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LisaCannon 04-04-2017 05:29 AM

My slave and rape times with John.
*(The first in what is so far an 8 part series)*

I met John on an internet sex site. He was a dom male with a huge cock and knew how to treat a sub female like myself. After a month of online chats and skype I agreed to meet him in real life for a night. He suggested this dive Motel that was near his home and I said ok. He told me to ask for room 22 because he'd secure it for us ahead of time. I get there and do as he says and I'm given the key. As I walk to the room I can't help but notice it's the room farthest from the road, it's all the way in the back of the motel. I open the door and walk in. I look around and see a camera set up, a huge dildo, and a list of instructions that I must follow. First I had to strip down to my thong in front of the camera. Then I was to swallow the dildo as deep as possible. Finally I had to ride the dildo until I was dripping wet, but I was not allowed to orgasm. Then I was to sit and wait until he messaged me. After about 5 minutes I got a text telling me to leave the room and walk to the room next door. I had 15 seconds to get there and I was not to put any clothes on. I ran out the door and knocked on room 21. The door opened to two black men whom I didn't know. I was about to leave when one said "It took you 20 seconds to get here. Wait until I tell John." I asked "Who are you? Where's John?" He said "You'll see John after we get our money's worth. We paid for half an hour," and I was grabbed and dragged into their room. For 30 minutes I was choked by 2 huge cocks, fucked until I felt I was ripping, and smacked around in front of a camera. I was thankful that these huge cocks didn't rip open my ass though. I was still a virgin there. After taking a faceful of cum, I received another text from John. He told me to go to room 20, I was not to wash up, wipe my face, or to cover up at all and I had 15 seconds to get there. I run to room 20 and knock. Again, it isn't John who answers, but it's a bachelor party of 5 guys. I beg them to tell me where John is and one says "You'll see him later. Right now is our time!" I'm grabbed into the room and thrown on to the bed. One by one they take turns fucking me in many positions in front of a camera. This went on for 30 minutes until they all came on my tits. At the end I get another text. John was now ordering me to room 19. I had 15 seconds to get there and I better show up just as I am. I run out the door and I knock. This time a man holding a ball gag opens the door. I say "Please tell me John is here?" He says "John gave me 30 minutes to punish you." He grabs my hair and drags me inside. For 30 minutes I'm tied up, whipped, slapped, gagged, fucked with huge glass cocks, then I'm forcefully face fucked until I choke on his cum. All in front of a camera again. Just as he unites me John texted again. I expected to be told to run to room 18 but instead John ordered me back to our room, room 22. I had 15 seconds to get there or else I'd pay. I ran as fast as I could. I open the door and I see John. He looks at me and smiles. He loved seeing me covered in so much cum from so many other men. He told me to come in and sit down on the bed. He opens his laptop and showed me a live video channel. I see myself sitting on our bed, we were live. He then went on to tell me that every room was linked to this channel. Each one of my fucks was shown live to his website. 50,000 people were logged in to watch me get dominated. And now it was time my ass lost its virginity. He saved that for himself. He dropped his pants and ordered me to suck his cock until it was hard and wet, I couldn't believe what I saw! His cock looked huge on video chat but it didn't look THIS huge before! My mouth couldn't open wide enough to take it in. He kept fucking my face until it was wet enough. Then he grabbed my hair and dragged me to the table. There were zip ties there for him to tie me down with. He said he didn't want me trying to squirm away from the pain. He bent me over the table face first and tied of my thighs to a table leg, and each of my hands to a table leg. I felt him spit into my asshole and spread my cheeks far apart. At first it wasn't too bad when he pressed the head of his cock to my asshole. Then he grabbed my hips and quickly rammed his whole cock deep inside my ass. I shrieked in pain. I felt the warmth of my tears roll down my cheeks. I also felt some warmth roll down my inner thighs. I hoped it was over and that he had cum early but I was wrong. What I felt was my blood coming from my just ripped apart asshole. After he held his huge, hard cock deep inside of me for a few seconds he slowly began to pull it out of me. He then slid back into my ass slowly, as if to prolong the pain of him being the first in my tight ass. He did this over and over for about 5 minutes. I felt myself get weak from all the pain. No matter how much I screamed he just kept owning my ass with his cock. It wasn't until I became quiet that he stopped fucking me like this, but only to make me scream again. He grabbed the back of my head by my hair, pulled me up off the table, and started fucking me with all the power he had. He rammed into me so hard, so fast, and so deep. I guess I yelled too loudly because then he grabbed my throat with his other hand and squeezed. He told me to shut the fuck up and take it. I shook my head yes. He asked me if I loved his cock tearing me up and let go of my throats so I could answer. I cried "Yes! I love your cock tearing me apart!" He asked me if I wanted it harder, I screamed "YES!" He grabbed my tits with each hand and thruster into me so hard that the table almost shot across the room. Then he shoved me face first into the table again and I could feel his cock throbbing inside my ass as he dumped all his cum into me. When he pulled out I felt it all dripping out of my shredded asshole. I felt the warmth running down my leg. He left me tied to the table until the last viewer jerked off to the sight of my now gaping asshole, and they signed off the site. Only then was I allowed to clean up or leave, I left smiling even though my ass was in agony, I couldn't wait to come back to this Motel again. I couldn't wait to see what John had in store for me next

LisaCannon 04-04-2017 05:36 AM

More of me as John's slave
*(Part two)*

It had been almost 2 months since i first met John at the motel. He and I had been trying to make another date but he had to work each weekend. He finally got a free weekend but then I couldn't make it. He was very upset with me. He demanded to know what was more important than being his slave. I told him that my fiance and I had made plans moths ago to go out of town for the weekend. My fiance had no idea that I had been visiting sex sites, let alone meeting anyone! John asked me where I was going. I said Lake George. He asked where I was staying. I told him I was staying at the Best Western. That was the end of it.....or so I thought.
We got to the motel at about 4 pm on Friday. We checked in, then walked around the town. On the way back to the motel I got a message from John. He ordered me to find a reason to leave the room so I could meet him in the stairwell. I had 15 minutes. I waited for my fiance to get into the shower and ran to the stairwell before my 15 minutes were up. I see John and he gives me a bag with a dress in it. It's really tight, very short, and one size too small for my breasts. He told me that I have to wear the dress out to dinner with my fiance later. He told me what restaurant to insist on eating at. About 2 hours later we arrive at the restaurant. I see John there but he didn't say anything to me or message me. It wasn't until my fiance and i went back to the room that I heard from John. He messaged me with an order to leave my motel room by midnight and come to his room. He had booked a room at the same motel as me, in fact he was only 3 doors down. Then he sent some pics of our last encounter and threatened to show them all to my fiance if i didn't show up by midnight, and I was to wear the dress with out any underwear or a bra. Luckily I packed my sl**ping medication so I d**gged my fiance at about 11 and waited. He was out within 30 minutes. I slipped my bra and panties off, and snuck out of the room. I knocked on his door and walked into his room. He wasn't alone. There were 4 other guys there with him. Once they seen me they smiled and handed John wads of cash. I must've looked confused because John explained to me what was going on. He ordered me to wear the dress earlier so some men at the restaurant could get a look at what John was selling. I was advertising myself to strange men without knowing it. Well, they were strangers to me, but I wasn't a stranger to them. Each man had been viewers logged onto John's live sex channel from our last meeting. When John heard I was being a bad slave and not meeting him this weekend he decided I needed to pay for disobeying him. He reached out to his viewers and asked who lived near Lake George. He told the men who answered him that I needed to be taught a lesson and all of them could teach it to me for the right price. These four met the right price. John walked over to the chair, sat down, then picked up his camera and started the live channel for his other viewers. Before I knew it my dress was pushed up, the top was ripped, my tits were out in front of the camera, and someone was sliding their fingers inside me. I had my arms tied behind my back and was forced to my knees. One by one they filled my mouth with their huge throbbing cocks. My face was shoved into their balls as they slammed their rock hard cocks into the back of my throat. Then I was picked up and thrown onto the bed. My legs and pussy were hanging off of one side in front of the camera. Then I feel something cold touch my pussy. I look down and see i'm being fucked with a beer bottle, but not with the thin end. The whole bottle was shoved up inside me. All you could see sticking out was the bottle cap. Then one guy takes it out of me and starts to finger me. I feel one, then two, then three, and then four fingers enter me. I figured that would be it, until I seen him reach for lube and squirt some on my pussy. He rubs it around, kneels in front of me,then forces his whole fist inside my tight, wet cunt. I feel like I'm being torn apart. I yell in pain but he just goes in deeper. I look down and he's almost up to his elbow. He slides his hand out and tell the other guys they have to try it. One by one they each fuck me with their fists. I feel like I'm being destroyed from the inside out and beg them to stop. John tells them to stop, but only to give them other things to fill my pussy with. One was a dildo that was twice as thick as the beer bottle. One guy held my shoulders down on the bed, I had a man grab each of my legs and pull them wide apart, then the 4th man worked to get that huge, fat dildo inside of me. It took a few minutes but he finally shoved it deep inside of me. I yelled so loud that they had to cover my face with a pillow. Next I felt something hard inside me. It was a lamp from the room. Then I felt something weird. I stopped crying so they'd uncover my face and I could see what I was being fucked with. I look down and see it's John's foot. The whole foot was inside of me! After a few minutes he sat back down. The guys picked me up off the bed and bent me over the table. They tied each limb to each leg of the table and the first guy enters my dripping, wet, gaping pussy. He said "We stretched her out way too much guys! Gonna have to finish in her ass if we wanna feel anything." Then he grabs my hips, lines up the head of his cock to my tight asshole, and rams it all the way inside of me. I shriek out in pain and then I hear John say "Someone put a cock in her mouth and shut her up!" Within seconds I have two cocks fighting their way inside my mouth. I end up having to take them both at the same time. I start gagging and I couldn't breath. Then I feel a huge warm load of cum shoot into my asshole. Once he pulled his cock out of my ass the two cocks in my mouth pull out to fight over fucking me. They decide to compromise. Since my pussy is stretched so open they decide to both fuck my cunt at the same time. I'm untied, picked up, and placed on top of one of the cocks. Then the other guy crawls on top of me and I feel his cock shove into me. They both start pounding away at my pussy. I couldn't believe that they were ripping me apart even more! How much wider could I get? I beg them to stop and start crying. This made them mad cause the one I was on top of grabbed my throat and squeezed it hard. The one on top of me slapped my tits really hard then squeezed them. They each held on to me as they pounded away at my pussy harder and harder until they both jam their cocks deep inside of me and shoot their loads at the same time. They toss me off to the side and I could finally breathe again. I felt so much cum pouring out of me. I feel my pussy with my hand and see that there's also some bl**d. They literally ripped me apart. Just then the 4th guy grabs me and throws me to the floor face first. He drags me in front of the camera and tells me to look at the camera and not look away. Then he kneels down in back of me, picks my ass up by my hips, and pulls my asshole onto his huge cock. He starts of slow, then thrusts harder and faster. He grabs my hair and holds my face in front of the camera lens. I stare into the circle as he pounds my ass deeper and deeper. Just as I start to cry, he quickly pulls out his cock and starts jerking it into my face. Within seconds I hear him grunt loudly as he shoots a huge load all over my face about 3 inches away from the camera. Then he throws my head back down to the floor. The four guys get dressed and leave me lying there. John rolls me over onto my back and runs the camera all up and down my body. He shows a close up of my torn, stretched, gaping wide pussy and the cum dripping out of both my holes. He sets the camera down and pulls out his cock. He rubs it over my tits, then fucks my tits. Then he slaps my face with it and makes me swallow his whole cock as he fucks my face into the floor. He pulls out just before he cums and sprays it all over my tits. He makes me lay there until every one of his viewers is done jerking off to the used up sight of me. Only then can I get up and dressed. Just before I leave he grabs my neck and tells me "If you ever tell me no again I'll tie you up and let a whole bar full of men fuck you until you pass out. Then I'll let 100 more take you" and he throws me out of his room. I will never tell him no again!

