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Davids…gone? My partner, my friend, the only man I trusted with my life? Part of me wanted to wail in despair, the other part howled for revenge. Stevens—that lowdown, motherfucking bastard! He’d done this! He may not have kicked the chair out from beneath Davids, but he was as guilty as any man standing in that room. Every last one of them would pay--especially Stevens. That animal gave up a fellow cop into the hands of the enemy. If word got out, Stevens’ life would be forfeit. There’d be an unspoken bounty on his head.

I fought like hell to keep from crying when he told me. He’d effectively reduced me to something I hated—a weakling. I was lost without Davids. I couldn’t fight Stevens on his own turf. I had no one to turn to for resources. I was done unless I could find someone who despised Lupa and his minions more than I did.

I never let Stevens see me cry. I did that alone in the night, when he was done with me, with nothing but the four walls of my room as my silent witness. I blamed Stevens, and he was guilty as hell, but I was just as guilty. I led Davids to this terrible end. He was a good man, and I had led him to the slaughter.

After his big reveal about what happened to Davids, Stevens had less trouble out of me. I needed time to get my mind together and to formulate a plan for revenge.

Our routine became him dreaming up whatever torture he could think of and watching me suffer to slowly break me. Some days he just fucked me as if taking out the day’s frustration on me. Stevens liked to feel me writhing in pain, or see the expression on my face. That got him hard as granite and he could fuck most of the night. I learned to give him what he wanted and keep my face expressionless. I wanted him to think he’d won. Stevens was arrogant to a fault; I hoped it would pay off for me at some point.

Other days, he’d get a certain look in his eye. Those days were the worst. He wanted a response and would use me in every way conceivable until he got the response he was looking for—the ones that made him cum the hardest. I could tell he didn’t like me so docile, but I had to reign myself in if I wanted to find his a way out of this. I didn’t give a shit what happened to me. I wanted to live long enough to make the arrogant asshole pay.

Lupa came to dinner one night. That prick didn’t trust me. I couldn’t blame him, but Stevens assured him I was ‘broken’ and no trouble at all.

“Hey! Cumslut! Get in here!” Stevens yelled out my ‘new’ name. One night after he’d filled my cunt and ass until they overflowed with cum, he told me that I took his jizz like a good cumslut. The name stuck. I had been cleaning the kitchen in preparation for Lupa. Drying off my hands, I made my way to the living room where Lupa sat, his sizable bulk filling one of the oversized armchairs. Stevens sat, with a stupid grin on his face, opposite Lupa. I never kept my expression bland.

“Look at you…damn girl!” Lupa gave a low whistle of approval. “Man, she looks hot!” Lupa gave me a wolfish grin as he chortled to see my makeover. Wearing only a pair of black lace thong panties, a pair of sheer thigh high hose, and black stiletto heels, I pivoted at Stevens signal in order to give Lupa a show. My hair fell about my shoulders in a wavy dark brown mass of curls and I wore red lipstick. Stevens liked making me look like a whore.

“Hell, if she’d looked like this at the precinct maybe more guys would have wanted a shot at Wild Kat!” he laughed passing a cigar to Lupa.

“Yeah, well…hot or not, bitch is still a cop. Cops can't be trusted.” Lupa gave Stevens a pointed look.

“True enough…but watch this.” Stevens motioned me to kneel in front of Lupa. “You know what to do Cumslut. Get that mouth busy and I want to see the evidence on your tongue when he dumps his load. Stop looking like you’re stupid! GET TO FUCKING WORK CUMSLUT!” he reached over shoving me at Lupa’s crotch.

“You know Stevens, I think I like the little Puta better this way! I never get tired of seeing her on the end of my dick. Sure, I like fight in a woman—makes it that more sweet to break the cunt. But this…this is fitting for Have you been enjoying your stay here Puta?” he chuckled reaching out to brush a loose strand of my hair from my face.
Stevens made me suck Lupa’s cock until the man had cum twice. He spurted his filthy cum in my mouth. I moved back to stick my tongue out and show both men, and then swallowed the thick sperm. Stevens had been jerking off watching me. Just as I finished, he quickly stood and shot his hot splatter onto my breasts.

“That’s it Cumslut! Hold those fat tits up so I shoot my cum! YEAH! YEAH! You like it don’t you bitch?” he panted as he spurted all over my chest. I held them up until the last drop leaked from his slowly softening cock. His hand reached down to yank my hair. “WHAT DO YOU SAY CUMSLUT?” he yanked again as I squealed in pain.

