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Dad and Daughter

Ashley is texting her friends when her wasted dad walks into the room. He begins to feel his daughters tight body and takes her phone. Daddy loves you he tells her pulling open her shirt and feeling her breasts. He unbuttons her top exposing her breasts and pulls off her panties and his bottom. He gets on top of her and spreads her legs apart against some resistance. When he enters her she lets out a small cry of pain from losing her virginity. I’m not sure about this Ashley pleads with him, but he takes off her pants and licks her sweet pussy.
She doesn’t understand what’s happening as her father slides his cock inside her. Oh please, what are you doing dad… stop She moans softly. It feels so wrong and feels so good. He cums inside her and kisses her on the head, falling asleep beside her.
The next morning...

Resolution - 1280x720
Duration - 00:42:42
Size - 1305 mb

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