LisaCannon 04-04-2017 05:41 AM

My third time forced to be John's slave
*(Part three. I will post more in a day or two)*

I wasn't about to tell John no again when he said he wanted to meet for a third time. After what happened last time I knew better. So I said yes to everything he told me to do. I hoped this time it could just be the two of us. The last two times it wasn't. After hearing for so long through messages and on Skype about all the things he wanted to do to me, he was all I wanted. Hopefully if I was a good girl this time I'd get what I wanted.
He told me to drive to a different motel this time. It was even more of a dive than the first one. This place definitely charges by the hour as well as night. He told me to wear a mini skirt and button down shirt with high heels. I did as I was told. I walked into the office and told the clerk exactly what John said I was to say, "I'm a dumb slut that is here to be used. Please give me my key to the only cock that can make me cum." The clerk laughed and gave me the key. I walk to the room which was just around the corner in front of the whole parking lot. I thought good! This time I won't be sold to other rooms. I walk in and John isn't there. I see an open laptop and a camera again. There are also various sized dildos on the bed and a vibrator. I look at the computer screen and see live video of myself to a room of people watching. I see a note on the bed from John. It said "I will be there when the audience tells me you're creaming enough. Until then do everything they tell you to do." I look into the camera and say "Ok. What would you like to see me do?" A ton of comments appear on the screen. I have to do them all. First I unbutton my shirt and take it off. Then I'm told to leave my bra on but pull my tits out of each side and let them hang out. Then I had to pull up my skirt and slide my panties off. I bent over in front of the camera and spread my ass cheeks apart. I sucked on my own nipples and twisted them. I fingered myself until my fist was inside me. I rode every dildo there, even the one that almost ripped me apart. I wanted to cry but knew I had to do everything John said this time or I'd really pay for it! I also made myself cum again and again between the dildos and vibrator. I looked down on the bed and there was a wet spot that was soaked by me. The audience seen it too and told me to lick it up. As I was bent over on the bed licking up the puddle of my own cum, the door opened. It was John! Finally it was just going to be he and I! It was all I wanted. He told me to keep licking my juices up as he spoke to the audience. I thought for sure he was going to tell them goodbye but instead he said "Tell me everything you want to see her do or take and she will." Everyone started commenting again. First I had to crawl to John and beg for his cock in my mouth. Then I had to swallow every inch of it. Next I had to be to be tied to the table on my back. One limb tied tightly to each table leg and my neck tied and bent over the side so my head was upside down. Then I was to be blindfolded with my mouth left wide open. I felt John's cock enter my mouth slowly and deeply. The head of his cock kept hitting the back of my throat. I started to gag but then he grabbed and squeezed my tits. He said he'd let go once I took his whole cock in my mouth without moving or making a sound. I controlled my muscles and swallowed his whole cock. It felt even bigger than last time. Before I knew it he was fucking my face to the point I thought he'd break my neck. He was pounding into my throat so hard. Then he filled my whole throat and mouth up with the sweetest tasting load I've ever had. I wanted to swallow it all but being upside down made it hard. It spilled out of my mouth and went up my nose and even into my eyes. My face was covered with cum. I couldn't see what the audience was telling him to do anymore and John didn't give me any warnings. I just had to lie there and take it all. He fisted me for a while, used the dildos, and even forced me to cum a few times. Then someone told him to fuck me with the fat end of a beer bottle. Then a soda can. I guess someone said they wished a baseball bat was there cause John went outside and came back in with one. He said it was in his trunk. It was huge and I thought for sure it wouldn't fit. John made it fit. I started crying. It was just too much but he didn't stop. While he had the bat shoved up my cunt he grabbed the vibrator. He rubbed it on my clit until I couldn't fight the orgasm any longer. I came so hard. The throbbing of my pussy walls made the bat hurt even more as my cunt squeezed down on it. He took it out and rammed his cock into me. He was fucking me so hard the table kept moving. The audience told him to hold me still by grabbing my throat. Then someone said they wanted to see my face as he choked me. He put my still upside down face right in front of the camera and took the blindfold off. Then he went back to fucking me with his hands squeezing my neck. I couldn't breathe and felt like my eyes would pop out as I stared into the camera. Then I passed out. I woke up to find myself flipped over on the table and John tying my legs and arms up again. It was too late though. I couldn't move. Then I felt his warm spit in my asshole. I knew what was coming next and I braced myself and begged he took it easy this time. My ass still wasn't used to having a cock in it, especially not one as huge as his. As soon as I said this though he grabbed my head by the back of my hair and picked it up. He told me to stare into the camera again. Then he slammed his whole cock deep and hard into my ass. I screamed in pain and started crying. The audience loved it and asked that he do it again and again. He did it this until my ass was ripped wide open. bl**d started dripping down my thighs. He let go of my hair and wrapped his arm around my neck as he pounded my ass. He whispered in my ear to not look away from the camera. I didn't dare look away. Then he slammed into me so hard that my face rammed into the camera lens. He exploded a load deep in my ass. Just as he pulled out there was a knock at the door. A man in the parking lot heard me scream and wanted to check that everything was ok. John told them he was just breaking in a new slut while putting on a show. He invited the stranger in to see. He came in and stared at me as cum was pouring out of my ass. Then someone commented that John should have him fuck me. John offered me to the man and within seconds this strange man's cock was inside me. I hadn't even seen the man's face or knew his name and he was fucking me for all the internet to see. He took turns between my pussy and asshole before he pulled out and came all over my face. Then he told John thank you and left. I still don't know what he looked like. This gave someone an idea though and John liked the idea. Next thing I knew I was taken off the table and ordered to stand in front of a window with the curtains open for the whole parking lot to see. John wrote on my tits "A great fuck for $5.00." Two guys knocked on the door and paid John $10. He handed me to the men and they threw me on the bed and took turns filling my mouth with cock. John walked around the bed the whole time getting it all on camera. Then they took turns fucking my pussy and ass at the same time. One came all over my pussy and the other filled my ass. Then they left. John decided to wrap it up and told the viewers he'd take one last request. Next I heard him say "Really? Ok then!" He walked over to my face and stood over my head while holding his cock. Next I felt a hard warm stream hitting my face and tits. I was soaked from his shower. Then he again made me lay there in front of the camera until each and every viewer jerked off to the sight of my used up body covered in cum. Once they left the live feed he packed up and told me to get dressed. I said I wanted to take a shower but he told me no. I had to get dressed and leave covered in cum from several men and John's other fluids. I had to drive all the way home like this. It was horrible but at least I got to be alone with John for a while and feel him inside all of me.

grants70 04-04-2017 06:20 AM

Nice work Lisa!

Gilf Hunter 04-08-2017 09:34 AM

Very nice!

geist 04-09-2017 06:08 AM

Love it. Can't wait to see the rest.

