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theon 11-29-2015 11:58 AM

Diary of an abuse daughter
Hi, here is a story I've begin I hope you'll enjoy it as well as I do ;)

I'm a french speaking person, English is just my second language, so there can be some language mistakes sorry for that but I do my best to improve ;)

I will add more parts later.

I haven't wrote the daughter's age, because I don't know if it's right.

My inspiration for the daughter is the model Keeley Hazell.



My parents divorced not long ago, I used to live with my mother, ang go on my fathers home from friday night to sunday night. My mother was working at a restaurant and she was not very rich, so my father was paying us a rent. It was 6 months before. To be honest, I grow up very fast. I was around 5'3'', but my boobs were already grow up, and I had quite a beautiful round ass.


It was on a saturday night. It was around 10 o'clock. I went on to take my shower as always, getting ready for bed. My father was already showered and was lying on the couch in is bathrobe watching TV. I take my shower, put on my panties and my bathrobe (I always sleep with only panties, no bra) and get out of the bathroom. I went to the kitchen take some juice and I join my father on the couch, watching some TV. My father cupped me over my shoulders and press me against him as we always do and we share a little blanket to keep us warm. The night goes on and I fell asleep in my father hands. Past midnight, I woke up a little. My eyes were still closes but I could hear some strange noise.. like people yelling... I opened my eyes without moving and this was porn on the tv!! A naked woman was spread wide open while being fucked has hell!!!

But that wasn't what surprises me the most... I looked at my side I raise up a little just to find out my bathrobe was wide open, with my boobs at full view!!! My father was aware of this.


- Hey sweetie, you're awake!!

I rise up quickly closing the bathrobe.

- I'm so sorry father!! I'll go to bed now!!!

- No no!! You can stay a little. Have you ever see a porn movie before?

- .... heu... no...

- Well, there's a first time for everything! And for your boobs, don't be sorry... Was I the first man to see them??

I feel my face become red of ashameness...

- Yes father.... but I'm s...

- Naaa don't be ashame!!!

He cupped me and squeeze me against his shoulder.

- I tell you a little secret: you have the most beautiful boobs I've ever seen!!

He then give me a kiss on my forehead and we continue to watch the movie.

But I felt very uncomfortable.... watching a porn movie with my dad.... I could feel he was getting hot... The heat below the blanket once again send me to the worl of dreams.... and then it began.....

A few minutes later, I was awaken by a strange feeling.... something was moving between my tights....I woke up only to see my dad fondling a hand between my legs!!

- DAD!!

- Ho sweethart I'm sorry.... the movie... it makes me so exited..

- I go to my bed

I try to raise but my father hold me down.

- No please... you know I love you. And you love me right?

- Yes dad I love you.... what's the point.

- You know it's been 6 months since I left your mother and.... you know... it's also my birthday next wednesday...


- You know....it's benn 6 monts that I didn't have any sex... And I'm desesperate,,,, So I was just thinking... you know I love you...

- Dad?!?!?!

- Hemm.... for a birthday gift can I ask you a favor??

- ....

- If you could.... you know.... stroke my cock to make me have an orgasm...

- Dad....

- Just 1 time darling, like right now, I'm so horny, I can take it anymore.... Please...

What a proposition it was!!! My own father who want me to stroke his cock??? What was the fuck with that... NEVER!!! But..... he's also a little alright.... no sex at all since 6 months.... and I've been quite a tease tonight with me sleeping toples on his side.....

- Dad, because I love you and because it's your birthday next week... I accept. But just this time.........

- Ho darling your so amazing!! Come here.

He slowly take the blanket off us. Then he undo his bathrobe belt... but I could already see at that moment that he was fully erect.... He them open his robe and a big hard 6 inches cock rise up!! He wasn't wearing anything under his robe!! Damn!!

- Is that the first cock you see??

- y..y..yes...

- Take it in your hand. But before please, open your robe. I want to see those tits again...

I opened my robe and let it fall to my hips.

- Wow!!! really amazing!!!

He put a hand under a boob and carress it a little.

- So soft... Now take my cock.

I was on the right of my father and approach my left hand.

