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Default Diary of an abuse daughter

Hi, here is a story I've begin I hope you'll enjoy it as well as I do

I'm a french speaking person, English is just my second language, so there can be some language mistakes sorry for that but I do my best to improve

I will add more parts later.

I haven't wrote the daughter's age, because I don't know if it's right.

My inspiration for the daughter is the model Keeley Hazell.


My parents divorced not long ago, I used to live with my mother, ang go on my fathers home from friday night to sunday night. My mother was working at a restaurant and she was not very rich, so my father was paying us a rent. It was 6 months before. To be honest, I grow up very fast. I was around 5'3'', but my boobs were already grow up, and I had quite a beautiful round ass.


It was on a saturday night. It was around 10 o'clock. I went on to take my shower as always, getting ready for bed. My father was already showered and was lying on the couch in is bathrobe watching TV. I take my shower, put on my panties and my bathrobe (I always sleep with only panties, no bra) and get out of the bathroom. I went to the kitchen take some juice and I join my father on the couch, watching some TV. My father cupped me over my shoulders and press me against him as we always do and we share a little blanket to keep us warm. The night goes on and I fell asleep in my father hands. Past midnight, I woke up a little. My eyes were still closes but I could hear some strange noise.. like people yelling... I opened my eyes without moving and this was porn on the tv!! A naked woman was spread wide open while being fucked has hell!!!

But that wasn't what surprises me the most... I looked at my side I raise up a little just to find out my bathrobe was wide open, with my boobs at full view!!! My father was aware of this.

- Hey sweetie, you're awake!!

I rise up quickly closing the bathrobe.

- I'm so sorry father!! I'll go to bed now!!!

- No no!! You can stay a little. Have you ever see a porn movie before?

- .... heu... no...

- Well, there's a first time for everything! And for your boobs, don't be sorry... Was I the first man to see them??

I feel my face become red of ashameness...

- Yes father.... but I'm s...

- Naaa don't be ashame!!!

He cupped me and squeeze me against his shoulder.

- I tell you a little secret: you have the most beautiful boobs I've ever seen!!

He then give me a kiss on my forehead and we continue to watch the movie.

But I felt very uncomfortable.... watching a porn movie with my dad.... I could feel he was getting hot... The heat below the blanket once again send me to the worl of dreams.... and then it began.....

A few minutes later, I was awaken by a strange feeling.... something was moving between my tights....I woke up only to see my dad fondling a hand between my legs!!

- DAD!!

- Ho sweethart I'm sorry.... the movie... it makes me so exited..

- I go to my bed

I try to raise but my father hold me down.

- No please... you know I love you. And you love me right?

- Yes dad I love you.... what's the point.

- You know it's been 6 months since I left your mother and.... you know... it's also my birthday next wednesday...


- You's benn 6 monts that I didn't have any sex... And I'm desesperate,,,, So I was just thinking... you know I love you...

- Dad?!?!?!

- Hemm.... for a birthday gift can I ask you a favor??

- ....

- If you could.... you know.... stroke my cock to make me have an orgasm...

- Dad....

- Just 1 time darling, like right now, I'm so horny, I can take it anymore.... Please...

What a proposition it was!!! My own father who want me to stroke his cock??? What was the fuck with that... NEVER!!! But..... he's also a little alright.... no sex at all since 6 months.... and I've been quite a tease tonight with me sleeping toples on his side.....

- Dad, because I love you and because it's your birthday next week... I accept. But just this time.........

- Ho darling your so amazing!! Come here.

He slowly take the blanket off us. Then he undo his bathrobe belt... but I could already see at that moment that he was fully erect.... He them open his robe and a big hard 6 inches cock rise up!! He wasn't wearing anything under his robe!! Damn!!

- Is that the first cock you see??

- y..y..yes...

- Take it in your hand. But before please, open your robe. I want to see those tits again...

I opened my robe and let it fall to my hips.

- Wow!!! really amazing!!!

He put a hand under a boob and carress it a little.

- So soft... Now take my cock.

I was on the right of my father and approach my left hand.

- No the other

I then approach my right hand but didn't figure where to put it exactly.. My father take my hand in his own hand and put it on his cock... It was very hot!!!! He then began to stroke up and down and after a few stroke let me go alone... The feeling of that hard and hot thing in my hand was very special. I stroke up and down keeping the rythming my father show me. ... My father lay his head back and began to moan

- ho yeah.... ho myy.... it's so damn sweet continue like that... ho my god...

He them gives me some kleenex.

- When a told you I'm cuming, you stroke you're hand down and keep it there and put the kleenex on my cockhead right?

I agreed with my head and continue to stroke up and down. I could feel his cock getting harder and hotter with each stroke. My father was moaning, and I saw him squeezing his feets of satisfaction! A little precum began to come out and slipe on my finger while I continue to stroke. I stopped and went on to clean it..

- No continue dammit!!!!! Dont stop!!!

I continue my rythming stoking and I could feel that his orgasm was bulding...

I was there... topless... stroking my first cock, my father own cock!!!

- Ok get ready.... it's about to happen... mmmm....mmmmmmm....mmmmmmmmmmMMM NOWWWW!!!!!!

I stroke down and get it there with the kleenex ready as my father began trembling and them he shoots load after load after load a hot cum!!!!!!!


I try my best but the kleenex were full and it was now falling everywhere on the couch!!

- Daddy...

- AWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwww........ damn....... it was so great.............ouff.....

He slowly rise up and give me the kleenex box.

- Clean this please..... wow........

He fall again on his back while I whip the cum on him, on the couch, on his robe.... there was also a little on his balls... a whipped that to.... When I was finished I gat up, only to find my father sleeping and begin snozing.... I put my bathrobe on, go to the bathroom , put the kleenex in the toilet and wash my hand before going to bed, don't knowing what to think of what at just happened...................

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