LisaCannon 04-23-2017 04:18 AM

My Fourth Time As John's Rape Slave.....part 1
John messaged me and told me he wanted to meet the upcoming Friday. I said ok and asked where. He told me that he had a surprise for me and he had plans for me, but that it had to be done at his house. This would be the first time we met up at a non-neutral I wasn't worried though. If he wanted to keep me or seriously harm me he had plenty of chances to do so already. He told me to dress like a slut, not just slutty but like an actual prostitute. A cheap one. He said no underwear, no,bra, short skirt, and a revealing top.i wasn't to drive out to his city either, I had to take the bus or train dressed this way with no coat. I looked at train times and there was one leaving my city at 9:15 pm, and arriving in his city about 10:05. I asked if that was ok and he said yes. He said there was more though. I was to take pictures of my exposed pussy and tits on the train and send them to him. He said they could not be taken in a bathroom though. If I failed to meet all of his demands he would not pick me up when I arrived and I'd be left alone, dressed like a whore in a sketchy part of the city, and he'd be sure to tip off a few dangerous people he knows about my presence and vulnerability. But if I followed his orders then I was to start walking towards his house and he'd pick me up like the whore I am. Luckily not many people take train rides these days. I was able to send him a pic of me from my seat on the train with my skirt pushed up around my hips, and my cunt fully exposed. A second after I hit send he messaged back and told me to take a pic of me fingering ,myself. I did as I was told. He messaged back and said "now go find another place to expose your tits and take my picture," I stood up, pulled my skirt down, and walked to the end of the car where a corner was semi private. The other passengers couldn't see unless they walked right by, but it was dark and I had to be completely inside the corner, kind of pushed up against a window. I turned on my flash, pulled down the tube top I chose to wear, pressed a side of my face and part of my tits up against the window, and took the picture. The light from the flash was really bright in the dim lit car and dark corner. I'm sure people seen the light and figured what I was up to. I hurried up and covered my tits then sent the picture. John said I obeyed well and he would pick me up.
When the train arrived in his city, he told me to walk to the main road by the train station, then turn left and walk for a few minutes until I get to Second St. I was to turn right on Second street. He said to wait in the middle of the first block. I stood there waiting on this dark, almost empty block with no activity. There was a warehouse on one side, and a crumbling old building on the other. I texted him that I was there. He said he knew. He could see me. I asked where he was. He said if I wanted him to come out and get me, I'd have to earn it. I asked what he wanted me to do. He told me to show him my tits, I pulled my top down but didn't know where he was so I stood in the middle of the road and twirled around to make sure he seen my tits no matter where he was. . He didn't message me back though. So I started grabbing my tits for him, and licking my nipples. He then messaged me and said to show him my pussy now. I pulled up my skirt, spread my legs, spread my pussy lips apart, and rubbed my clit as I twirled around for him again. He messaged me saying I could do better than that. So I started fingering myself in the middle of the street! The danger of being seen or caught was such a turn on, I stood there with one hand finger fucking my wet pussy, and my other hand grabbing and squeezing my tits. I was getting off on this. Then John came speeding out from an alley in a SUV and pulled right up next to me. He opened his driver side door and already had his cock out. He grabbed my hair and said "get over here and suck my cock you filthy whore" and shoved my face into his cock. I stood there bent over with my pussy and ass fully exposed, and my tits hanging out while he fucked my face with his cock. I couldn't breathe and started gagging just when he pulled his cock out. He pulled me by my hair down to my knees and came all over my tits. Then he said I earned a ride and could get in the car. I start to adjust my clothes but he stopped me. He said he hadn't given me permission to put my clothes back on yet. He told me to get the fuck in the truck just as I am. I walk the passanger side and climb into the seat. I sat there completely exposed with a huge load of cum covering my tits. He starts to drive and takes a couple of busy roads with a lot of street lights. On one street we were waiting for the light to change when a tractor trailer pulled up next to us on my side. He asked me if the driver was looking at me. I said yes. John told me to smile at him and wipe some cum off my chest with my finger and lick it off my finger. I obeyed. At one other intersection we had to,wait for another light as a car pulled up on my side. John looked over and seen there were 3 younger guys in the car. They were looking at me, laughing and pointing. John smiled at them then ordered me to watch them as they watched me. Then John reached over and started grabbing my tits really hard. Then he brought his head down to my tits and sucked it even harder. Then he bit and pulled on my nipple with his teeth. These guys looked like they couldn't believe what they were seeing. The one in the back seat was licking his lips as he rubbed his crotch. John said we could do one more. He pulled into a packed parking lot outside of some strip bar in his city. He rolled down the windows and told me to slide my chair all the way back, and to tilt the back part of the seat down a little. I did what I was told. He spread my legs wide apart, and started fucking me with a soda bottle. He began rubbing my clit and it felt so good! I asked that he go harder and deeper as I grind my hips down onto the bottle. I couldn't stop myself from grabbing my tits. I opened my eyes and look around the SUV and see a small crowd forming. A few grab their cell phones and start recording me. John pulls the bottle out and climbs in the back seat. He orders me to straddle the gear shift that's between the seats and ride it until I cum. I climb on top and push my cunt down on it until the gear shift is completely swallowed by my pussy. I have one knee on each seat and start sliding up and down on it. There's a bunch of guys all around the truck pointing their phones and flashlights at me. I start rubbing my clit until John stops me. He says to the guys, "Anyone wanna give her a hand? Make her cum all over my fucking stick?." Within seconds the doors whip open and I have two hands massaging my clit. I feel another hand grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples. Someone pushed me back towards the dashboard to get a better view of my cunt grinding up and down oh his truck's shift. My legs are spread more open and back, I have someone now pushing me up and down on this rod. Another hand is rubbing, pinching, and slapping my clit. Next thing I know I'm not the one who's fucking anything anymore. They're fucking this stick with my pussy and body. They're grabbing me, and rubbing me telling me to cum all over the stick. I hear on guy tell another one to make me fuck the stick harder. He said he wanted to see it deep inside my cunt. I have no control now as someone pounds me pussy down on the gear stick. I'm slammed down harder, and it's shoved in me deeper and deeper. The truck is rocking like crazy. As I'm molested by all their hands, and having this stick shoved violently inside me again and again, I look up at John in the back seat. He just smiles at me. He sees I'm about to cum, I start moaning with each thrust. I tell them to make me cum. They pound that stick in my cunt with a few really strong thrusts. My pussy exploded all over that gear shift. My body convulses in orgasmic pleasure as cum hard for all to see.Once this wave of pleasure has run through my body, I slide off the stick and John feels my dripping wet cunt. He scoops my juices out of me and tells me to taste myself. Then a bunch of hands go in my cunt to scoop the rest out of me. One rubs it over my tits, another rubs it all over my face, I seen one guy drink it himself, and another shove it into my mouth and make me swallow it all. John thanked the guys for participating. He then ordered me to thank them for playing with me like a little toy. I obeyed. Then we left and John said that was enough for now and he took me to his house........part 2 of this night coming soon!

LisaCannon 04-23-2017 04:20 AM

Thank you!! I posted the next chapter tonight.

LisaCannon 04-23-2017 04:20 AM


Originally Posted by Gilf Hunter (Post 1594627)
Very nice!

Thank you!!

LisaCannon 04-23-2017 04:22 AM


Originally Posted by grants70 (Post 1593648)
Nice work Lisa!

Thank you too!! :-)

Throatdagger 04-23-2017 05:50 PM

Great story.

LisaCannon 04-23-2017 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by Throatdagger (Post 1596920)
Great story.

Thank you!

