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Default Inheritance (story, tags inside)

Well, I have been a long time lurker and I thought I might share one of my stories here. I am not sure its the right place, but you might like it. Since its pretty long, I will post a short excerpt here and a link to the full story in ASSTR. Let me know what you think, as I might start posting the rest of my work!


“Noooo! Please, not here!” she begged me, but I shushed her.

I licked my fingers and I ran them along her pussy lips. It wasn't really necessary, as she was already wet enough, so I took the smallest ball and I pushed it inside her. She gasped as it moved in, but she held still, as she knew I didn't like to tell her twice.

Then I pushed the second one in, and finally the biggest one disappeared inside her, leaving only the ring sticking out between her legs

I pulled her dress down, and after making sure it looked okay, I kissed her lips and I opened the door.

“Don't let it fall…” I warned her as I turned around, and without another word, I left her in the bathroom and I returned to our table.

She came back a minute later, her face covered in sweat and walking slowly. When she got to the table, she grabbed the edge and then she sat without really realizing her mistake until it was too late. I saw her gasping as the balls moved inside her, and she had to push her hand against her mouth to avoid screaming.

I called our waitress again a few minutes later, and I ordered us some dessert. Chocolate mousse for me and a banana split for her. She looked miserable as she ate silently, but I told her we wouldn’t leave until she finished and that seemed to do the trick.

A few minutes later, she pushed her empty plate away and she looked pleadingly towards me. How I loved to see her squirm, I thought then.

“Ahhhh, not yet…” I told her.

I pointed at her panties, still on the table, and she looked at me without knowing what I meant.

She looked so sweet when she was confused, that I couldn't help myself. I got up from the table, grabbing them and bunching them into a small ball. Then I stood next to her and when she opened her mouth to ask me what I was doing I shoved them inside her mouth.

“Shhhhh. Keep your mouth closed and no one will know. Now come, let's go.” I said.

She followed me quietly towards our car, but just as we were about to exit the hostess appeared besides us, wishing us a good night. I stopped in place, looking at Melanie as her face filled with panic. This time she knew what I meant.

A moment later her face turned red again, and she looked at the hostess, who was looking at us uncomfortably.

“Oooou ighttt.” she mumbled with her panties still in her mouth.

The hostess looked at her without knowing what to do, and before she could say anything else we were outside, heading towards the car.

Once there, I held the door open for her and she climbed quickly, shutting the door behind her as her face burned with shame. I walked lazily towards the driver side as my body tingled in excitement, and when I was inside I saw her spitting out her panties.

“No, not yet.” I told her, and thought she looked about to complain again, she took them into her mouth once more.

I turned on the car, and when we were on the road I opened up the glove box. My magic wand was in there, and when she saw it she started shaking her head in fear.

“Put on your seat belt first, Melanie.” I told her.

She clipped herself in, and with a look of fear in her eyes she grabbed the wand in her hands. A moment later a loud buzzing filled the car and I saw her pulling her dress up. Despite her protests, her pussy was soaking wet and when she pressed the tip of the wand against it she started moaning loudly.

I kept my eyes on the road, but it wasn't easy. From time to time I looked at her, smiling in satisfaction as I saw her body responding. Her nipples poked through her dress and he pussy got even wetter, until there was a dark stain on the seat under her ass. She was also gripping the door handle so hard that I could hear the plastic cracking.

By then I knew her body well enough to know when she was close, so I waited a little more and then I stretched my hand, hooking my finger inside the ring that was still sticking out her pussy. With one quick pull, I yanked the three balls out of her and a moment later I saw her cumming. She screamed wildly into her panties, squirming in her seat as the world exploded around her.

When it was finally over she collapsed into her seat with a big smile on her face and the wand slipped of her fingers, landing on the floor. I had to pull over to turn it off, as Melanie was too far gone to hear me.

I drove all the way to the house while she recovered, and once there, I finally told her take the panties out of her mouth. They were soaking wet with saliva, so she carried them inside before she dropped them next to the washing machine.

I paid no attention to her, as she knew what I wanted now. Instead I went to the kitchen, where I poured myself a generous glass of wine. I took a small sip as I walked towards the couch, were Melanie was waiting me. She was kneeling on the floor, completely naked.

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