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viking_mxbae 07-02-2016 07:16 PM

I got the following story in two parts from a person who is not (yet?) willing to publicly share her fantasies by herself. It is in two parts, as I understand such is her desire for this to be presented. She will be entering this thread, and possibly will answer to you — Or I might be answering in her name.

Here goes part 1:

early evening. she's walking back home after she leaves a friend. they both spend together some hours in a park with other girls too.
two guys in the street ask her to take some photos for them because they both have something to celebrate. both guys look at each other smiling and she thinks that maybe they are gay. she accepts. then they ask her about a certain beautiful place in the park where she comes from. she doesn't want to spend too long because soon it will be dinner time, also that park is very nice in the day with many families and children and even a little theme park but in the evening it becomes a places where many many prostitutes, pimps and customers meet. even prostitutes and customers from neighbor towns go there. in any case there's one or two hours of daylight, she can show the place to those guys because she has been there many times.
most people are leaving the park, all parents and kids do. the place they look for is under big trees and also there are some shorter trees and plants. its size is like an apartment. in summer temperature is lower under their shadows. she asks them to take their pics soon because it's not the right place to be when night comes.
not far from that place she can see cars with parents and kids leaving and cars with men alone arriving. suddenly she sees a van and several girls leave the van, she notices that they are three prostitutes. this is the first time she sees that scene. prostitutes go behind some trees and stay there, not far from the path where the van is leaving the park.
again she asks the guys to have their pics taken quickly because it could be dangerous in minutes, not in hours. now she fears to leave the park alone so she decides that she better leaves with the guys, not alone. but the guys now want to get some pics of her.
she accepts obviously.
while they take pics and she asks them to leave quickly a car comes and parks very near. a man descends and goes to the group smiling and stays watching at them. she feels something weird in the scene. the man and the two guys laugh but it's sort of non sense, there is no reason for that laugh.
the man starts to tell her that she looks like model, he remarks her beautiful legs and so on. then he makes her questions such as she looks like a model, about her life in general and about her sexual life. now she feels scared, she asks the two guys to leave with her but they say that they want to know the answers too.
more vans come with prostitutes and more cars with lone men come. it's daylight but under those trees it's of early night. she's really nervous and she decides to leave, alone if necesary. she tells that to the group but the man says they're not going to allow her leaving yet. they all men seem to be amused. that talk seems too long and very disgusting for her.
she asks how long they want to stay and the man answers until she pleases him as he expects. then she tries to leave but the two guys grab her and then the man goes to his car and brings some ropes. the man tells her to undress and she refuses still grabbed by the two guys.
then they all tie her up to a tree facing the tree while she sees that other men approach from their left side and she asks them for help.
she thinks that maybe some of those men might come for helping her. while the men come slowly, she strives for releasing hersef while the guys and the man starts to undress her up to a point when the man says it's enough and he simply takes her outfits off breaking them.
once naked he tells her to spread her legs wide but she does exctly the opposite, she tries to cross them. she can't see but probably he takes a whip from his car because she can hear the doors and his steps and then she feels being whipped. the man tells her that he will not stop until she spreads her legs.
finally she does. she knows he will fuck her and so he does. but not only into her vagina, also her ass. once he cums he tells the guys to whip her again. so they do and finally the man tells them that they can fuck her.
the two guys fuck her. once they're done the man releases her but puts her kneeling and fucks her mouth.
she has many bad feelings such as sadness, powerless, nastiness, and many others. while he fucks her mouth she can hear two men talking about a local sport team. it makes her cry even deeper.
then the man decides to leave and asks the guys to escort her to the outside street. a man asks him to be allowed to fuck her. the man accepts and that man can also fuck her. once he's done. the guys dress her with the rags of her clothes and escort her outside.
once she's released she runs home.

viking_mxbae 07-02-2016 07:18 PM

Part 2
Part two follows. Completely different style and narrative, but same starting spot.


It had been a wonderful evening with her friend Ai. The Rosé wine had flowed freely and the gossip likewise. Mika had never considered herself to be bisexual but she thought her friend looked incredibly sexy and she started to feel a distinct dampness in her panties. She wanted to plant a full blown passionate kiss on Ai’s full lips but instead she gave her a quick peck on the cheek when she said her goodbyes.

Mika decided to walk home via the natural park, a place she knew well. At this time of day it would be full of families and laughing children. But at night it would be a very different place. Attracting all manor of low life. Drug users, prostitutes and their customers.