LisaCannon 04-23-2017 08:22 PM

My Fourth Night As His Slave part 2
We get to John's house and walk in to the living room. He puts out some liquor to drink and then places on the coffee table a blue tablet with a shamrock indented on top. He said "Here. I got this for you. Take it." I asked what it was. He looked confused and said "It's drugs." I said I figured that much, but which kind specifically? He still seemed confused so I said "Hey I'll take it regardless. I was just asking so I know what I'm in for." He picked up the pill and walked into the other room. After a minute he came back into the living room and told me to get up. I got up. He grabbed my arm and started leading me to the back of the house. We stop at a door with a padlock on it. He unlocks the door and pushes me inside. There were stairs leading up to the attic so I start climbing the stairs. He told me to stop and wait for him. As I'm standing there I notice him close the door, then lock the padlock on the inside of the door this time. He locked us in. He grabs my arm and leads me up the steps. We get to the top and I see the attic is huge! High ceilings, and so much space! I look down towards the far end of the attic and I see that a section has been closed off. There were walls put up and a door. He grabs my arm and leads me down to this door. There's another padlock. He unlocks the door then hands me a black hood and tells me to put it over my head. He doesn't want me to see anything yet. So I put it on. He leads me inside and I hear the door shut and him lock the inside of this door with the padlock too. He pulls me to where he wants me to stand then tells me to stay put. As I'm standing there I hear him in back of me and I hear chains. He grabs one arm and cuffs my wrist. Then he does the other one. I hear him in back of me moving the chains when my arms are then lifted up over my head. He keeps pulling until I'm completely off the ground. He leaves me hanging there then walks around in front of me. He takes the hood off my head and tells me to look around. I look around and see whips, hooks, clamps, all kinds of ball gags, vibrators, dildos, huge dildos, candles, a rack, a couple different horses, video equipment, a fuck machine, there was just so much stuff! He grabbed my neck and said "I'm going to give you the lesson of your life. I thought that maybe you already knew what you are and where your place is. But then you thought you could fucking question me?! Did you think you had a choice in what drugs I wanna shove down your throat?!" I didn't say anything. He then yelled in my face "ANSWER ME BITCH!" I said "NO!" He said "No what bitch?" I said "No master!" He then said it was too little too late, but that after tonight I would never make that mistake again. He let go of me and walked over to this tall horse he had. He slid it over underneath me between my legs. He then grabbed my ankle and put a metal cuff on it, then one on the other. He pulls on the chain connected to each cuff until my legs were spread wide apart. Then he ripped down my tube top, and shoved up my skirt. He walked behind me and grabbed the chain to lower me down. He brought me down to where my cunt and my clit were resting on the thin wooden beam of the horse with all my weight. It was very uncomfortable but not too painful. Once he had me there he stood behind my and grabbed my tits and started groping them hard and rough. He said to me "Are you ready for your first lesson?" I said "Yes master." He said "Get ready for some much deserved pain you fucking cunt" He slid his hands down and grabbed my hips. He pulled my hips up and back just a little. Then he rammed me right back down on the horse with all his might. My clit and my cunt were in so much pain now, I yelled out very loud. He said "Go ahead and fucking yell all you want! This little room here is soundproofed. No one will ever hear you. But keep screaming though cause it makes me so fucking hard." He lifts me up again and slams my cunt back into the horse, I scream again. He picks me up again and shoves my cunt back down again. This time he held me there, grinding my clit and pussy into the wood. He did this over and over. My whole pussy felt like it was being rubbed away. He started making me ride and fuck the horse really fast and hard. The pain was too much for me to take. I must've passed out cause that was my last memory of him torturing my cunt. The next thing I remember was feeling a sharp pain in my tit. I came back to and open my eyes. I look down and he's putting nipple clamps on me. He places each one on then makes sure they're on tightly. He grabs each clamp and squeezes them down into my nipple. The clamps were digging into my skin. He then grabbed a chain and connected the clamps together with it. He then reaches up and grabs anotther chain and puts a hook onto it. He then connects that hook to the chain holding the clamps on my nipples. i then notice the horse is still between my legs but I'm raised above it again. He then slides the horse out from under me, and slides another one between my legs. This one was a little shorter than the other one, and the wooden beam was a little wider. Then he grabs the largest dildo I've ever seen and puts it on the wooden beam. He sticks it on the wood so it won't go anywhere. I knew he was going to make me fuck this cock but I didn't know how. This cock was about 10 inches long, and about 4 thick. My dildo at home is 2 inches thick and that's a lot. This was thicker than a beer can. I felt him then unhook each of my legs from their cuffs. He bends my legs up at the knee and ties my feet up behind me to my thighs. Then he grabs some lube and says "Are you ready for your next lesson?" I said "Yes master." He said "Now it's time for you to learn that your fucking cunt is mine. I'm going to tear you up inside with that huge black cock right there, but first I need to stretch out your pussy and train it to take all in." He slides his hands between my pussy lips and covers me inside and out with lube. He starts sliding his fingers in and out of me, At first I could barely feel his hand cause my cunt was numb from riding that wood earlier. But then he fingers started feeling really good. As I was getting turned on my blood came rushing back into my pussy, lips, and clit. It brought back all the feeling with such a rush. I was just about to cum when he pulled his hand away and punched me in the cunt. He then said "Bitch I didn't tell you to cum and you sure as fuck didn't ask me for permission" I said "I'm sorry master. May I please cum?" He then laughed and said "No you can't cum. But don't worry, in a few minutes you won't be feeling good anymore" He then shoved his fingers back into me. Now he was doing it with so much force and strength. He placed more lube on his hand and started pushing his hand into my cunt again. He was twisting, turning, sliding it in and out trying to make his whole hand fit into me. He was right though! I didn't want to cum anymore. All I could feel now was my pussy being torn and stretched inside snd out. Then he pulled his hand out, made a fist, and punched his way into my cunt. He did this a few more times until his fist was able to slide in and out of me with ease. He said "There we go. Now we can rip you in half a bit easier with that cock." He slid the horse under me a little more. He lined the cock up so it was right under my cunt. This thing was so long that I could feel the head pressing through my pussy lips as I hung there above it. The head was only slightly through my lips and already it felt too large. John then walked behind me and grabbed the chain again and began to lower me back down. Even with all my weight pushing my newly stretched pussy down on this cock it still wasn't going inside of me. It was way too big. John stopped lowering me and kept me there. He came around and squeezed more lube into his hand and rubbed it all over the cock and my pussy. He massaged my pussy lips until my lips began taking this huge cock into me. My body began slowly sliding down on the cock as he kept doing this. As I came down a little I felt that hook pulling up on the chain connected to my nipple clamps. The lower I came down, the more my tits were stretched up over me. I worried for when I was lowered all the way down. John then went back to the chain behind me to lower me down again. As I'm coming down I can feel my body still fighting against this cock. It just simply won't fit. Nothing that big can fit in a hole this small. John was done lowering me now but the cock was holding my body up. John grabbed a little more lube, made sure the whole cock and my cunt were good and covered, then stood behind me while massaging my lips apart again. I felt the cock slide into me a little more, and felt my nipples stretch out from my tits more. John then grabs my hips and starts twisting my hips back and forth. It was working. As he was twisting my pussy back and forth onto this cock, it would slide into me a little more. He was screwing this huge cock up into me. At this point I didn't know which pain was worse. My tits being stretch out above me with all my weight, or my pussy being ripped in half inside and out. My nipples were pulled so far away from my tits that they looked to be an inch or more long now. My pussy walls were forced open as far as possible, I could even feel this cock spreading my hips apart. I must have been all the way down on the cock cause John stopped working it into me. He then stood in front of me and started rubbing my clit. Then he pinched it with his fingers and placed a clamp down on it. He hooked the clamp to a chain then hooked that chain to the same hook that had my tits stretched up above. Now my clit was being stretched up from my own body weight too. Everything hurt so fucking bad that I started crying. He then said "Now I want you to fuck that cock. Move yourself back and forth and fuck that cock with your whole,body.." I tried to do this but any which way I moved ended up alomost ripping my nipples off my tits and my clit off my pussy. I couldn't do it, John was pissed now. He said "Looks like you need another fucking lesson whore." He walked behind me, grabbed something to stand on so he was up above me a little, then I heard him pull his zipper down on his jeans. I heard him spit and start stroking his cock. Then he pulled my ass cheeks apart and spit into my asshole. He grabbed my neck, tied a rope around my neck and pulled me back choking me. He then said "This will be one lesson you never forget whore." He then grabbed his cock and shoved it all the way into my ass. He slid it back out, pulled back on the rope around my neck choking me. I wanted to scream so badly but he was choking me too hard. My nipples were ripping now. I could feel them. My clit was on fire. Just when I thought I'd pass out again he dropped the rope. Then he grabbed my hips and slammed his cock so hard into me. He drove his huge cock in to me as deep as it would go and just kept it there. It felt like there wasn't enough room for his cock to be inside of me with the monster he already worked up into me. He then said "Wow. Is this painful? My cock can actually feel that huge dildo inside of you. That dildo doesn't leave much room for anything else to be stuffed into your holes. Does that fucking hurt butch?" I cried out "Yes maste!" He said "Good!" and then grabbed my hair and started pounding his cock in to my ass with his whole weight. He just kept slamming into me harder and harder. I could feel the horse move a little with each powerful thrust he made into my ass. Then, just as he rammed himself so deep inside of me that I thought I could see his cock pushing the dildo up against the inside of my stomach, he came deep I nside of me. I could feel his cock pulsating inside my asshole as it filled me up with so much cum. He pulled out and climbed off of me. He came around the front and unhooked my tits and clit. I was bleeding from both nipples and my clit. He raised me up and slid me off the monster dildo and pushed the horse out from under me. He then lowers me down so my feet were back on the floor. As I stood there i noticed my hips felt different, they felt wider. That monster cock really did stretch my hips apar! I wondered how badly my cunt had been destroyed if that dildo did this to my hips. Just as I wondered that John looked at my pussy and said while laughing "'Holy shit! That pussy is gaping so wide that you'll need a football shoved inside you from now on!" He then said "im going to get something to eat. You are going to stay hanging right there so you can wonder what's coming up next. I'll be back shortly for your next lesson."
More to come!

