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Rae Knight XXX - Mom Will Help You Study For Sex Ed Exam

You have been studying for 3 days and nights in the office and mommy is getting concerned you haven’t taken a break. So Mommy brings you a snack to give you a break and asks what in the world your have been studying so hard for. You hesitate and tell her not to worry, that you are fine. She insists….asking you to show her your laptop, maybe she can assist you with your studies. You tell her no…that you are doing fine and need no help. She keeps insisting and now is getting annoyed that you wont show her your laptop. Finally, you lie, and tell her you are studying for a sex ed exam. She tells you that she is very good in that subject!!! What chapter are you on? She pulls your laptop from you and now you are exposed!!!!! She looks at your laptop and sees that you have been watching taboo porn for 3 days straight!!!!!! Shocked!!! Is this what you have been doing???? Is this how you see your mom??? You try to deny it but the computer doesn’t lie!!! She sees everything! Clearly mom and son’s going at it…..You tell her that she is your mom and that is not how you see her. But she tells you that she has to look like a mom and act like one…but you didn’t know her back in her youthful days!!! Does mommy have to show you??? I still have it!!!!! Come in my bedroom….daddy isn’t home….let me show you just how much mommy still has it going on!!! You go into her bedroom….your cock is already stiff and now your real fantasy is about to come true….mommy starts stripping….slowly exposing her huge tits and amazing ass in her full back satin panties.. You had no idea you mommy had such a hot body…but now is your chance…daddy isn’t home….mommy doesn’t like fucking him anyway…..she needs a young, hard cock that is full of cum!!!You love the fact that mommy wants you….she begs for you to stick it in….bareback…..leaving your seed deep inside her ovulating womb…..she wants to crawl into bed later with daddy , but with your seed swirling around deep inside.

File Size: 664 MB, Resolution: 1920*1080, Duration: 26 min, File Type: MP4

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