- No the other

I then approach my right hand but didn't figure where to put it exactly.. My father take my hand in his own hand and put it on his cock... It was very hot!!!! He then began to stroke up and down and after a few stroke let me go alone... The feeling of that hard and hot thing in my hand was very special. I stroke up and down keeping the rythming my father show me. ... My father lay his head back and began to moan

- ho yeah.... ho myy.... it's so damn sweet continue like that... ho my god...

He them gives me some kleenex.

- When a told you I'm cuming, you stroke you're hand down and keep it there and put the kleenex on my cockhead right?

I agreed with my head and continue to stroke up and down. I could feel his cock getting harder and hotter with each stroke. My father was moaning, and I saw him squeezing his feets of satisfaction! A little precum began to come out and slipe on my finger while I continue to stroke. I stopped and went on to clean it..

- No continue dammit!!!!! Dont stop!!!

I continue my rythming stoking and I could feel that his orgasm was bulding...

I was there... topless... stroking my first cock, my father own cock!!!

- Ok get ready.... it's about to happen... mmmm....mmmmmmm....mmmmmmmmmmMMM NOWWWW!!!!!!

I stroke down and get it there with the kleenex ready as my father began trembling and them he shoots load after load after load a hot cum!!!!!!!


I try my best but the kleenex were full and it was now falling everywhere on the couch!!

- Daddy...

- AWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwww........ damn....... it was so great.............ouff.....

He slowly rise up and give me the kleenex box.

- Clean this please..... wow........

He fall again on his back while I whip the cum on him, on the couch, on his robe.... there was also a little on his balls... a whipped that to.... When I was finished I gat up, only to find my father sleeping and begin snozing.... I put my bathrobe on, go to the bathroom , put the kleenex in the toilet and wash my hand before going to bed, don't knowing what to think of what at just happened...................

Omegaphallic 03-18-2016 10:16 AM

Nice story so far and thank you for turning me onto Keeley Hazell, I looked up Keeley Hazell nude on google and by the Goodess and God the beauty and tits on the women is like skilled hands of the God of Smiths, Hephaestus had forged her himself, inspired by the beauty of his wife Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty and Lust herself.

theon 12-08-2016 11:04 PM

Part 2

The next day, when I woke up I get down in the kitchen where I found my dad making our breakfast.

- Hello honny! Did you have a good night? I had one of the best night since a long time, thanks to you!

He said that and kiss me on my forehead.

- Yes I had a good night, I answered, not convinced at all!

He made me breakfast and the rest of the day goes on like if nothing had happened; maybe it was just a “one timer” I told myself. I just made him feel happy that night and maybe that will never happen again... only if I knew then!!

So the day goes away and my father drives me home to my mother’s apartment after supper. We kiss on the cheek and said good bye.


2 weeks goes on and it was now Friday night, the Friday night I go to my fathers home for the week end.

I arrived after supper. My father was cleaning the dishes. We kissed each other on the cheeks and say hello and then I went to my room. I had some homework to do that night, and I wanted to get rid of them so I finished late. When finished, I went down to the bathroom, take a shower and then I went to my dad to say good night but he was asleep on the couch, so I just went to my room and go to sleep.

The next day nothing special happened. On diner, father told me that some of his friends would come to take a beer or 2 on night for his birthday, because last week he was working on the week end and couldn’t be there. I was ok with that.

At the beginning of the night, his friends arrive and they start drinking and partying. They take great pleasure at playing drinking games that father always lost! He was really drunk! I was kind of like the waitress of the night, serving drinks and cheking for empty bottles. I was wearing a little dress, and I was aware of the looks the guys gave me.


They were not-so-subtle! Like when they put their shoulders on the side of my boobs, or put a hand briefly on a asscheek or my thight, or trying to look under my skirt....like if I didn’t notice it.... My father was the less subtle of them all, with big slaps on my ass cheks every time I passed in front of him.

But the night goes on and except that everything was ok. They all leave when their taxi arrive. Father stays on the couch finishing his last beer and I goes to the shower. I got out with my bathrobe and when I pass in front of the living room dad ask me for his good night kiss. I bend in front of him to kiss him but when I try to get up he hold me down by the robe.

- Dad... what are you doing...

- I just want a little glimpse of those boobs again!

He open the bathrobe but I try to get it close

- Come on girl don’t play with me like that!