LisaCannon 04-25-2017 04:48 AM

My Fourth Night As John's Slave.......part 3 the end of the night.
I don't remember John coming back up into the attic with me. My body had been abused so brutally by him already that I must have passed out from exhaustion. Between my arms still chained up above me, and my legs too weak to hold me up any longer, my body just gave out. I was awoken to my arms finally being freed and my body falling like dead weight onto the hard wooden floor. I opened my eyes as my head lay on the floor and seen my pussy juices still in a puddle on the floor, along with some drops of John's cum that had poured out of my asshole, and ran down my legs. I also seen a few drops of blood. Then I realized it was my blood. Only I didnt know where it came from. It was either my torn pussy, my stretched asshole from the hard pounding he gave me with his thick, huge cock, or from my stretched and ripped nipples, or clit. It was an incredible sight though to see all of those fluids mixed together like this on the floor. And they all spilled out of my body. Even his cum.
As I went to see what part of me was bleeding the most, and to see what parts of me John caused the most damage to, he suddenly picked me up by my hair until I was on all fours. He told me to stay just like that and not to move an inch. He placed a collar very tightly around my neck with a long chain. He pulled me up onto just my knees and tied my arms in back of me with a zip tie. He stood in front of me and unzipped his pants. He pulled his huge, already rock hard cock out of his pants, and told me to open my mouth as wide as it goes. He shoved his cock all the way into my mouth that I could feel his balls pressing against my chin. I started to gag and choke immediately. He pulled his cock out, raised his hand above my head and slapped me across my mouth so hard that my whole body flew to the floor. He gripped the chain even tighter and jerked my body back up on my knees with such a powerful force I was afraid he'd snap my neck. He ordered me to open wide again and said "If you gag or choke this time I will beat that reflex out of you. You hear me bitch?" I said "Yes master," but my voice cracked and quivered when I answered him. I could barely talk let along suck his huge cock. He held my mouth open and forced me to swallow every last inch of his shaft. He said "That's a good little slut. Now keep taking me all the way in, swallow my fat fucking cock you whore. Just like that!" He pulled his cock all the way out, barely gave me a moment to catch a breath, then rammed it back down my throat again. Every time I managed to open my eyes I was either looking at the head of his dick coming right at my face, or looking at his groin shoved into my face. He began ramming his cock into the back of my throat harder and faster. At this point I could no longer catch a breath at all. Just when I thought I'd pass out he pulled out of my mouth and let go of the chain. I dropped to the floor gagging and spitting all over. I must've taken 3 good, deep breaths before he yanked me back up on my knees by my chain and collar, and then lifted me back up on to my feet. He took the chain from my collar and put it on a hook way up over my head. I couldn't move an inch without choking myself and almost hanging myself. I was barely able to stand on my tip toes. Either I let myself choke, or I hurt my toes so badly they could break. He stood in front of me, grabbed my face, and slapped me hard across my cheek. He grabbed, squeezed, and twisted my tits with every bit of strength his fists had in their steel grip. He twisted my nipples until they felt like they would come right off my tits. He slapped my tits as hard as he could until they were completely red. Then I seen that smile of his again. The one that tells me he has a sinister idea in mind for me. He makes a fist, and punches me in the face. Then makes another fist and punches me in my stomach. The wind gets knocked out of me and now I'm swinging back and forth by my neck from the force of his punch. I'm both choking now and I can't breathe from his punch. He stops me from swinging, and waits for me to take a few breaths again. Then he punches me in each of my tits at the same time with each fist. I'm crying now at this point. He says to me "I love beatimg a bitch to tears." He then licks my tears off my cheeks. He says "Nothng tastes better than a worthless whore's tears produced by my fucking fists. I want to taste some more." He then punches me right on the cunt. It hurt so much more than his punch did earlier in the night! Probably because of all the horrible things he had done to my pussy since that first punch. I wasn't quite crying hard enough for him so he slapped me across both sides of my face about a dozen more times. That finally produced enough tears for him. He again licked them off my cheeks but then forced my mouth open and spit them in my mouth and said "Now you taste your tears whore. Here's some more" and then he spit right in my face. Next he was filling my mouth with his fingers as he rammed them all deep into my mouth and fucked my mouth with his hand until I gagged on his fist. He then said "Time for another lesson you fucking cunt."
He walked to a table and grabbed a firm leather cattail whip. He stood in front of me massaging my tits like he was getting them ready for what was to come. He stepped back a bit, then snapped the whip against my tits to hard that the sound of the crack was loud enough to cause my ears to ring. He grabbed one tit by the nipple and pulled it out as far away from my body as it would go. The skin on my tit could not stretch an farther. He held it out like that by the nipple then snapped the whip down on my tit until I screamed so fucking loud that it must've gone past the soundproofing. I felt my nipple throb in pain as the warmth of my blood started to run from the torn skin on my tit. He then did the same to my other tit. The whip felt like it took my nipple right off my body. I almost expected to find it on the floor in my now drying pussy juices. But when I looked down at my tit it was still there, just torn a bit. He put the cat tails down and said "Now let's take this up a notch."
He picked up a firm, leather, single whip with a small sharp metal piece on the end of the whip. He walked behind me and began grabbing my ass and slapping my ass cheeks with his hands until he thought they were ready. He backed up a few feet, then came at me with a running start. He snapped that whip right across my ass cheeks with his entire weight and strength behind his hard, sharp swing. I screamed at the top of my lungs! I began sobbing uncontrollably. He then took the handle of the whip and rubbed my tears on it, made me suck on it, and spit all over it until it was dripping wet. He slid this thick hard handle down my back, used it to spread apart my ass cheeks, then rammed it all the way deep into my asshole. He twisted it all around inside of me, then ripped it right back out of my ass. He stepped back again, and came running at me once more whipping my ass so hard that my cheeks were on fire now. He said to me "I must not be hurting you enough. I don't see any broken skin or blood yet" Then he stepped back again and whipped me with the force of his whole weight. I yelled but he said "Louder bitch!" He whipped me again and again as I cried out begging him to stop! He then yelled at me "THAT ISNT LOUD YOU WORTHLESS WHORE! I TOLD TO SCREAM AND BLEED FOR ME YOU FUCKING PIG!" and unleashed on my ass cheeks over and over until he was out of breath, and his arm was worn out. I felt the warmth of my blood dripping down the back of my legs, he finally got what he was looking for. This was all too much for me now. I cried and cried begging him to stop hurting me. I told him that I couldn't take any more punishment. I begged for no more lessons and promised to never step out of line again. I cried out to him "PLEASE MASTER! I will do whatever you want me to do, just please stop hurting me! I'll give you whatever you want if you please stop!"
My pleading, begging, negotiating, and promises were the final straw for John. He put the whip down, but walked over to me shaking his head. He grabbed me by the top of my hair and became very angry as he looked at my tears and my pleading face. He said, "You don't have a say in what happens to you! You aren't my equal, you don't get to make deals or demands. You aren't even fucking human to me! YOU AREN'T EVEN A FILTHY PIG!" He then spit right in my eyes, grabbed my hair even harder, and yelled right in my face "YOU AREN'T EVEN WORTHY OF BEING MY dog! You aren't here for YOUR pleasure, or to be pleased in any way unless I ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN! ALL YOU ARE IS A CHEAP PIECE OF FUCK MEAT, a tool for me to use and an object for me to blow my load in and on to. YOU AREN'T EVEN GOOD ENOUGH TO BE MY FUCK TOY, YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE PLAYED WITH BY ME! YOU ARE JUST MY THING!" He then let go of my hair, shoved my legs far apart, and slapped my pussy until it was as red as my bloody nipples. He then squeezed my cunt with a full hand as hard as he could, spit in my face again and said "You feel this fucking hole I'm grabbing?" I said "Yes master!" He said, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" I yelled "YES MASTER!" He then said to me while squeezing and twisting my pussy lips and clit, "These pathetic holes are all you have to offer this world. Anytime I am filling a hole of yours you can know that you are reaching your full potential in life, and your sole purpose in life. You are being the fucking worthless whore that you are!" He let go of me and and screamed in my face "DO YOU FUCKING GET IT NOW?" I yelled back "YES MASTER!" and I meant it. I finally knew my place here, and in life.
I could tell he was still skeptical of my newfound enlightenment of my submissive calling in life, of my acceptance to be used and abused while the only good parts of me are filled over and over by any and all men he gives me to for them to get off inside as they see fit. He decided to test my commitment to please him correctly and obediently. He lowered me down some so I could stand without choking. Then he grabbed this wide, firm, sharp leather strap into his hand, kicked each of my legs away from my body until my my legs were open as wide as they would go, then snapped the leather strap hard and fast onto my pussy. I stayed silent. He then whipped the strap against my tits, I barely made a sound. He then grabbed a whip used for lashes, smiled at me with that sadistic look of excitement I've seen before, and gave my pussy 5 hard lashes. I had to whimper and cry after such pain. He then said "You're allowed to cry, to scream, to yell, to yell bloody murder when it hurts. I love hearing you in so much unbearable pain, I love causing you that pain. I get so fucking hard watching you helpless against my torture." He then continued, "Cry all you want, but you're going to take it without complaint. Cum buckets aren't capable of doing anything else. You're just a stupid, worthless, dumb animal that has one purpose, and that's to always provide all cocks with your wide open, exposed, juicy, wet, and willing cock holes for loads of cum to fill and cover. You hear me pig?" I said "Yes master." Next he said "Then show me how you're a filthy pig and squirt for me!" He made me spit all over his fingers, then began ramming them in and out of my cunt like he was trying to scoop my juices out of me, I began moaning in both pleasure and agony as he was making me so fucking wet. I could hear his fingers and palm slapping through my cunt juices into my pussy. Then all of a sudden I felt all the fluids I had inside of me come gushing out all at once onto his palm, through his fingers, and splash onto the floor. He took his hand out of my dripping wet pussy and forced me to suck and lick each finger clean again. Once he was satisfied, he bent down to the floor and rubbed his hand in the puddle of my pussy made. Once his fingers and hand were covered in my juices again, he slid his hand deep into my pussy. This time his fist glided right inside of me with such ease until I seen his wrist disappear between my pussy lips. He pulled his hand out, made a fist, and punched his way deep into my cunt. Every time he pulled out, he punched in just a little deeper. It wasn't until I felt my insides being twisted apart that I looked down at my cunt and was shocked at what I seen! His arm was shoved inside of me half way up to his elbow. I screamed over and over in pure agony that his neighbors must've heard me, even through the soundproof walls that surrounded me, John then took his arm out of my cunt, and said to me "Now I'm ready to watch you cum for my pleasure."
He pulled out a really wide horse with this ribbed rubber covering. He also grabbed a vibrating dildo that snapped onto the horse. The cock wasnt as large as the last one thank god! But it still looked as though it would fill my whole pussy with no room to spare. He slid the horse under me, pushed my cunt down on the cock until my pussy swallowed it all up, then he turned the vibrating cock on. I expected that to be all but then he plugged in the horse too! The whole ribbed rubber covering on the horse was also a vibrator! He said "I will control your orgasms. I will do the fucking for you. This is for my pleasure, not yours. Whores don't get that right." He raised the horse up enough to lift my feet off the floor, then grabbed my hips tightly as he pounded my pussy onto the cock, and grinded my clit deeply into the horse. The orgasm came with no warning. I felt a powerful wave rush all through my body, my arms and legs quivered uncontrollably and I let out a scream of pleasure while I came all over the horse. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had. I couldn't control my body at all. After the last rush pulsated from my pussy my body just fell limp all at once. I almost passed out. Just then John says "You're not done yet! Come on slut! I wanna see you give me another one now!" He then grabbed my hips and fucked the cock with my now soaked, engorged pussy. He also pounded and rubbed my huge clit against the horse. He said to me "Come on, take it bitch! Cum for me! Fuck it harder you whore!" I once again couldn't control my body! But he was still controlling my fucking. He just wasn't pounding me on this dildo and horse hard enough. I couldn't help what I did next. My body just took over and rode it myself with all my weight and might. I could feel my tits heaving up and down as I breathed in and out harder and harder as I came closer to climax. My moans became louder, I couldn't control the volume of my pleasure. I was so close now..........I pulled my hips up and back one more time, and threw my whole body with every force I had in me to engulf that vibrating cock with my pussy as I squeezed it tightly with my clenching pussy walls. I slammed my clit so hard into the horse that my thrust caused it to slip from me a little. The cumming overtook my mind and body so hard that the orgasm caused my body to violently shake as the never ending waves overcame my muscles. It wasn't until my body finally overcame this ecstasy that I realized I fucked myself too far forward and was choking as I was close to hanging myself from almost thrusting myself off the horse and the cock I was riding. Watching by body shake and convulse violently from each orgasm was too much for John's fully erect huge cock to handle. He pushed the horse back under me, watched me fuck it some more, then climbed up in back of me again. Only this time he wasn't squeezing in my ass, he was shoving his cock in my pussy with the dildo. He pushed my back down causing the collar to choke me again. He held me there and rammed his cock hard and deep inside of me against the dildo. He didn't stop or let up. He was now pounding me so forcefully that the horse was sliding out again. I couldn't breathe at all. He didn't care though. He loved seeing my face turn red, and my body uncontrollably start convulsing from needing air so badly. This was making him slam his cock deeper into me. The last thing I heard was John say "Come on you worthless fucking pig! Tighten up on my cock more, keep riding it and jerking around on it! Omg you're squeezing my cock so tight I'm exploding inside you! Don't go lifeless yet bitch! OH FUCK YEAH YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING COCK WHORE!" Then everything went black and I passed out from lack of oxygen. I came to moments later after he cleared my airway from the collar. I just hung there almost lifeless as I tried to breathe enough to come back to life fully. I felt dizzy. I felt cum dripping out of my cunt, then I felt John take the collar off and I just dropped to the floor. He picked my head up by my hair and then wiped his cock all over my face. Once he was done he ordered me up on my feet. I stood up. He then cut the zip tie from my arms, pulled up my tube top, pulled down my skirt, and admired his handy work on my body. He then said "Now you can get the fuck out of my house and then my sight!" He dragged me out to his SUV and threw me in the truck. He drove me to the train station, pulled me out of his SUV, and told me to go inside and get a ticket looking the way I did, all used up. I had cum dripping from my pussy, restraint marks on my legs, ankles, wrists, arms, and especially neck after just being choked out. My hair was a mess, some blood was seeping through my top from my nipples, and I was still so dazed and out of it. He stayed to make sure I didn't go and wash up or anything. He ordered me to ride the train home like this as well. My body was so worn out I stumbled on to the train, and collapsed in a seat. I passed out before the train even left the station. I think I woke up a little to a man fingering me at one point but I can't be sure. I was just too spent to fully notice. I just know I woke in my city with my skirt pushed up, my pussy wet, and my tits hanging out. I ran to my car and barely made it home. I want to say that I was done meeting up with John but I couldn't bring myself to think such a thing. I finally learned my purpose in life, and knew I was his. There's just no fighting this. I have no right to. I can't wait to be at John's service and pleasure again.

