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somedude 06-28-2006 02:10 PM

The story for the 28th!!!


innocent 06-28-2006 04:14 PM

yawn. a touch dull i'm afraid! more shopping!!!

somedude 06-28-2006 10:19 PM

Not everyday can have stories involving things called fluffnutter! :D

somedude 06-29-2006 04:31 AM

Here's the story for the 29th!!!


innocent 06-29-2006 02:21 PM

much funnier! can you believe the things thoses judges get up to?!?!

somedude 06-29-2006 04:57 PM

Thought you'd like that one innocent! :D

innocent 06-29-2006 05:10 PM

what men in power being humiliated? never!!!

somedude 06-30-2006 05:14 AM

The story for the 30th!!!


somedude 07-01-2006 02:27 PM

The story for July 1st!!!


somedude 07-02-2006 02:18 PM

Story for the 2nd!!!


somedude 07-03-2006 02:18 PM

Story for the 3rd!!!


somedude 07-04-2006 02:49 PM

The story for the 4th!!!


cindyq11 07-04-2006 03:28 PM

Oh, yeah, do tell


Remember, this is a fantasy board?

somedude 07-04-2006 03:56 PM

So your fantasy is to pretend you're multiple people?

somedude 07-04-2006 07:32 PM

I was mistaken this is the most useless news story of the 4th!!!

Canadians! :rolleyes: :D

somedude 07-05-2006 12:25 PM

The story for the 5th!!! And this one is really useles because it involves the Stones!


innocent 07-05-2006 12:32 PM

tut tut...stoneS!
wondered what you were on about till i read the link. he'd makea damn good pirate tho. all he needs is and eye patch and he's there!

somedude 07-06-2006 03:55 PM

The story for the 6th!!!


somedude 07-07-2006 04:23 AM

Story for the 7th!!!


somedude 07-08-2006 02:15 PM

The story for the 8th!!!


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