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Rae Knight XXX - Mommys Mouth Feels So Good

Iím on the phone with your best friendís mom. We are chatting about how she and her son have not only given him a blowjob, but they have had unprotected sex! I am in awe and a little suspicious because you have given me a dozen red roses and there is no occasion for them! I tell her about the roses and she suspects that you want to have the same sexual experiences as she and her own son. I am amazed and quite curious just how it would feel with you. I hang up when I hear you coming home from his house. I sit down with you and thank you for the red roses and ask whatís the occasion. I tell you that I know what your friend has done with his own mom. You begin getting quite aroused just hearing me say that. I put my hand on your crotch and can feel how hard you are. I tell you that I am quite horny and curious how it would be and I want you to unzip your pants and let mommy start with a blowjob, just like your friend and his mom!

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