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The next morning, it was time for me to meet with Lupa. My supply was running low, and I was planning on having a party this weekend. And what's a party without a few favors to pass around? I didn't need the money, that wasn't why I kept the bros and their idiot girlfriends supplied with cocaine. I just loved watching them hand over their money, knowing they would be back for more. I got to party, and get paid for it too. I was everyone's friend, and no one fucked with me.

No one.

I wasn't exactly what you would call physically imposing. Standing barely over five feet tall, I weighed little more than one hundred pounds. My pale, nearly porceilin skin made me look like a delicate doll, with fiery red hair and pale blue eyes that always seemed to make me look like I was up to something.

I got into my black leased BMW, my red heels and white thin summer dress showing I was ready for a day out. Little did daddy or anyone else know I was going to see Lupa. I was wearing his favorite black thong and lace bra under my dress. I also had spare clothes in my handbag, just in case he wanted to tear everything off of me.

That was the thrill. Not just the drugs, but knowing Daddy and all the other idiot debutantes he made me hang out with were completely fooled. I wanted to walk on the wild side, and be something more than arm candy to another brainless rich boy. I wanted a man, one that could make me feel like something more than another rich bitch.

I drove down to the docks, sending a text to Lupa that I was ready to go. Jessica wanted to party tonight, and he was going to rock my world. I needed at least two kilos for my plans, and if there was anything left he could snort the lines off my body after everyone was gone.

That was what we had been doing for months, having rough and kinky sex on Daddy's bed when he was gone on business trips, or meeting in hotels downtown. I couldn't wait for him, and the thought of him taking me again made my hands slip under my dress, rubbing my inner thighs.
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