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Hazy images assaulted my mind as I struggled toward consciousness. I was lying on the floor now. I felt like I was drowning in a sea of pain, yet I forced myself to open my eyes and ‘climb’ out of the blackness surrounding me. It hurt, but I rolled over, pushing myself up, my limbs refused to cooperate at first as I slumped back down onto my side. Everything hurt. I felt like shit. Resigning myself to the hardness of the concrete floor, I allowed the coldness of the stone to seep through me as I lay on my side. Curling in a protective fetal position wouldn’t stop Stevens from assaulting me, but it did minimize the agony he’d inflicted on me—not enough to ignore it, but enough to bear it.

I had not cried since I was a ‘wet behind the ears’ teen. I hadn’t cried when I got my ass beat by some girls in a gang from the Southside of town as a kid. I didn’t cry when my father told me I was a going to end up being a worthless cunt if I didn’t straighten up and change my attitude. I didn’t cry, either when I got my ass handed to me on more than one occasion by my captain.

I was crying now. I cried for Davids, I cried for my lost pride and my lost honor among my fellow officers. Between Stevens and Lupa I was sure my name had been smeared from here to the west coast. I was branded a ‘dirty cop’. Nobody was going to trust me, or protect me even though there were some cops who were equally bad, if not worse than me. Nobody could pin a thing to Stevens. Sure, everyone knew he was an asshole, slacker and womanizing manwhore, but he was an adequate cop. That was enough. He kept his shit clean and nobody suspected a thing. They had no idea they were being sold out by their own ‘brother in blue.’

Managing to finally force myself to sit up, I dragged my battered body to the nearest wall and used it to prop myself up. Wincing with pain, I felt a tremor go through me at the memory of what Stevens had done to me. His disappointment at my lack of response had been obvious. It was as if his favorite ‘toy’ had been broken. He didn’t like it when things didn’t go as planned; that much I’d learned during my time with him. Stevens had a hair trigger temper on the best of days, but with me it reached a fever pitch. At first I just descended into apathy. He wasn’t going to let that happen.

The video of my partner was enough to elicit some response and Stevens rode that moment for all he was worth. A shiver of unease went through me as I remembered the look of pure evil on his face when he realized how to get me to respond. He reveled in my debasement, humiliation and pain.

There wasn’t a hole on me Stevens hadn’t torn into and tortured. When he was high on whatever shit Lupa gave him, there wasn’t a depravity he wouldn’t try. Now I knew why the bastard was so fucking crazy.

I remembered being secured to the sawhorse. I couldn’t move. Stevens buried his cock deep in my ass, fucking me like a damned machine. When that failed to get him off, he resorted to caning me. I felt the sting that soon felt like fire as he beat me like a madman until I was raw. I passed out, barely uttering a sound. That only angered him, but at least he stopped beating me. The ice cold water he doused me with made me cough and sputter waking me to new tortures as he revealed what happened to Davids. Laying my head against the wall, I sighed heavily.

Stevens had fucked the shit of me, pounding my pussy so hard. I came just as hard. Normally, it wouldn’t have bothered me, but this time, I came even knowing what that monster had done to my partner. He made me watch Davids last moments, my traitorous cunt milked his cock like I was a fucking whore as I watched Davids dying. I felt myself orgasm and I felt like a monster, too—my greedy snatch wrapping snugly around his spewing cock, capturing every drop of cum.

I could argue that the sense of being choked, danger, my oxygen being diminished, the rhythmic fucking all conspired to force my body to give in to a natural response. I’d always liked it hard, rough and relentless. But, the plain fact was that nothing about this should have enabled me to cum.

I eased off the hip I’d been leaning on when the pain became too much. I knew, without looking down, that the resulting imprint of his fingers on my hips and ass would be big purple bruises by now.

Hearing the door open, I didn’t look up. I knew who it was. I could smell him. I kept my eyes downcast. He might have elicited a response earlier, but I wasn’t falling for it again. He’d have to kill me first.

“You know, Kat, if you’d just given me a little something…anything to work with—well, it didn’t have to come to this.” Stevens spoke with the usual arrogance of the self-important. He knelt down next to me. I felt one large hand on my face. His fingers grasped my chin forcing me to look at him.

“Ahhh..” I hissed in pain. Every part of me hurt. I was so weak, I couldn’t pull away. He chuckled at my efforts.

