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Davids went about his grim work of torturing Lupa's man. He knew it wasn't going to be easy, as betraying Lupa promised death, while, in this guy's mind, Davids only promised pain. (if he only knew)

Davids had beaten him severely, put a plastic bag over his head to induce fear of death, and even attached electrodes to the guy's genitals, but the macho asshole was determined to prove he was tough and withstood it all. Davids was frustrated and at the end of his patience.

"I am going to ask you one more time asshole. Where is the female cop?"

The man looked up with hatred in his eyes, blood dripping down his chin onto his wife beater tee shirt, His right eye purple and swollen shut, his body convulsing a bit from the last shocks Davids had delivered.

He looked up at Davids through his puffy lips, did his best to smile. "Oh yeah, yeah, I remember her, the Puta Cop? Yeah last time I saw her she was on the end of my dick."

Davids nodded. "Ok asshole." He then produced a knife and walked over to the man who was tied securely to a chair, (just as he had been when they took Kat.) Davids ripped the alligator clips from the man's testicles causing him to scream in pain. He then grabbed the guys cock and held it, placing his knife at the base .

"Last chance asshole" He said calmly, inches from his face.

"You ain't gonna do that cop. Who do you think you are fuckin with?" He then did his best to spit blood into Davids face.

With one quick motion from his ultra sharp knife, Davids sliced off his cock. The man screamed as he looked down in disbelief, then passed out from the shock of seeing his cock missing combined with the spurts of blood shooting from his stub. His head slumped forward.

Davids grabbed his lolling head, pulled open his mouth and inserted the cock, then he pulled the plastic bag over the man's head and tied it tightly. It was a toss-up as to which, the man would die from first, blood loss or suffocation. It didn't matter to Davids. He was leaving a message for Lupa.

Davids turned to leave when he saw the plastic bag collapse against the man's face, knowing the man had awakened trying to take a breath through his broken nose and gagging mouth.

"If you live long enough asshole? tell whoever finds you, the last time I saw you was on the end of your own dick."

The man gave a strangled scream, struggling against his bonds , knocking the chair over side ways in panic, his head making a hollow "thump" on the concrete floor.

Davids walked out.

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