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Dad and Daughter

Alaina Should Have Stayed in School – Dad is working hard at the office, business has been really slow and he is super stressed out. He even had to lay of his secretary and doesn’t know how he is going to keep things afloat. Then is spoiled little daughter comes skipping in and has the nerve to not only be cutting school to go to the mall, but asks him for his credit card. It starts off with spanking her spoiled little ass and then he totally dominates her and makes her be his little whore if she expects money from him. To finish he pounds her young tight pussy until, totally confused, she cums all over his dick. Then he covers her firm round ass with his load.
Alaina’s Bad Bathing Suit – Alaina is trying to sneak out of the house, even though she is grounded. She thought her dad was out for his regular Saturday of Golf but he is home and catches her. He makes her take of her shorts and sees the sexy thong bikini bottom and tells her if she wants to go out looking like a little whore he is going to treat her like a little whore, She will be daddy’s little whore...

Resolution - 1280x720
Duration - 00:35:40
Size - 1614 mb

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