“Hey Miss can you do us a favour?”
Mika turned to see who had called out to her. She saw a pair of Japanese men one of them holding out an expensive looking camera.
“What can I do for you.” Mika asked helpfully.
“It’s a special anniversary for us and we were wondering if you’d take a couple of photographs for us.” He asked.
“I’d be delighted to.” Mika replied taking the camera from him.
“I’m Akihiko and this is my friend Kazuki.”
“I’m Mika pleased to meet you.” She responded proffering her hand.
“You look like a local girl, do you know this park well?” Akihiko inquired.
“Yes I come here often.” Mika smiled.
“Do you know a particular beauty spot in the park where we can take the pictures?” He asked.
Mika quickly glanced at her watch. She still had a couple of hours before the families left and the park took on its seedy dark-side. The two men seemed harmless enough, in fact Mika suspected them to be gay lovers so she decided to corporate with their request.
“Sure.” She said. “Follow me.”

The young girl led them to her favourite place in the park. On the way a strong gust of wind flipped up the back of her flimsy dress giving the men following an unobstructed view of her silk covered bottom. She quickly reached behind and smoothed down her wayward skirt re-establishing her modesty.
“Wow Mika you weren’t kidding. This place is beautiful.” Kazuki exclaimed. “Over there. Take the pictures over there.”
He pointed to a small grove of trees. Once under the trees out of the summer sun the cool shade was welcome even a little chilly. Goosebumps covered Mika’s body and woke her sleeping nipples.

Unfortunately taking the photographs wasn’t the quick and simple task Mika had anticipated. The two men fussed and preened as they attempted to get the perfect snaps. She could see the many families starting to exit the park as they fussed about.
From the grove she could see one of the car parks and one by one the family saloons started to leave. Mika once again glanced at her watch and became nervous about the time these retched photos were taking.
“Listen guys we really need to hurry up. You don’t want to be in this park when the sun goes down.” Mika urged them.
She looked across at the car park just as the last of the cars was leaving.
The large van now entering the car park didn’t look like a family out for a picnic.
Sure enough when the back doors opened the young ladies that exited weren’t dressed for a picnic.
They were dressed to sell their bodies.
Mika had never seen prostitutes before. She was astonished at how skimpily and sexily they were dressed to be out in public. Mika shuddered. She could never imagine herself selling her body to be fucked by total strangers.

Eventually the camera’s shutter started to click as Mika finally took the photographs the men wanted.
“OK guys we have to leave. Now.” Mika urged when the men were satisfied with the pictures she had taken.
“Nonsense.” He replied. “I want a couple of pictures of you Mika.”
“OK.” The young girl answered nervously. “But you’ll have to be quick. We really should be leaving the park now.”
As Mika posed for the photographs she noticed an expensive looking sports car pull up into the car park. The driver exited the car and to her dismay he was heading for the grove trees where she was posing for photographs. The new stranger was well built and Western. He watched from the trees as the camera shutter took in the oriental beauty of this exquisite creature.

The stranger stepped into the middle of the grove and Mika missed the knowing smiles exchanged between the men.
“Are you a model?” He asked the young girl.
“No!” She replied looking submissively down at her feet. “I could never be a model.”
“Hi I’m Pete.” He offered by way of introduction.
“I’m Mika.” She answered once again proffering her hand.
Instead of shaking her hand he bent down to kiss it. Mika let out an embarrassed giggle and her cheeks flushed red.
“Are you sure you’re not a model?” He went on. “With a body and legs like that.”
Mika’s cheeks turned a deeper shade of red as he piled on the compliments.
“And that beautiful face. I don’t know what it is about you Japanese girls but you all look so submissive.”
Mika continually shook her head in embarrassed denial her face flushing crimson.
“A beauty like you must have a boyfriend.” Pete enquired.
Again Mika shook her head.
“No??” Pete exclaimed. “I guess you are one of those modern girls that like to play the field. A different cock every night. Am I right?”
This time instead of shaking her head she responded with a firm and annoyed “NO!”
“Come on Mika. A beautiful girl like you must have sucked and fucked quite a few hard cocks in her time.”
Mika didn’t like the direction this conversation was going and again remained mute and simply shook her head in denial.
“So is it girls with you? Are you a dyke? Loving nothing more than licking out another girl’s cunt?”
This time Mika franticly shook her head. The use of such a crude word for a woman’s private parts shocked her to the core.
She glanced across at the car park and was dismayed to see that several more vans had arrived and were busy unloading their cargoes of female fodder.
Mika made the decision to leave the park with or without the protective escort of Akihiko and Kazuki. Disgusted with the tone of Pete’s conversation anger welled up from within
“I’ve had enough of this.” Mika exclaimed. “I’m leaving.”