LisaCannon 04-27-2017 03:09 AM

John Enslaavig Me To Men
It had been almost 3 weeks since I was last with John. Our last meet up was in his city, in his house, on his turf basically. It was definitely a rough, painful, and at times cruel night together, but it was the lesson I needed to live, learn, and experience. Once I understood how disrespectful I had been in the past to John, and learned I am not in the same class or league as John, I felt a release of guilt, and at John's permission I felt an abundance of pleasure. I now know what I am. I am nothing but three warm, wet, and always available holes for every cock John gives me to. Only when a hole is filled and being used am I reaching my full and only potential in life. I am also a big, full, bouncing set of tits for John to fuck, play with, hurt, stretch, and beat on when his life becomes stressful. As a man his life and his time are more important than a woman's. And it's surely more important than my life and time as a thing that exists just to produce and collect as much cum as I can, or as much as John orders me to do fill up on anyways.
Ever since our last meet up, since John corrected me, he has been in constant contact with me through video and text. He has been testing me and my obedience. So when I woke up last Friday morning at 10 am to my laptop ringing with a Skype call I jumped out of bed and ran to answer it. Sure enough there was my master on my screen to give me my daily lesson reminder. John asked me "How are you this morning slave?" I had been broken in by now to know the only way to answer him, I said "I am not well or unwell. I am not a person so I can't have feelings. I am nothing more than a piece of livestock to you. I just do as I'm told." John smiled when he heard this, only I've seen this smile before. It wasn't happiness, it was a sadistic smile that usually meant he had plans for me. He told me to get in the shower, throw some clothes on, and to be at this full service salon that was 2 miles from my house. He told me found it in google and he made an appt for me at 10:45 am and that it was all paid for. Once I was done I had to call him from the car. I told him "Yes Master."
After my shower I arrived at the salon. I told them my name and that I had an appt. A woman employee came out and called my name and led me to a back room. She then said "We'll start with your vagina then move to the legs." She must've seen my confusion cause she then said "Your boss told us to give you a complete waxing. So put this on and hop up on the table." I said ok, and laid back for the painful bikini wax. I looked at the job she did when done and I had no hair left on my pussy at all. I went to get dressed but she said, "Oh you're not done yet. The nail tech will be in in a minute to finish you up." I waited with curiousty as to what that meant. After a minute a woman walked in, set up, and confirmed I was the client "Lisa" without being able to even look me in the eyes. I told her I was Lisa, then she said "Before I do this, are you sure you want me to do what your boss said to do? It's kind of an unsettling request to put on someone." At first I wanted ask what he said to do but then my obedience took over and I thought this could be another test. So I said to her, "If my boss told you to do something, then you do it! Don't ever question him again!" She turned bright red in the face, and stayed quiet the rest of the time she worked. Once she finished settimg up and began working, I realized the other service John ordered was to have my vagina decorated with beads and jewelry. It's been this new thing for a while but I never had it done. After about 20 minutes she was done with my pussy. I looked down right above my cunt and below my belly button there were jewels that spelled out "PARTY PIG." She asked if that looked right. I said if that's what my boss said to do then it's right. She then said to turn over. I bent over the able and she went to work on my ass cheeks now. After another 20 min she showed me her work and it said "PORK THE PIG." Pork was on one ass cheek, the word the was just over my ass crack, and pig was on the other cheek. She didn't say another word besides that I was all set when she hurried out of the room. I got dressed and walked out to leave. As I walked through the salon to the exit door I noticed the whole place was staring at me. Every employee, customer, people waiting, EVERY ONE just stared at me like I was crazy and said nothing as I walked out. I'm guessing the jeweler had a big mouth. I hopped in my car and called John like I was told. He then said that I was to drive to this adult sex store in downtown about 1 mile away. I had to walk in and tell the clerk I was Lisa and that he'd take care of me. Once he set me up I then had to video call John.
I walk into the sex shop and tell the man working that I was Lisa. He said "I have your items right here. Your boss called and said to have you try them on." He brought me to a changing room, and I video called John. He told me to try each thing on and show him how it looked. The first item was a leather harness bra with nipple clamps. It was just straps outlining my tits, leaving my whole tits exposed except for where the clamps hooked on. The next item was a chain g-string with leather straps. The leather tightened around my hips as the chain ran from them front to back. Next I had two leather harnesses connected around my leg by silver rings for each thigh. Then a bondage belt around my waist, a leather collar, leather cuffs for each wrist, and cuffs for each ankle. No chains, just all the cuffs, straps, and the harnesses. The last items were a sleeveless, neck high tight mini dress made out of vinyl that came on and off by the one big zipper all down the front of the dress, and a black pair of very high stiletto heels. Once all of it was on I modeled the whole outfit for him over the phone. He gave his approval and told me to change back to my other clothes and to take it all home with me. It was all paid for already. I was to go home, rest up, then make sure I was all dressed up with my hair and makeup done ready to go out by 8 pm. I would be picked up by a car service and brought to where John would be waiting for me. I did just as he told me to do.
Just before 8 I was all ready and dressed up for John. I looked like a stripper and a whore with my outfit. My hair and makeup looked like I was about to shoot a porn video. I couldn't wait to show John. Right at 8 the car showed up at my home. I got into the car and the driver couldn't take his eyes off me. He turned around and said he had something for me. He handed me an envelope. I opened it and it was a note from John telling me to take the pills the driver gives me. I asked for the pills and swallow them. The driver then says "I was told to tell you what they were but only after you took them without question. You just took ecstasy." Now I was really looking forward to tonight!
The driver only had to drive for about 10 miles. We were just the next city over from mine when we pulled up to someone's house. It was a really nice and big home. The driver said good night and I walked up to the front door and rang the bell. I could hear loud music playing inside, and voices talking loudly like it was a party. Then John opened the door and brought me inside. The party was going on in the mancave of the basement downstairs. There was a large room with a bar, pool table, and other games. Just off of that was a big entertainment room with a tv that took up the whole wall, every gaming system, leather reclining seats, and movie theater style seats. Off this room was a bath room with an open shower, hot tub, sauna, and massage table. Off the far end of the bar was a huge bedroom with a king sized bed, a sex swing above the bed, a couch, a wall with every BDSM and torture accessory available, every rack and horse one could find, and shelves that circled the room displaying dozens of dildos of different sizes, colors, and materials along with dozens of vibrators with the same types of variations, and butt plugs as well. All around the bedroom was studio type lighting set up as well as cameras mounted to the walls and ceiling for every possible angle. At first glance I seen at least 2 dozen cameras, but then I looked at the toys and BDSM equipment and most of them had little cameras built in to them as well. Once I noticed this I checked out the other rooms for cameras and the whole place was covered like it was a reality TV show set. Once John was done parading me around all the rooms to meet all the guys at the party he then led me back into the bar room and told me to have a seat. He gave me a drink and asked me if the pills were kicking in yet. I said no but they usually take about 30-40 min to kick in so it won't be much longer. He said to me "GREAT! I was hoping you'd be sober when I tell you why you're here.." He then said to look around, what did it look like was going on. I told him I didn't know, but that it wasn't my place to question either. He said, "No it's not but I'll still tell you. You're the main and only entertainment at a big stag party. My brother is getting married so you're going to make this a night he won't ever forget! And if he does forget we'll make sure he has plenty of video and photography reminders" I asked him "How am I to entertain the party master? And what should I do to make this night memorable for your botherr?" John then said "You be the piece of livestock that you are and follow any and all orders that every man here gives you. You be the worthless slave you were born to be. I gave these men no limitations on how they can use and abuse you so the words 'no' and 'stop' better not ever come out of your mouth." Just then I looked around the bar room, and into the other rooms. I estimated well over 50 men there and John said more were coming. He warned me the party is going on all night and likely all weekend with guests showing up the whole time. They expected between 100-150 men to show up before the party ended. Then John yelled into my face "YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO LEAVE UNTIL THE PARTY ENDS, AND EVERY MAN HAD YOU OVER AND OVER! YOU FUCKING HEAR ME PIG?!" Just as I said "Yes master" I felt the ecstasy kick in all at once. I went from intense fear about servicing a stag party as a slave for 150 men all weekend, to feeling overwhelming excitement about all the things they were going to do to me and make me do. John seen I was rolling hard now when I started rubbing my face and lips while smiling. John yelled out to the guys "It's time! The entertainment is ready to do her fucking job! Let's fuck this bitch up! Where's my brother? He gets the pig's first tricks." John pulled me up by my arms and stood me in the middle of the bar room for his brotherr to come play with me. Walking up to me was this man who was over 6'5 in height, and hands the size of my head. Once he stood in front of me the rest of the guys came in to the room and created an audience. This night was going to be memorable for myself as well.
John's Brother was standing in front of me, looking me up and down. He instructed that I call him daddy. John told him to make sure I wore every bit of accessory I was instructed to wear. Daddy unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor. He then said to John "She's wearing the titty harness, the nipple clamps, collar, belt, both thigh harnesses, the chain g-string, leather wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, and my stiletto heels. You trained the pig well John." Daddy walked around me slowly, taking the time to grope every inch of me. The whole party had every eye on my naked body while they all stroked their cocks. Daddy then said "Give them a show bitch!" and started rubbing my clit and sliding a finger in and out of me. I was rolling so hard now that everything felt incredible! Daddy then pulled his hand away and said "No, not yet. First let's see what me and the guys can make you do."
