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Default Servant House - A Sexual Tour of East Asia (Digital Image + Short Story)

Soo Jin's pussy felt surprisingly wet as she obediently mounted him and gracefully positioned herself to allow his cock to slide inside her. Soon after the head of his penis disappeared between her labia the walls of her vagina began to stretch tightly around the girth of his shaft. He was pleased, however, to find himself slipping effortlessly into her as she smoothly came down on him. She was so tight and yet so slick that he wondered if she wasn't secretly enjoying the humiliation of the sex act despite her troubled appearance.

Just the sight of her delicate frame pressed against him with her cunt splayed wide open around his huge cock made him want to cum. The accompanying sensation of her intimate flesh wrapped around him for the first time made it even harder to refrain from immediately unleashing a powerful orgasm deep inside her servile pussy. There was nothing that prevented him from doing so if he wished, of course. He could cum in her whenever and wherever he wanted, but there were just too many base pleasures to be had with her and the other two slave girls, Ming and Sayuri, to blow his first climax at the very beginning. After all, he couldn’t be sure how many it would take to drain him. He knew he could manage at least four, perhaps more with the appropriate stimulation, yet restraint was warranted when presented with three dedicated companions.

He placed a hand on each side of Soo Jin's torso, guiding her to raise and lower herself back down onto his cock in a steady rhythm. She moved her body exactly as he wished, heightening his pleasure. After some time he did not need to guide her as she tirelessly worked his cock in and out of her cunt, allowing it to run the length of her vagina. More fluid began to escape from the narrow gap between his hard shaft and her tiny fuckhole, running down his balls. His genitals glistened with the evidence of her arousal as the sounds of the mingling of their flesh echoed through the room. She began to perspire from the effort with which she allowed his cock to spear her again and again. He suspected that if she fucked him for much longer, she might orgasm herself. He would not allow her such release, at least not until she was begging for it.

"Are you sure you don't like having your cunt raped by the master's cock, Soo Jin? I think maybe you enjoy the role of servant," he taunted her as he grabbed her ass and held it down at the bottom of her gyration, indicating that she should pause with his cock remaining at its maximum depth within her, a position in which he was sure he could feel the glans pressed against her cervix.

"Yes, master. You can have me any way you like. I won't resist you, in fact I like your cock inside me, and I want you to fill me with your cum," she answered in a way that seemed to be half like a programmed response and half like a sincere admission of a confused girl near climax.

"You dirty slut, you'll get what you want only after you beg for it and only after I cum in your friends Sayuri and Ming, first. That means you have to wait," he said in an attempt to punish her for no particular reason. In reality, he wanted very much to empty his first load of cum deep inside her at that moment, but he would not give her the satisfaction. He decided it would be just as enjoyable to wait a bit longer and do so in one of the other girls.

"Sayuri, Soo Jin has my cock so slick with her cunt juices that I bet it will slide right into your asshole, no problem," he said, shifting his address away from Soo Jin as he rolled to one side and roughly thrust her off from her place on his cock and onto the floor, satisfied that he was done using her pussy for the moment. He was eager to rape the Japanese girl in her ass, which was sure to be even tighter than the Korean pussy he had just enjoyed. Beside him, Soo Jin curled up on the cold floor and began to sob, whether from being used in such a savage manner or from being denied mutual orgasm he did not know or care.

…to be continued?...

Image is original render by me. See my post in the introduction thread for some more low-resolution samples of my stuff. I hope you all enjoy. I have pages and pages of stories I have written as well.

Thanks for looking!

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