“THANK YOU, SIR!” I whined.

“NOW, WHAT ABOUT LUPA?” he yanked harder.

“OWWWW…! TH-THANK YOU LUPA…I LOVE COCK!” I cried out. Stevens let go my hair.

Both men commented on how good I looked covered in cum. They agreed I should be used to fuck some of Lupa’s clients at a few parties he was giving. I kept my head down, waiting for Stevens to allow me to get up.

Finally, Stevens ordered me to get cleaned up and fix them a meal. I left the room as fast as possible. They made me sick. I wanted to vomit. I wiped the cum off me then went to the kitchen to serve up their food. I’d already prepared it; I just ladled food onto plates and served them. Lupa took every opportunity to pinch my ass or grab my tits. Stevens watched me for any sign of rebellion.

As the night wore on, they did whatever degrading act came into their minds. They took back down to my ‘room’ where Stevens flogged and caned me, he warned Lupa against burning me, reminding him that I was still worth selling but not if I was disfigured. He whispered something and Lupa nodded in agreement. By the time Lupa left, I was covered from head to toe with cum once again, bruises and welts. I screamed and whimpered to their glee. Lupa slapped me when I moved too slowly in sucking his cock or licking his ass. Stevens was no better. He’d clamped my nipples with alligator teeth clamps and a chain. He yanked it hard when I made a mistake, or just because he wanted to do it. He shoved a thick butt plug into my ass to keep it open so they could easily shove their thick cocks into my backside.

There wasn’t a hole they didn’t fuck, finger, slap or fill. By night’s end I was exhausted. Lupa and Stevens left me chained to a padded table while they went up to conclude their business. I wanted to gut the bastards, but knew it would be worse for me without Stevens’ ‘protection.’

Two weeks after Lupa’s visit, Stevens came down to my room—more like my prison—with a big shit-eating grin on his face. I’d finished my chores earlier (the motherfucker treated me like a damned maid) and lay upon my pallet. I wasn’t good enough to share his bed or have one of my own, or so he liked to remind me.

“Hey Cumslut, you must have impressed that dickhead Lupa, he wants me at his next party and he wants me to bring you. Kind of a ‘party favor’!” the ass chuckled at my look of distaste. “C’mon, surely you can do better than that sour look. You’ll like being passed around. Lupa must have put in a good word to his boss. Why not, right? You sucked his cock like the best little cocksucking whore this side of Welker Avenue. What’s more, he told me to get you something nice to wear. Now what more could a freakin’ cumdump like you want? All the cocks you could desire and a whole lot of jism for you!” Stevens cackled maliciously.

I remained silent, knowing it was more than my life was worth to piss him off when I was so vulnerable. He hated it when I didn't respond.

"You know, you could show a guy a little more gratitude. Without me, your ass would have been fucked to death...literally, if Lupa had his way. So, from where I stand--you owe me." Stevens reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair hauling me forward and onto the floor at his feet.

"AHHHH!" I wailed as pain radiated throughout my scalp. I was lucky to have any hair they way he pulled and yanked on it. I grimaced, breathing hard as he forced me to look up at him.

"Now, say 'thank you'." he looked down the smile gone from his face.

"Thank you." I whispered in a hollow tone.

"Hmmm...not very convincing Cumslut, but they are just words after all, aren't they?" he got that gleam in his eye I hated.

"Thank you very much, Stevens." I tried again, wanting to gag on the shit he made me say.

"Ahhh...better, but now, I don't want words sweetheart. Why don't you show me how grateful you are, baby. Show me how cumsluts show their 'thanks'." he yanked me closer to his crotch. I knew what he wanted.

I adjusted myself on my knees and sighed as I reached for his zipper. He chuckled softly as I pulled out his semi-hard cock. The bastard was already getting off on watching me suffer. Soon he'd be throat-fucking me for all he was worth, loving every second of my sounds of helpless gagging and the look of pleading in my eyes.

Stevens nodded his approval as I kissed the tip of his engorging meat. A soft sigh of pleasure escaped him as I continued. He liked my gentle touch. It made it much more fun for him to brutally use my mouth.

Even as I began to lick and suck his cock, my mind raced. Why would Lupa want Stevens in on this deal? Stevens was small time. There had to be something to Lupa’s boss showing up. I wondered if his boss liked a good blowjob. I might have found a way out of this. I had to be patient.

"Okay, bitch enough play, get to fucking work! Show Daddy how grateful you are!" he grasped my hair tighter, forcing me onto his now very hard, thick shaft.

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