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Kat hung there limp, naked, and panting, then she passed out, saliva and blood dripping off her chin and down onto her breasts, cum drizzled down her inner thighs. This was her fifth beat down and rape this week and I had inflicted a great deal of pain on her. I had studied how to break down a person both psychologically and physically, through torture, deprivation, lack of sleep and constant reinforcement and I used all I learned upon Kat.

By God I would break her or I would kill her. I sacrificed a lot for her, and I was now “the hunted” instead of “the hunter.” Lupa had given her to me as my reward. That was the deal we cut. He was also still paying me for any information I could provide him, although I knew that cash flow would soon dry up and I would need other ways to generate income.

I wasn’t worried, I could be enforcer for Lupa, or sell drugs and, if worse came to worse, put the little whore, hanging in front of me, to work, once I totally broke her. That, however, was proving harder than I anticipated.

I began Kat’s “training” with deprivation, keeping her in the dark, naked, cold, with no sound, no light, just enough food and water to keep her alive, I kept her sleepless with recordings of loud crashes and booming music whenever I saw her head loll to one side. I tied her up in awkward, painful positions, and then slapped and whipped her. I caned her feet, put alligator clamps on her nipples and ran a low current through them. Her screams gave me a hard-on, which I relieved using all her holes. The more I turned up the “volume” the harder she fought me, but I was glad she fought me, it made my fun last that much longer. I was not searching for any information from her, I just enjoyed my play time toying with her.

I alternated giving her basic pleasures (food, sleep, natural positions) when she cooperated and obeyed my commands or pain when she didn’t. She was a very strong person but soon she would be mine. I had already begun to see tiny cracks in that armor of “tough chick personality,” with which she surrounded herself.

Kat had always been a “kick ass,” “take no prisoners,” “Fuck You!” kind of woman and the more she fought, the more pain I brought. The more she held out, the more I enjoyed it. This was why I wanted her so badly. I knew I could prolong my own pleasure the longer she resisted, and Kat would resist for a long, long time.

I must admit she held up well for the first six weeks calling me every foul name she could summon, promising revenge and an agonizing death, or trying to laugh off the pain I was inflicting upon her. While Kat thrived on pain, it was usually balanced by some pleasure. Not this time. Even when I did fuck her, I put a plastic bag over her head and choked her to see if oxygen deprivation really did enhance her orgasms. It did! …Her screams of release were deafening and her body shook and trembled for ten minutes afterward.

Every day I would ask her a simple question….”Pain? or Pleasure?” At first she asked for solely for pain, as if she wanted to be punished for the mess she had gotten herself and Davids into. However, gradually she began asking for both, eventually trading pleasure for pleasure. It was actually getting a bit easier now. She would give me pleasure by sucking my cock or bending over to let me fuck her anally, and then, I would give her s pleasure… whether it be a morsel of food, a sip of water or release from painful positions. Day by day, hour by hour I was wearing her down. This saddened me somewhat because I had planned to use the harsher techniques if needed such as figging, or waterboarding.

Don’t get me wrong, she would have her “FUCK YOU!!” relapses, and I was always on guard to make sure she wasn’t playing me. But the “coup de gras” came when, in a fit of temper, she spit my own cum bacl pm on me and told me how, when Davids found me, he would deal with me. I laughed and slapped her hard. Then I turned on the video on my phone and held it to her face. She looked at me quizzically and with distrust.

“Oh no Kat, your precious Davids will not be coming to your rescue. No more than he did when you performed so admirably for Lupas men. You see Kat…he’s dead. We hung him back there in that warehouse and buried him under 2 feet of concrete, under a newly constructed parking lot. So No, you won’t be seeing him, well except for these his final moments. He did cry out your name right before we kicked the chair out from under him, but damn I didn’t get to record that part.” Kat froze in place, staring straight ahead….”Would you like me to play it for you again?” I could see tears forming in her eyes but she blinked them back and softly said “no.”

The video was fake but it did convincingly show Davids “hanging” by “his neck” twisting slowly from side to side. And then later his bound beaten, bloody, body laying in the dirt next to a truly dead Jessica, , a rope still around his neck, her throat a gaping maw.

I hated Davids but I still would not kill a fellow cop. It was simply bad ju-ju. Even Lupa knew it would bring too much heat. Jessica was Lupa’s doing, and while her father held press conferences, issued rewards for her whereabouts, the real story eventually came out about his drug dealing, whore of a daughter, who most likely overdosed.

No, Davids wasn’t dead. Besides, it would be much more enjoyable, thinking of him explaining his way out of the situation he was found in. That is, once he recovered, which I had heard on the street was taking quite a long time. We even doctored a video for him, copied it to a thumb drive and left it stuck in his laptop to view once he got out of the hospital. It too, showed a beaten, cum covered and “equally dead” Kat lying next to Jessica. I was sure that would destroy what was left of him that is, if the gang rape of Kat by Lupa’s men he witnessed first hand, had not been enough.

At first Kat would not believe the video, but I never argued with her. Eventually the whole of it sunk in and she became much more pliable, almost too much so for my tastes. She became like a walking zombie with a thousand yard stare. I would sometimes have to slap or Taze her to get her attention, and listen to my commands. She obeyed them, however, I had finally broken the once, proud Kat and made her my “fuck toy.” Ironically, it was not as much fun for me, when she didn’t fight back but I still achieved some pleasure by inflicting ever increasing ways to cause her pain.

The real test came when Lupa visited and I told her to crawl to where he sat and suck his cock to completion. She did as I ordered, sucking and stroking so well that even Lupa expressed his surprise. I then ordered her to prepare us a meal so we could talk business. Was I crazy to allow her into the kitchen with knives? Not really. It was all part of the test to see if she was truly broken. Still I kept my eye on her and my weapon at my side.

As we heard the pots clatter in the kitchen, we got down to business and talked in low tones.

Lupa frowned and looked to the kitchen. I smiled and shook my head. “No she can not hear us, and even if she could, it would not matter. She is damaged goods now.
“He is out of the hospital. He apparently saw the video we left and went crazy. It took four men to restrain him and he was put into the mental ward under constant suicide watch.” Lupa spoke in low tones.

I laughed. “Awww, too fucking bad, but actually quite good for all concerned, wouldn’t you say?” I smiled inwardly at my luck. I got a two for one deal. I now owned Kat and Davids was crazy. How sweet life was at this moment.
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