Before she could exit the grove Pete ordered Akihiko and Kazuki to grab her. Mika struggled as they gripped her arms while Pete returned to his car.
“Please let me go.” She begged.
He returned to the grove with several lengths of rope and a vicious looking whip.

Mika struggled further as she was forced over to one of the trees and pushed face first against the tree, the rough bark rubbing against her breasts.
“Please you’re hurting me.” Mika sobbed.
The Japanese pair pulled her arms around the tree and used the rope to tie her hands together effectively securing her to the tree
Helpless as she was Pete wasted no time and his hands were soon all over the poor girl. He reached around to grope her breasts through her dress and bra then his hands smoothed over her cute ass
“Please don’t do this.” She whimpered. “Just let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
He started to pull up the hem of her dress tucking it into her belt so that her cute pink panties were exposed. Once again his hands groped at her peach of an ass through her silk panties. He pushed his hand down the cleft of her buttocks as he attempted to push it between her tightly closed legs.
“Open your legs.” He demanded.
Mika franticly shook her head.
“No please don’t make me do that.” She sobbed.
“Either you spread your legs or you’ll be punished.” He threatened.
Again Mika shook her head.

Red faced with anger Pete gripped the back of her dress and ripped it open exposing her back. Mika cried out in anguish as he gripped the back of her bra and pulled it till it snapped.
Mika heard the crack of the whip as Pete made a practice swing.
“Oh God you can’t do this.” The helpless young girl pleaded.
The first lash landed across Mika’s naked back filling the grove with a loud crack quickly drowned out by the poor girl’s howling scream.
Five more lashes stripped up her back when the question was asked again.
“Are you going to spread those legs slut?” He asked.
Mika’s mind was numb with pain from her back and she couldn’t think straight. Her first reaction was to shake her head in defiance. A decision she immediately regretted as the whip once again cracked against her back. The poor girl endured three more lashes before reluctantly shuffling her legs apart.
Tears streamed down cheeks as she capitulated to this beast’s vile demands.
“That’s a good girl.” Pete announced condescendingly.

He ran his hands down her damaged back making the poor girl wince with pain. Then he slid his hand under her ruined dress and cupped her now braless tits.
“Guys the bitch has got pathetically small tits.” Pete said
Fresh tears of shame filled Mika’s eyes.
Pete’s nimble fingers quickly located Mika’s dormant nipples. He pinched, pulled and twisted her nubs to full erection causing her to cry out as her sensitive nipples were abused.
“I don’t think you need this ruined dress anymore, do you Mika?” Pete asked.
Fresh sounds of ripping material filled the grove as the remains of dress were torn from her body. Mika heard a loud click and looked up to see Akihiko photographing her humiliation and degradation.
“Please don’t photograph this.” She begged.
Once again his hands returned to her silk encased bottom. But this time when his hand slid down the cleft of her ass there was no hindrance to its progress. His hand rubbed against the slit of her sex hidden beneath the scant covering her panties bring fresh tears to Mika’s eyes.
“Please don’t.” She sobbed as she felt the first trickles of moisture seep from her pussy.

Pete’s strong hand grasped the waistband of her flimsy pink panties and Mika’s pitiful cry once again filled the grove as her silk underwear was torn from her body.
She now stood naked and helpless in this dangerous place.
Pete’s fingers returned to her pussy now devoid of the protective covering of her panties.

His fingers stroked at her furry furrow seeking out her hidden sex slit. He rubbed along her gapping gash till a startled cry from Mika announced the intrusion of his fingers into her cunt. His fingers sawed in and out of her pussy and to her shame she felt herself becoming wetter and wetter from Pete’s brutal treatment.
“Hey guys, the slut’s getting wet. I told you these stuck up Jap sluts were all whores.” Pete pointed out to Akihiko and Kazuki. All the time she was being debased by the perverted Westerner Kazuki’s camera caught every moment of her humiliation and degradation.
Pete pulled his fingers out of her pussy and held them up so she could see her own slippery secretions glistening on his fingers. He smeared the mephitic mucus under he nose so she could smell the pungent stench of her cunt.

