face.

I'll take that as a 'yes'.

The slap I give her is a thunderclap, a backhand that snaps her head to the right. There is bright red blood on her busted cherry lips. With one fist still in her hair, I grab the open bottle of vodka pour it out on the little bitch, drowning her in the expensive alcohol. She coughs and sputters, screwing her eyes shut as she struggles against me.

"Is this what you fucking want?" I growl.

I drop the empty vodka bottle and let it shatter on the marble terrace floor. I grab the neckline of her minidress, now soaked and see-through, and tear it open down the front. Perfect pink nipples proudly cap her exposed tangerine-sized tits. I begin slapping her little A-cups, reddening their creamy complexion. She bats her hands in protest. I slap them away, then slap her again in the face. She is seeing stars now, blinking away tears and vodka as I grab her by the jaw.

"Open your fucking mouth," I order, my cock is hard as rock.

Dove giggles with a little grin, and grinds her gash even harder on my leg. Her bloodshot green eyes are a challenging stare. I slap her face again... twice... three-times... then I reach down to twist her vodka-soaked nipple. Her body gives a sensual shudder. At last, she complies, her eyes never leaving mine, and slowly opens her mouth wide, snaking her tongue out as far as it can. Again, I slap her face. She blinks and winces, but her mouth stays open. I spit repeatedly into her gaping maw, slapping her tiny titties until they sting. Her grinding speeds up until she is riding me in a steady rhythm. In a flash, I jump up out of my chair. I lead Dove by the hair with a vicious jerk, and bend her over the patio table with a violent thrust.

Dove arches her back, palms flat on the table, presenting for her master. My left hand slides the hem of her minidress up, exposing her pert little bottom. My right hand unbuckles my leather belt and pulls it free from my pants in a single smooth motion. I fold it with a flip, then bring it down with a thunderous thwack across her creamy cheeks. Dove cries out in pain and lust, desperate for the next stroke. The white linen tablecloth bunches up in her french manicured fingers. Tableware and what is left of our brunch join the shattered vodka bottle on the ground, as I savage her lovely ass. Angry red welts rise on her abused flesh. There will be blood before we’re done. By the thirtieth stroke, she starts to seize and cum violently. Only the first of many orgasms for my precious little painslut.


01] Sophie Turner (age 21)
02] Ariana Grande (age 24)
03] Dove Cameron (age 21)

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