Daddy went and sat down and left me standing all alone in front of the party naked, wet, and and on the verge of cumming from the breeze passimg over my pussy lips alone. Daddy then said, "I'll go first, then we'll make our way around the room. Ok guys? We each get to make her do one thing as a time. It can be anything you can think of. Bitches on ecstasy will do anything and anyone you tell them to, and we have plenty of doses left for her to take. Let's see how far we can make her go." Daddy then said to me "Go,to the bar, get on top of it and lay back, spread your legs all the way apart showing the whole room your cunt, and grind up against that chain until it makes you cum all over the bar." I did just that! I came after i grinded my pussy only three times into the chain. By the time the next guy gave an order I was ready to cum again. The next guy said "Bring me a bottle of bud, but crawl it over to me while carrying the whole bottle deep on your mouth" I crawled to him while deep throating his beer. I kneeled in front of him while he took it from my mouth. The next guy told me to also get him a beer but to carry it by squeezing it between my tits. I obeyed. Before he took his beer he first fucked my tits with it for a minute. The next guy ordered me to put on a blindfold, spin in a circle 10 times, then walk around the room and suck the dick of the first guy I touch. He told me not to take the blindfold off so that I have no idea who's cock I'm taking into my mouth. I was blindfolded, I spun, and I stumbled until I felt a man. I kneeled down, felt around for his zipper so I could find a cock. Once I found the zipper I pulled it down, then reached in for the dick I was to suck. When I grabbed it my fingers barely reached around the girth of his cock, and he was only semi hard. I pulled his dick out of his pants, and started sucking right away. Feeling his cock continue to grow in my mouth was making me so wet thanks to the d**gs. i had my face buried in his lap swallowing every inch as he thrusted himself into my mouth, I spread my legs as far apart as I could just so I could rub my clit on the carpet. I had to fuck something! I started moving my hips around in a circle while I rode his cock hard and fast with my face. Then I felt his load fire into my throat, and I couldn't hold back my orgasm for another moment. Instantly I felt the wet spot I caused. I didn't let his cock out of my mouth moved with his dick just so I could lick up and swallow every drop of his cum from the head of his cock, and from my lips. I love to swallow all the cum I can when rolling! The next order giving master told me to go into the game room, start playing a multiplayer game live online, complete with the PS4 eye broadcasting me live onto this channel with all the other online players. I had to keep playing the game NO MATTER WHAT ELSE was going on around me. I sat in the chair right up front, sat back, spread my legs wide apart, and began playing completely naked in front of the eye. Immediately you could hear the other players in the lobby loving what the we're seeing. Then I felt this master come up behind me. He grabbed my hair and stood me up, then sat down in my chair. Suddenly I felt something wide, cold, and metallic between my legs pushing up against my pussy lips. I tried to look down but he yelled at me to keep playing. Within seconds I feel this long thing between my legs entering deep into my pussy. Then I realize what it is! He's fucking my cunt with the double barrel shotgun I seen hanging on a gun rack. I'm trying to play a first person shooter game while being violated very hard by an actual gun, and all in front of the whole game lobby to watch in real time. They were all yelling for him to fuck me harder, and make me cum. I couldn't keep still, the gun slamming up into me had me bouncing me all over as it made me cum so hard you could see my pussy juices drip down both barrels. I then had the game taken away from me as the next guy whisked me away for his turn to control me. He brought me upstairs and out on to a porch on the second floor. The porch was in plain view of a couple of houses snd over looked one so closely that if people spit out the window at me they'd likely hit me with with ease, The porch I was on only had one railing circling the porch and it was waste high on me. Suddenly someone turned on every light surrounding this porch. I was lit up enough for the whole block to see me. My current master then tossed a couple bottle caps at the upstairs windows on the house closest to this porch. Two windows open, each with an older creepy looking man asking Master what was up. My current master said to them "That's a half way house you all live in, right?" One guy answered "Yes, why?" Master then asked "I seen notices alerting the block to sex offender ex cons moving into your house there. Was that true? Are you guys all ex cons and sex offenders?" One guy responded by telling master that it was illegal to harass them. Master then replied "Oh I don't wanna harass you guys! In fact just the opposite. We're having a stag party here and have this slut toy to abuse all weekend. I thought maybe you guys would like a quick little show of her obeying and doing as she's told." Within minutes every male living in that house was either hanging out of a window or gathered on their own porch across from us. Master then picked me up and placed me on the other side of the railing. He tied my hands to the railing so I was facing the house party, but my back was facing the half way house men. Master told them they could each jump over to our porch and do one of two things, jerk off snd cum on me, or take their cocks out and piss on me, all while Master fucked me with a bottle and choked me with my collar. 15 men lived in that house. 10 chose to rub their cocks all over my ass cheeks and grab at my tits until they came all over my back, 4 chose to spread my ass cheeks apart, press the head of their cocks up against my asshole, and then pissed directly up into my ass until they filled me up so much that it kept coming out of me for 20 minutes. Then there was the 15th man who had his own request. He asked master if he could instead knock me to the floor by punching the wind out of me, and then if he could please wrap his fingers around my throat and squeeze my neck, in order to choke me out while he jerked off over my face with his other hand. Master then unhooked me from the railing and said I was all his. This man jumped over to our porch, chased me around until I was cornored, made a fist and and punched me as hard as he could into my gut knocking all the wind out of me and causing me to collapse, then he undid his pants, pulled his already hard cock out right over my face, then wrapped the other hand tightly around the front of my neck and and just started squeezing as hard as he could without snapping my neck in half. I couldn't breathe at all, my face was so red and swollen that it felt like my eyes would pop out of my face any second, my body began thrashing like crazy trying to get out of his grip for any gasp of air no matter how small. The more I fought, the harder he tightened his grip on my neck. All I could see above me was his hand violently stroking his cock into my face. My body was now succumbing to his assault, I felt my muscles spasm and jerk a few times, as I began to lose consciousness. The last thing I remember was my body going fully limp under his grasp, just as he pressed his cock into my face and sprayed his cum up against my cheek, I must've psssed out cause next thing I remember was him using his cock to rub his load over the strangle marks he left on my neck. Master then said good night to the sex offenders and dragged me back inside covered in cum, piss, and choking marks. It was now time for my next master. He dragged me into the bathroom, and told me to engulf one of the shower sprays sticking out from the wall with my pussy. I did this like he said. Then he went to the faucets and turned the water on full blast! It flushed my cunt completely out! Then he turned the water off snd said "Now its time for you ass to get sprayed out too." So I slowly shoved a spray nozzle up my ass and he did the same shit again! Turned the water on all at once effectively cleaning the piss from my asshole, but it also emptied my ass of everything that was inside! The new master said "Well that's a bonus! Now there's more room in that tight ass for every cock in this,house." Master then led me out into the bar room to await the next man's turn. This new master told me to crawl over to the black man who they all called the pussy destroyer and beg him to be able to sit on his cock snd ride it until every inch was deep inside of me, As I did this the pussy destroyer pulled his cock out for me and held it up for me to slide my pussy down onto. He needed two hands to hold it up because it was so long. At least 11 inches! I turned around and began to lower my ass down onto this cock of his. I was going to need some lube though to even get just the head into me! The new master told me to circle the room once to every guy there for there to spit into my ass for this huge black cock to slide up into me, I walked up to every man, bent over, spread my ass cheeks apart, and waited for each one to spit in my ass. I was nice and wet when I started to take this black dick into my cunt. The drugs were still strongly peaking for me so I didn't feel much pain. Instead the pleasure from bouncing up and down on his cock was overpowering me. My entire body shook as I bursted into an orgasm and came all over his cock. He then threw me off his dick onto the floor and ordered my mouth open as he blew his load into my mouth. It tasted so good I kept trying to lick his cock clean so I didn't miss a single drop. He kicked my head away though telling me to get the fuck off his cock already. John then suggested that I be given one more command, and then they'd drag me to the strip,club with them so they could rent out my holes to horny men in exchange for some other kinds of drugs to keep me awake, horny, and loose for another 36 hours straight. So daddy said he had the perfect demand for me. He told me "For the rest of the stag party you must serve every person who wants a beer. You must go to the fridge, grab a bottle, a mug, and a bottle opener. You then have to push the bottle all the way inside your deep, wet pussy, wide end first so only the beer cap can be seen when your pussy lips are pulled open. Then you must carry the mug, the opener, and walk it all over to the person waiting for the beer, and that bottle must stay deep,inside your cunt with every step you make. When you get to the person, hand them the mug and opener, then spread your legs, and pry your pussy lips open for them so they can see the bottle cap barely sticking out of your pussy so they can pop it open with the opener. Then stand there while the beer empties from inside your cunt and fills their mug up. You will be our own personal pussy beer keg all weekend, and everywhere we go. Now, let's see you do this now to make sure you get it right!" I didn't get it right though. I couldn't stop orgasiming from the bottle moving around in me with every single step I took! Half the beer spilled on the floor when he opened it cause I was in the middle of cuming from him jerking the bottle around inside of me from trying to use the bottle opener. After the bottle was emptied out I kept it inside of me just so I could walk around and keep getting off! This ecstasy wouldn't let up on me or my poor pussy! Next thing I knew I was being passed around the room so each guy could make me straddle their leg snd feel me grind the bottle up into me and hump their thigh with my clit until I came all over them. This went on until every man jerked off on me while I rode their legs, rode their backs like a horse, and caused the label on the bottle to disintegrate inside me from all the cum I coated it with. Right about now the d**gs began to wear off. John made me take 3 more tabs of ecstasy, and ordered a few guys to restrain me while John f***ed me to smoke meth. He said "You will be kept awake, energetic, and horny as fuck all weekend long. You are not allowed to do anything this entire time except take cock, take orders, and take beatings. If I see for even a minute that you aren't being used, abused, or violated, I will throw you in my truck and tie you down while I let the whole city take turns inside you. You are to fuck ALL WEEKEND, and always have a cock inside you. You fucking hear me you pig? You worthless whore!?" I said "YES MASTER!" He then said it was time to get ready to leave for the strip club!
That story will be shared very very soon!