Now the thing nudging at the entrance to her pussy was a lot larger than her finger.
“Oh God you can’t fuck me. Not here. Not like this.” Mika begged.
Another cry echoed around the small grove as he stabbed his cock deep into Mika’s tight cunt.
Mika’s pussy had only ever accommodated the modest Japanese penis. Pete’s gargantuan cock was at least twice as big as any male member she had ever had. She could feel her poor pussy stretching to accept this monster cock.
“Oh God you’re too big.” She screamed. “Take it out! Take it out! You’re tearing me in two.”
Mika’s wailing screams were music to Pete’s ears. He loved it when his bitch tamer stretched out innocent tight cunts.
Pete fucked her with long hard strokes. Each thrust mashed her bare breasts against the rough tree bark scratching her small breasts and rasping against her sensitive nipples.
Mika grunted with pain each time Pete’s huge cock bottomed out deep inside of her. She could feel the pace of her ravishment increase and the young girl realised that he was close to coming.
“Please not inside of me.” She grunted between vicious thrusts of his mammoth member. “I’m not protected I’m not on the pill.”

As if he needed an excuse to plunder the little slut’s other sex hole he pulled out her clutching cunt.
“OK Mika I won’t put a baby in your belly, but I don’t think you’re going to like the alternative.” Pete sneered.
Mika realised the reality of his words as she felt the blunt head of his cock pushing against her most forbidden hole.
“Oh God not there,” She begged. “I’ve never taken a man’s penis there. You’ll tear my poor ass to shreds.”
The bloated head of Pete’s swollen cock pushed against the tiny puckered entrance of Mika’s virgin ass. Her valiant anal ring put up stalwart resistance to the blunt battering ram of Pete’s cock. But it was an unequal struggle and with a howling scream wrenched from her throat Pete’s cock pushed deep up Mika’s ass.

The poor girl had never known pain like it. She felt like she was being split into two as her rapist’s rampant rod prised open her tight poop chute. Her nails raked at the tree bark as she endured the skull splitting pain. Pete ravished her reluctant rear with brutal uncaring thrusts. Each time his cock sunk deep into Mika’s resistant rectum an almost animalistic scream filled the small grove. His heavy spunk filled testicles slapped against the back of her thighs with an almost metronomic rhythm.
It wasn’t animalistic screams that filled the grove now but animalistic grunts as he shot his hot load deep into Mika’s ruined rectum.

He pulled his deflating cock from the burning ring of pain that had become Mika’s puckered ass now gaping obscenely.
It was only the ropes that bound her to the tree that kept her upright. When those ropes were released from her hands she collapsed to the floor like a house of cards.
But Pete’s tournament of this exquisite creature was far from over.
Mika’s throat was hoarse from all the screaming she had done, but it didn’t stop her from emitting another wailful howl as Pete used her hair to pull her up into a kneeling position.
“Open wide.” He mocked as he presented his befouled penis to Mika’s mouth.
The memory of the stinging lash against her back had made the once rebellious young girl far more compliant and she obediently opened her mouth allowed the filthy sex slicked cock into her mouth. Mika nearly retched when the she tasted the disgusting detritus debauching his debased dick. Pete made the poor girl cleanse his contaminated cock with her sweet mouth till it was squeaky clean.

Mika screamed again as Pete used her hair to pull the poor girl to her feet and drag her back to the tree that she had just been defiled on. A rope was thrown over an over hanging bough and tied around her wrists. The three men yanked on the rope pulling Mika up till she was almost on tip-toes then tied off the rope.
The helpless girl watched with horror as Pete passed the whip to Kazuki.
“Here why don’t you guys have a go. It’s great fun.” Your rapist and tormentor advised.
Where as before your back was the target of the lash now you were forced to present your front and your vulnerable little tits to the sting of the whip.
Kazuki’s once inscrutable face was now a mask of venom and hatred as unfurled the whip behind him.
The whip whistled through the air to land across Mika’s stomach with a loud crack. A red line appeared across her taut belly as she let out another guttural scream.
The next lash landed across the front of her thighs.
But the third lash was right on target. Mika let out an almost inhuman scream as the whip landed across her tiny tits. The poor girl looked down with dismay at the red line across her once flawless breasts.
The bastard now had his eye in lash after lash landed across her small tits. But Mika You saved her loudest screams for when the whip landed across her erect nipples.

