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“FIGHT BACK! GOD DAMN YOU!!!” Steven’s screamed loudly!

Steven’s was panting and sweating from the beating he had just given Kat. He had bent her over a padded sawhorse and tethered her wrists and ankles to the floor bolts he had installed in his in-home mini torture chamber. Kat had passed out from the beating – the redness on her back, legs and ass turning to welts, the welts then to bloody splits, that later would be long white scars.

Stevens angrily flung down the cane he was using, frustrated that Kat passed out. He looked around and then picked up a bucket, filled it with ice cold water and dumped over top of Kat’s lifeless body. Kat suddenly jerked awake and spasmed uselessly against her bonds, the ropes further flaying away the flesh on her wrists and ankles. After her uncontrolled reactions, she once again just collapsed, her head hanging down once more, doing her best to stay awake against the pain but wishing for the bliss of unconsciousness to overtake her once again. Her shivering prevented it.

Stevens continued his rant, pacing back and forth spouting off to a semi-conscious Kat, “YOU CUNT!!!.... YOU…YOU… FUCKING CUNT! WHERE IS THE KAT THAT USED TO FIGHT BACK? YOU ARE NOTHING BUT… A…A…, “ struggling to find the right words “A FUCKING ZOMBIE!.... GOD DAMN YOU! FIGHT BACK YOU STUPID BITCH!!! His screams had no effect whatsoever on Kat and were met with silence. Kat had long since given up. Stevens yanked her head up roughly, grabbing a mass of her tangled, wet hair and once again screamed in her face, spittle flying from his mouth.

“SO…YOU WANT TO DIE? IS THAT IT? YOU WANT TO FUCKING DIE? HUH? OK.. NOOOO PROBLEM.” He unbuckled his thick black leather belt and looped it over Kat’s neck. He pulled back tightly.

As Kat felt the belt constrict her throat tighter and tighter, she smiled. “At last she thought, At last…” and started making choking, gagging sounds.

Stevens continued his rant. “OH NO BITCH, YOU ARE NOT GETTING OFF THAT EASY... I want one last fuck out of you, before you die.”

The thought of truly hurting Kat, once and for all, was making him hard again. He undid his now loose pants and let them drop to the floor, his cock springing up, and out. He jammed his hard member into Kat’s slit. She winced at the pain at such a dry violation, but comforted herself once again with the thought that soon, her pain, would end once and for all.

Steven’s thrust in hard and deep. He pulled back on the belt with each thrust, alternatively choking and relieving the pressure on Kat’s throat, jerking her head up and back, as he thrust his hips against her ass. Stabbing and pulling hard on the belt, backing off and releasing. He rode her, not for sex but to humiliate, degrade and show her who was the Master, but his anger, like his cock soon dissipated as Kat hung lifeless over the saw horse, a rag doll, a puppet with no animation other than that given to her by the puppet master. This was not what he wanted. Without her fighting, cursing him, his cock just wouldn’t work. He pulled his now flaccid cock out of her.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!!” I could always get a hard-on before you…YOU DID THIS!”

He just stood there behind her, panting with frustration and anger. After a long pause, a new thought came to him and finally he said.

“It’s Davids, isn’t it? THAT FUCKING PUSSY DAVIDS? OK I was saving this but now it doesn’t matter. I will let you die, watching him die.”

Kat’s body stiffened and she did her best to turn her head to look back at him. She managed to choke out the words in a totally alien voice... “pleasssse, pleassssse…don’t. Haven’t …you done….enough?. Just…kill…me!” she said in a strangled voice.

Stevens smiled, thrilled that he finally got a reaction.

“Oh No you worthless cunt. Not now, OH NOoooo… NOW that I see that got a response. I am going to fuck you. Fuck you as you die, fuck you as you watch him die. You think he died like a man, don’t you? Well he didn’t. He died like the true pussy he was and now I am going to show you the truth of it. I even recorded it on my phone so I could watch it later, but it will be even sweeter watching it with you.”

Stevens picked up his phone and fiddled with it before laying it down on the wet concrete floor in front of Kat’s hanging head. He watched her shiver from cold and most likely the fear of what she was about to see, as the image started to play.

“See Kat...” as she watched a struggling Davids wrestle against the rope that restrained him on the chair.

“Look at him…cursing us futilely while we fucked you right in front of him…as he watched what we made you do.” Kat’s eyes filled with tears and her body started to shake and jerk in more pain than anything Stevens could ever deliver.

“Yeah Kat, look at him squirm, Look at those tears in his eyes….the fucking pussy.” Stevens was getting hard again witnessing Kat’s pain, hearing that moan of total despair from the depths of her soul.

He continued his narrative, enjoying himself now…“Yeah Kat see the blood on his wrists but there was much more blood than that,” chuckling, “And then? Then, he actually begged us…He did! He begged us for your life.” Stevens said laughing. “We didn’t care, we just kept fucking you. Man after man. Turn after turn. We even laid you across his lap as we fucked you.” Stevens was rock hard now at his own narrative and moved behind Kat again pressing his cock into her slit once more. Then grabbing the belt that hung loose around Kat’s neck, he once again started pulling it tighter.

“I had had my turn with you Kat so I took this same belt, the very same belt that is now around your neck and gave it to one of Lupa’s men so I could record it all.”

Stevens was stroking into Kat now…”And I watched Lupa’s man pull the belt tighter around his neck, just like this. Soon you will see his eyes bulge out as he choked…just like yours will soon.” Stevens eyes were closed with pleasure, as he continued to stroke smoothly now into Kat, pulling the belt tighter and tighter.

Kat’s body responded somehow, from the lack of oxygen or the friction of his cock.
“Oh my God,” her oxygen starved brain thought.. “I am wet” but her eyes were locked on her beloved Davids’ last moments. Moments she was responsible for. Her body jerked with sobs which only made .Stevens thrust faster, thinking she was reacting to his invasion and ready to cum. Kat was on the verge of passing out, feeling shame beyond belief, that her own orgasm was starting to build. It was then that Stevens delivered the ‘coup du grace’.
“Oh? and his last words?” thrusting rapidly into her now,

“Want to know his very last words?? Do You? No? Well I will tell you anyway … The pussy whimpered…”I Love You Kat.”

With that, four things happened almost simultaneously.. Despite herself and the shameful, degrading, disgusting horror she was in…upon hearing the words, and seeing Davids mouth form them, Kat’s cunt clenched . And as it did, Steven’s cock spouted a stream of cum into her with a loud “AHHHHHH.” He unconsciously pulled tightly on the belt around Kat’s neck cutting off the last of her oxygen.

The last recollection that faintly registered with Kat before she finally passed out, was vaguely of a phone ringing and seeing Lupa’s name appear on the screen of the phone that lay before her.

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