Ltfc01 04-28-2017 09:10 AM

very nice and long stories!!

LisaCannon 04-28-2017 11:16 PM

John Enslaving Me To Men part 2
Before the strip club John ordered me to go clean myself up in the bathroom. I took a quick shower, being careful not to wash any of my pussy jewels off, then re did my make up, and fixed my hair. I ashed John what he wanted me to wear to the club and he told me to put everything I was wearing that night back on. The wrist cuffs, neck collar, leather waist belt, thigh harnesses, ankle cuffs, chain g string, the harness bra, nipple clamps, vinyl tight mini dress, and the high heels. I did as I was told and walked out ready to leave. The whole party gave John props for arranging a worthless slave for the stag party who looked just like a porn star. John gave his brother, who was known to me only as "Daddy," a leather leash to hook to my collar so he could walk me like the bitch I was.
As we leave the house I see a party bus waiting for us outside. We all climb into the bus and Daddy ties me up to a pole in the middle of the bus. John walks up to me and blindfolds me, then tells me to open my mouth. I open it wide for him. I feel him blow into my mouth and I smell a weird odor like from earlier. I realize then that he's making me smoke more meth. At this point the additional 3 hits of ecstasy have began to kick in, and now I have all this energy and I don't know what to do with myself. John then tells me to open my mouth and drink what he gives me. He pours several shots down my throat until I almost gag. Then he forces me to drink some more but at least this time it was girly shots, they were easy to swallow. This went on for the whole ride to the club, about 30 minutes. By the time we arrived there I was rolling hard, tweaking hard since I've never done meth before, I've only tried coke in the past, and I was pretty drunk. Nothing seemed real, but everything felt so real and incredible. John let the driver of the bus finger me for a minute and I came almost instantly. I then heard John promise me to the driver at the end of the night.
Daddy grabs my leash and leads me into the strip club. It's an all nude club with some really hot women working the room and stage. The club is busy, every bar stool was full, and ever seat around the stage was full. There were tables around the room but they weren't full, just a couple tables had people sitting there. Past the bar you seen neon lights advertising the VIP rooms. I wasn't the only female customer in the club but I was the only one there on a leash and with a whole large group of men. John seen that every stripper there was either nude on stage, or just in a g string walking around the floor. He said it wasn't fair that I was able to be the only fuck hole slut in the place with clothes on. He told the bouncer to just sit back and let whatever happens to happen and that I want it and deserve it. The bouncer says ok but only if he gets a run at me too. John said he can have me at any time he wants me. John unzips my dress and lets it drop to the floor. Daddy then walks me around on my leash for the whole club to see me. Everyone loves the jeweled labeling I have revealing I'm a party pig that is to be porked. Daddy hands my leash to a stripper who then brings me up on stage with her. She ties me to the pole and fingers me for the crowd. She finger bangs me so hard that I cum all over her hand. She makes me lick it all off her hand then unties me from the pole. She pushes me down to my knees and shoves her cunt in my face and I eat her out. She grinds on my face until she cums all over it. She grabs my leash and makes me crawl around the stage allowing everyone seated around it to finger me and slap my tits around. Then she hands me back to Daddy. Daddy already had his cock out and forced me back on my knees to suck it in the middle of the club. I sucked it all until I gagged and couldn't breathe. Then Daddy picked me up, bent me over the stage, and fucked me right there for all to watch. He grabbed my hair lifting my head up so everyone could watch my tits bounce up and down as he fucked me. He slapped my face and told me to yell out how I loved his cock fucking me. I had a crowd around me as they watched him pound my pussy raw. Then he pulled out and came all over my ass. John then yelled to the crowd that the free show was over, and if they wanted to watch more in the VIP section they'd have to pay with money, and if they wanted to rough me up, fuck me, rape me, whatever they wanted then they'd have to pay in drugs. Ecstasy, meth, coke, even Special K if they had it. Then I was dragged by my leash into the VIP section.
Once inside I seen it was just a huge fetish fuck room. John brought me to the center table and showed me why I wore all the cuffs and harnesses. I had each ankle hooked up to chains and lifted up and wide apart. My wrists were then hooked up and pulled all the way back behind my head. My thighs were hooked up to keep my pussy and asshole available at all times, my waist harness was hooked up to keep me still for all thrusts so I didn't slide away, and my neck was hooked up to keep my head bent backwards for good deep face fucking. I laid like this for a few minutes until I had a cock slamming into my mouth. I was being suffocated by the man's balls as he drove his cock into the back of my throat each time. Then I feel a cock quickly fill my pussy and start fucking me deep and hard. I feel hands from all over start to grope my tits, grabbing and squeezing them, and twisting the nipples. Finally the cock in my mouth shoots a load down my throat and pulls out, allowing me to breathe again. As I'm gagging to catch my breath, another dick takes it's place to brutalize my face again. Then I feel warm cum shoot out onto my stomach from the dick that was in my pussy. As soon as he shot his load, another man pushed his way between my legs and started fucking my ass. I could hear a crowd shouting them all on as they took turns with filling my warm, wet, fuck holes. I lost count after 20 cocks. I was covered in cum, and was filled with so many loads in my ass and pussy. Once the men in the club were done with me I was brought back out to the club area. I had so much cum dripping down my thighs. Before I knew it, the bouncer grabbed me and threw me onto the stage and held me down as he choked me hard, and fucked me for the crowd to watch. When he was done he had a stripper hold me down while he fisted me. Then he held me down while the stripper fisted me. I was still very high and rolling hard so no matter what was happening to me all night long I just kept cumming over and over. I was sore from so many orgasms. Once the stripper's fist gave me one more cunt dripping orgasm, John decided it was time to leave. He grabbed my dress but wouldn't let me put it on. Daddy then dragged me outside by my leash, naked, covered in so many men's cum, my pussy dripping from my own orgasm juices as well as all the loads I had dumped inside of me all night long. He dragged me back on the bus, forced 2 more tabs of ecstasy down my throat, forced me to smoke more meth, and told me to prepare for what the rest of the party had in store all weekend. Before we left the parking lot though, John made good on his promise and gave me to the driver. The driver fucked me with my face and tits pressed up against the windshield for the whole parking lot to watch. He kept pulling in and out of my cunt, then my asshole, like he couldn't make up his mind. He settled on my asshole as he thrusted away until he came inside of me. Once he was done he threw me away into the back of the bus, I landed face first on the floor until John kicked me over onto my back with his foot. John told me to stay put as they took turns fisting me, fucking me with their feet, using a liquor bottle on me, and beer cans. This went on until we got back to the house about 30 minutes later. By this time I'm so fucked up on all the drugs that I can't wait to run inside and see what they'll do to me next!

grants70 10-18-2017 07:39 PM

I'm only catching up on the stories now. Nice ending Lisa.

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