Mika lost count of the number of times her breasts had encountered the sting of the vile lash.
Like before when her wrists were released from the bondage of the ropes she collapsed to floor like her spine had been ripped from her body.
“She’s all yours boys.” Pete’s conceited voice announced. “Enjoy the bitch.”
With those words Mika realised that her respite was to be short lived. And sure enough she was pulled up onto all fours ready to be taken again.
Akihiko took her mouth pushing his cock between her innocent lips. Meanwhile Kazuki knelt behind his hapless victim and aimed his rampant cock at her ravished cunt. Mika cried out around the cock in her mouth as a second unprotected cock penetrated her poor pussy. She felt like a complete slut on all fours in a public park being fucked from both ends
Akihiko was the first to contaminate Mika’s body. The poor girl was forced to gulp down his disgusting load as he came in her mouth. He pulled his cock out and splattered his sticky mess over Mika’s pretty face.
Kazuki grasped her hips so that his cock could ravish her cunt with powerful forceful strokes. His hairy balls slapped against the back of her thighs with each brutal thrust. The feel of his sperm laden testicles against her skin reminded her of the precarious position her pussy was in.
“Please you can’t come inside of me. I’m not on the pill, you could get me pregnant.” Mika grunted between thrusts.
But Kazuki was too far gone to care about the slut’s reproductive state. He increased the pace of his rape as he felt his cum bubbling up from his balls and along the shaft of his cock. He pressed the head of his penis at the very entrance to Mika’s womb as his cock exploded
“Nooooo!” The poor girl screamed as she felt his scolding seed laden cum coating her fertile cunt. Spurt after spurt splattered inside of her each spurt releasing thousands of wriggling assassins seeking her vulnerable egg.
Kazuki pulled his already deflating cock from Mika’s well fucked cunt. Her once tight pussy now gaped obscenely allowing globs of Kazuki’s cum to drip down onto the grass.

Mika stood on shaky legs and thinking that her ordeal was over she started to retrieve the tatters of her clothes.
“How much does the whore charge for a fuck?”
Mika turned around to see that another Westerner had entered the grove. Before she could deny that she was one of the many prostitutes that visited the park at night Pete interceded on her behalf.
“¥ 7,500 Yen, and believe me she’s worth every sen.” Pete replied.
Mika watched horrified as the stranger handed over a wad of notes to Pete, payment to use her body. He crossed over to the hapless Japanese girl and pushed her down onto her back.
“I’m not a prostitute, these men have raped me. Please help me I beg you.” The poor girl sobbed.
But the stranger ignored her pleas. He had a hard cock that needed to be taken care of and this slut had the perfect pussy to do that.
“Spread your legs slut.” The stranger demanded.
This was the second time that Mika had been ordered to open her legs since she had arrived at this beauty spot. Unlike the first time of asking she meekly spread her legs wide exposing her cunt to this stranger. Mika realised that to these men she was nothing but meat, fuck meat to be used and abused. Simply three holes to be fucked.
She had never felt so worthless, so degraded so humiliated.
The stranger unbuckled his trousers and pulled out his already hard cock dropping to his knees between Mika’s spread legs.

She could have begged him to take her away from this place. Begged him not to fuck her. Begged him to at least wear a condom. Instead she opened her legs a little wider and waited for the first stab of his unprotected cock into vulnerable cunt.
No more screams, just a pained grunt as his hard man meat buried itself deep into her sore pussy.
Like the others he had no care for her comfort or consent. All he wanted was to sate his lust on this beautiful creature now sobbing beneath him.
Again Mika’s poor pussy was subjected to the brutal thrusts of an unwanted cock. The stranger humped her with the urgency of his frustration, what he lacked in technique he more made up with vigour. It didn’t take long for her abused pussy to start to milk his cock of its potent cum. Fresh tears streamed down her cheeks as her receptive reproductive system received it’s second dose of baby making juice.
“Yea you’re right the slut was worth every sen of the ¥ 7,500 Yen. Best fuck I’ve had in ages.” The stranger declared as he pulled out of her abused pussy, zipping up and leaving the sobbing woman still lying on the ground with her legs spread.

Cum dribbled from her ravished vagina as again she stood on shaky legs. Surely this time her dreadful ordeal was over as she collected the tattered remnants of her clothing. Her bra and panties were useless. Mika put on her dress and even though her back was still exposed a least her breasts were covered.
“I guess you guys should escort Mika out of the park.” Pete suggested addressing Akihiko and Kazuki. “After all we wouldn’t want anything to happen to her.”

When she reached the edge of the park Akihiko and Kazuki released her. Mika ran for home with tears streaming down her cheeks. Thankfully her parents weren’t at home when she arrived, so they wouldn’t see the state of her undress. She ran up to her room and collapsed onto her bed. In no time her pillow was soaked through with her tears.
She had to tell someone what had been perpetuated on her and decided to phone Ai. She reached into her handbag for her mobile phone.
But it wasn’t there. All she found was a hand written note:

If you want your mobile phone
Back you’ll return to the secluded
grove tomorrow night at 8pm.
Don’t forget we have all your
personal contacts from your phone.
I’m sure they would love to see all
those juicy pictures we took of you.
By the way dress sexy.

Pete xx

Once again Mika sunk her face into her pillow and sobbed uncontrollably.
She knew her humiliation and degradation were far from over

love sites 07-04-2016 02:46 AM

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