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Shit! I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d fucked up by trying to convince Davids to get in on my scheme to take Lupa’s shipment and his woman. Davids was a damned good cop. He put honor above everything else; even his own comfort and needs. I, on the other hand, had no compunction about screwing over the very system I was sworn to uphold.

I hadn’t always been a ‘bad cop.’ It was quite the contrary. I graduated from police training academy, bright-eyed and full of noble idealism like 99.9% of the others in my class. I remember hearing the speeches and seeing how distinguished we looked. My parents were beaming from ear to ear at their ‘little girl’s’ achievement. I was their little girl, alright. All 5’4” of me. That’s the beauty of me. People take one look and think—‘she couldn’t possibly be a threat.’ Well, I usually got the last laugh. I could bring down a grown man double my weight. I’d boxed on a women’s team in college. I could handle any firearm placed in my grip. I didn’t mind getting dirty and didn’t mind killing a motherfucker. I grew up in one of the most crime-ridden parts of the city. My parents were dirt poor with five kids to clothe and feed. My three older brothers made sure I and my sister were tough as nails. To date, the only woman that could beat my ass in a fair fight was my sister Maria.

Basically I didn’t take any shit off anyone—man or woman. I’d hit a child if I had to, so sure…my conscious is a little skewed. So fucking ‘sue’ me!

I’d been born poor, grew up poor. It was only by my determination to keep good grades (thereby receiving a four-year scholarship to a local college) and never suffer hunger or homelessness again that I decided I wanted a real career. I wasn’t going to be the girl that married some available dick and stay home raising a bunch of squalling brats, begging him for money to buy fucking tampons. No way in hell! I wasn’t wife/mommy/earth-mother material. I was me, Katerina Angelica Wilde. Better known by my precinct as Kat Wilde…sometimes…just ‘Wild-Kat’. The guys thought it was funny, until I punched Officer Guido Fortelli in the nuts during a pick-up basketball game. He thought it was cute to label me. Yeah…I showed those assholes ‘cute’. Now, I’m just Kat, or Officer Wilde if I don’t like you.

Reaching my apartment, I unlock the door, my holster, hat and gym bag crushed under one arm. Pushing it open, I sigh in relief. I really hope Davids comes through. This money could make a big difference in our lives. Budget cuts were getting worse. Manpower, firepower and willpower were running lower and lower these days. We were understaffed and underpaid with nothing to show for it, while the fat cats were getting richer. People like Lupa’s bitch could buy and sell us. Sure, they were the ones to vacation in the Hamptons, Nantucket, and Europe. Overworked minions like us vacationed in front of our television sets while we baked in 100 degree weather. I wasn’t taking it anymore. Not after our last bust.

Dominic Neely, a piece of shit scum we pulled off the street after many man-hours of blood, sweat and tears. The guy was heavily involved in any number of felony offenses, human trafficking being just one of the bigger things. We had surveillance, undercover work, shakedowns on his cronies and the like. Did he see jail time? Not one day. The DA’s office couldn’t be bothered to wipe their own asses after we handed the guy to them on a silver platter. The case was thrown out—no search warrant on his penthouse condo. All that work was for nothing and to make matters worse, Police Chief Bowman was called to the carpet and soundly reprimanded. So much for doing your job because it’s the right thing to do.

I bent the rules where I could without conscience or fear of reprisal. Others did it too, you kept your nose just clean enough to get by and few complained. We were all frustrated.

After putting my things away, I headed to the shower. I’d taken off my uniform at the precinct and put on my t-shirt and jeans. I smelled a bit funky (it’s a wonder Davids didn’t make some lame ass joke) and decided a shower was just the thing. No matter how tough I am—I’m still a female and I like to smell good.

The jets of hot water pounding into my flesh was heaven. I sighed in pleasure. Soaping up, I made sure to wash thoroughly, my mind drifting to the plan for Lupa and his bitch. I closed my eyes, imaging how and where we would pick her up. Danny Freitas, one of our local snitches had told us Lupa’s little cunt paid a visit to the local drug house a few times a week. She was due for some candy in a couple of days. I’d been slipping Danny some cash to make sure he kept on eye for her and report to me. The prospect of easy money made that boy my trained monkey.

I rinsed off the soapy residue, letting my fingers slide and glide over my now wet silky skin. I feathered them across my breasts, enjoy the flutter it caused in my lower body. My nipples were so sensitive, I could practically come from just stroking them. I closed my eyes and pinched them.

“Ahhhh…..ssss…!” I hissed as spikes of pleasure shot up through my spine. I circled my dark tan areolas making myself moan. My skin was an olive tone and my nipples a darker contrast. People always thought I’d been on an island for vacation sunning myself. Nope. My mother’s side of the family was from around the Mediterranean and I inherited their looks. With my dark hair and sultry chocolate brown eyes, people often mistook me for an Italian or a Latina if I threw out a little Spanish. I had a bit of the 'coke bottle' shape going on, but more athletic and tight. My full breasts often strained at my uniform top. I refused to buy a bigger, baggier size. My uniform trousers didn’t fare much better as they molded to my rounded firm ass. My ‘ex’ loved to fuck my ass. Really, if I was too lazy to work it, I’d just shove a pillow under me, ass sticking up and let him ‘ride the tide.’ He was good at it too, it was a shame he didn’t want to share me with his sister.

I continued to tease and fondle my breasts, pinching nipples and stopping to lick them in between as the water sluiced over me. Moaning in my throat, one hand slid down to my shaven mound. I loved the feel of it, so smooth and enticing. My fingers danced over the lips of my pussy, teasingly separating them. Pinching my clit, I groaned as I manipulated it. I sunk two fingers into my slick cunt. My mind drifted to Lupa’s bitch. I’d seen her in the society papers with her rich daddy. She was a pretty girl with a dirty little habit. I imagined her sweet little mouth giving me what I needed. My fingers steadily thrust into my clenching pussy as I toyed with my clit with my other hand.

When I felt the orgasm spiral through my body, my cunt spasmed. I braced myself against the wet shower wall riding out the wave.

“Ahhhh…fuck!” I breathed as I trembled from climaxing. I sucked in air and got myself together. Turning off the shower, a grin spread across my face. My plan was a good one. Lupa would go down, we’d get the goods on him and make his pretty little slut roll on him. She’d give us the ‘where, when and how’ and then we could dispose of the dead weight.

An hour later in bed, I thought about the difference between Davids and Stevens. Stevens was one step away from being a psycho. If you started a fight, he damned sure finished it with casualties. He ‘swung first, asked questions later.’ Bill Davids, on the other hand, was a straight shooter. He was the guy that looked at all the angles and made the best decision. He didn’t jump first. He was trustworthy, too. Stevens would fuck me over in a heartbeat if it gave him the upper hand. He’d made it clear he expected pussy, too—not just Lupa’s bitch…mine too. I’d tell him anything to secure his assistance. I didn’t want Stevens though. I wanted Bill, my partner. I could count on him if I could reel him into this.

With that thought, I drifted off to sleep. Danny, my boy on the streets had alerted me that Lupa’s girl was going to be showing up the day after tomorrow and we would be waiting. I had one day to convince Bill. Then I was going after her. When our little interrogation was done…she’d tell us anything…give us anything. My hand slid back to my pussy. I rubbed myself to blissful sleep.

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