“Still a fighter, huh Kat? I knew it was there. You just needed the right motivation to bring it back out. You see what I do to people that cross me? Give me what I want—things could be pretty sweet between us. Keep fucking resisting me—well, I can’t promise to protect you.” He chuckled again as I snatched my face away, bumping against the wall for my troubles.

“Just fucking kill me already.” I rasped. Stevens gave me a silly grin before responding. I marveled that he could go from cold to hot so quickly. It shouldn’t have surprised me. He was a psycho.

“C’mon Kat, you know me…you know what I’m like. Normally, I might be willing to accommodate that request. After all, once I break a bitch like you, shit—the thrill is gone isn’t it? But, lucky for you, Lupa is not done with you yet. It seems he wants to show off his latest acquisition—that would be you—to one of his newest benefactors at some party he’s hosting. He expects you to be there and looking delicious.” He unlocked the restraint from around my ankle and roughly helped me stand. I wobbled unsteadily and clumsily leaned into him. I hated him, but at this moment, I could barely stand without his assistance.

“You and Lupa can go to hell!” I took a swipe at him and nearly fell. He laughed at my defiance. This is what he liked, the fight, and the hatred. Any emotion would do for him, except apathy.

“Ahhhh…now that is the Kat I wanted to see earlier. Look, you have nobody to blame but yourself. You put that stupid scheme together to take on Lupa. You did that. You got Davids killed. You did that. Now, you belong to Lupa. Frankly, I say put a bullet in you. I know how much trouble you are. So, the next time you want to blame someone, look in a mirror. This is all YOU!” He growled, pausing long enough to march me to the door. For what it was worth, I was glad to be out of the room that smelled of sex, blood and sweat.

“Where are you taking me?” I croaked before he could continue speaking. I vaguely recalled Lupa calling Stevens. He pulled me out the door and propelled me up a set of stairs and towards a large bathroom. I blinked at the brightness of the hall lights. My prison was gray and dim.

“First you need a bath. I used to think you were hot. Now, you look like shit…like one of those crack whores we used to bust. You smell like a cumslut. Whew!” he shoved me through the door of the bathroom.

“I can bathe myself.” I muttered as Stevens tossed a towel to me.

“I know, but how much fun would it be if I left you all alone in here? Besides, once Lupa gets his hands on you…there might not be much left for me to play with.” He chuckled at his own humor as he helped me into the shower.

The shower was huge and big enough to hold 6 people. There was plenty of room for him to ‘play’ with me. Judging by the grin on his face he expected me to fight again, and would welcome it.

“Why does Lupa need me at this party?” I eyed him suspiciously. I figured I could be bold and ask, what else could Stevens do to me?

“I have no idea. Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.” He stripped and entered the shower with me. Despite the shit Stevens had put me through, I couldn’t help but momentarily stare at his body. I could see why women fell at his feet. Well, the stupid ones, anyway. He was built and the six-pack was real.

Turning on the jets of water, he pulled a nozzle from the wall and pointed it at me. I felt the warm water hit me. It stung at first, but then began to feel soothing. It eased the soreness I felt. It felt good. Stevens aimed the nozzle to hit me in specific spots. The powerful jets of water caught me in heated blasts. It hurt, but felt good, too.

“Ohhh….!” I moaned in pain melded with pleasure. I didn’t know where one ended and the other began. I could barely stand as my hands worked to fend off the water from my face.

“HA HA HA! Your reflexes aren’t too bad bitch! I have to admit it’s a fucking turn on to see you wet, naked and fighting! But, we got business and Lupa ain’t so patient!” Stevens yelled over the sound of the water. He lowered the nozzle, replacing it in the holder and approached me. Pushing me against the wall, he held up a cloth and shower gel.

I moved against the wall, suddenly more afraid of him now than I had been initially. “I can do it, or you can—either way it’s getting done.” He smiled wickedly, raising one eyebrow.

“I’ll do it!” I squeaked, snatching the cloth from him. He crowded me as I began to suds up the cloth and scrub my body. I worked the cloth, scrubbing until I felt as if my skin were peeling from my body. I kept my eyes averted from his and looked down to see the dirty water mixed with tinges of blood draining out of the shower.

“Much better. Here…give me the gel.” Stevens’s voice sounded thick. I ignored him knowing I had little choice as he washed my hair. The massage of his hands felt almost good. I inhaled sharply to avoid lowering my guard against the soothing feeling. My guard instantly rose when I felt his hands washing my back, then slipping between the globes of my ass. He concentrated on the puckered ring of my anus, sliding a soaped finger past its resistance and into my ass.

“Ssss….!” I hissed as he invaded my anal hole. He edged his finger in, up to the knuckle, then further. I stiffened as he slowly slid it in and out. “Stevens…” I whispered unable to continue. I wasn’t about to beg.

“Mmm…still tight. Kat, you are unbelievable. Soooo…fucking tight. DAMN! I love your asshole!” he murmured leaning against me, all thoughts of bathing forgotten as he pulled out his finger and positioned his cock. “Bend over.” He ordered. The water cascaded down my body as he forced me to bend, giving him access to fuck me.

I felt his cock before he groaned in pleasure. It sounded too much like a man who’d found his home. I closed my eyes as water and man pounded me. Stevens fucked me quick and hard once he found his rhythm. Slapping my ass and positively giddy with lust, he fucked me until I felt him stiffen, his movements slower and choppy until the warm burst of cum flooded my ass.

“Ahhh…shit! That was fucking awesome!” he slapped my butt and helped me stand. “I’m gonna miss this. You won’t be worth much after Lupa finishes with you.” He chuckled and finished soaping and rinsing me.

“I’m not worth much now.” I let him handle me like a useless ragdoll.

Two hours later, I sat in the back of a black SUV limo speeding its way to Lupa’s private estate. His operation was a lot bigger than anyone guessed. He’d sent two of his bitches over to fix me up like one of his prize whores. The red sequined mini-dress left little to the imagination. It had a sheer opening over the front to show off my naked tits. One of the women had brushed my nipples with rouge to make them stand out even more drawing the onlooker’s eye to them. Needless to say, I was also wearing the obligatory matching thong, garter and stockings. My feet hurt, yet they stuffed me into a pair of expensive black patent leather 6-inch heeled ‘fuck me’ pumps.

They wanted to whore me out and now I really looked the part. I stared out the window at nothing. The two men sitting on either side of me said nothing. They eyed me like hungry wolves, but knew that fucking with me wasn’t worth their lives. They were under orders to deliver me unharmed and pristine. Apparently the guest of honor was going to get the pleasure of ‘unwrapping’ me.

We arrived at our destination. The place looked like any other upscale home of the ‘rich and famous’. It sat on a lot of land and resembled its neighboring wealthy homes. I’m sure most of them did not earn their money through drugs, extortion and the flesh trade—or maybe they did. There was one good man in my life—Davids. He was gone. I belonged to that mongrel bastard Lupa.

Things passed fairly quickly once we exited the limo. We were hustled into the house, checked for weapons and ID and admitted to the ballroom. I wanted to giggle thinking Lupa dancing the foxtrot with some woman in a fluffy dress. The humor quickly dispersed as I was led like a lamb to the slaughter.

Lupa stood near the center of the floor as people milled around, musicians playing, as servers walked about with drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Lavish tables lined the walls, piled high with food. The excitement in the air was almost tangible. Few noticed me. It wasn’t their business. Lupa was standing with another man, laughing a bit too loudly, almost nervously. A woman stepped near him to alert him of our arrival. He grinned patting the man on the arm. The man looked down at Lupa’s hand without smiling.

“Ahhh…here is our special little party favor, Dimitri! Right on time.” Lupa spoke in brash tones, his features were overly animated. I figured he was already high or well on his way. The other man seemed unfazed. He removed his arm from Lupa’s grasp.

“I see. But Lupa, I do not recall giving you leave to use my name. I reserve that for friends, and…beautiful women.” The man smiled. It didn’t reach his eyes. Lupa obviously got the message as he spluttered then grabbed me by the wrist pulling me forward.

“Well…ah…yes…Stavros, I think you will enjoy this one.” Lupa took on a scared look when the other man gave him an icy stare. Clearing his throat, he tried to assert his authority through the rest of us. “Take her to the white room.” He ordered. With that the men dragged me off, I stumbled along behind the men as I heard the man called Stavros reminding Lupa that he was the one seeking favors, not the other way around. Lupa said little.

I smiled. Maybe karma would kick Lupa’s ass. Perhaps, but tonight it was my ass that would be well used.

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