- No!!! Dad!!!

He then forcefully open the bathrobe revealing my naked breast. I surrendered, he was to strong for me....

- Hooooo look at this!!

He put a hand on each boob and began playing with them, insisthing on the nipples. I let him have his fun for a couple seconds, just to get rid of him....

- Dad please stop that your drunk!

- Shut up!! bring these boobs down here I want to know how they taste

He then take the 2 sides of my bath robe and pull me towards him. I was now on the couch with one leg each side of him as he began eating my nipple and kissing my boobflesh!

I try to get away pushing on his shoulders but he hold me down there. His hands were now caressing my bare back as he had his head between my boobs....

- HO gawdd that smell so great!!!

His hands then goes down and he began caressing my asscheeks, putting his hands inside my panties!!

- You’re so soft! Soft everywhere!!!!

- DAD! Now it ends! You had your taste, now it’s over!

I was finally able to get up but he take my arm and bring me on his side.

- No it’s not quite over...

He unzip his pants and take his erect cock out...

- Just like last time babygirl. Take that hot thing in your soft hand and stroke it!! Make daddy feel happy again!!!

- Dad can we just...


By the look in his eyes I know I wouldn’t win so I put my pride aside and began once again stroking his cock....

- haaaaaa that’s my girl. You wiggle you’re little ass all night long for every one to see now you got what you deserve haha!!!

“Stupid idiot” I just told myself....

So I was there once again stroking his cock....

As the last time, it went bigger and hotter as the stroking goes on and my fingers were full of precum.

Father was lying on his back, enjoying every moment of it.....

But at one moment, dad rapidly rise up and take his cock in his hand

- Open your robe NOW.

- w-w-w-wwhat???

He open it by himself and then began stroking his cock in front of me with one hand, the other was on my shoulder.

- I’m gonna cum baby! I’m gonna cum on these beautiful tits of yours! That will be so greattttt!!!!

Ho god no!! I try to get up but it was to late! He began shooting his loads and soon my boobs were fully covered with it!!

- haaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was so great!!! I should take a picture of that haha don’t you think?


He laugh at me and then kiss my on the lips with his stinking alcool breath

- You can go now little slut!

I get up and went directly in the shower. I wash myself again, and that time I cried......

theon 12-08-2016 11:16 PM


The next 2 weeks went too fast, and once again I was at my fathers home... At first nothing strange happened. All was as usual, but you could feel the tension in the air between the 2 of us.....

It was around 9h30 PM so I went on to the bathroom to take a shower. I open the showerís door (we have a corner shower, where you can enter 2 or 3 persons at a time) open the water and take my bathrobe off. I wait until the water was hot enough and enters the shower. I went under the water and it was really hot, I love that sensation when hot water falls on your body it makes me feel so relax. I close my eyes to wet my hair.


- Hello darling!

What??? I opened my eyes to see my father entering the shower fully naked!

- What are you doing here???

- I just came to take my shower.

He closed the door as I try to hide my naked body....


- But dad Iím already here, in 10 minutes Iíll be finished and you will have the shower all for you.

- Ho no honey, it has been a long time since we didnít have a close moment together and I feel the time is right!! Give me the soap Iíll wash your back. An stop trying to hide yourself, I've seen naked bodies in my life before....

- Daddy... I can do it by myself.

- Turn around! Now!

Dammit... I turn around so that it finished faster.... He began soaping my back with his bare hands, with small movement in the beginning and then moving for the entire back later. He wash my shoulders and then goes down my spine. He was now rubbing my hips and goes down to my ass cheeks..


- Dad itís ok... my back his washed.....

- I havenít finished yet. Stay there and donít move.

I stop arguing and then he continue, rubbing my ass cheeks, putting a fingers on my anus (what a desagrement...) and then he kneels to wash my thights, my legs and my feets. He rise up.

- Put your hand up please that I washed your front.

- Dad..... Iíll do it myself... now I leave.

I open the door to get out but my father take my by the arm and pull me roughly back in the shower

- You stay there and you shut up. After all the things I do for you, I demand a little thanks and thatís the way you answer it? Put your hands up NOW.

I slowly put my hands up and he began to rub my stomach from behind. Then he goes up and beggand fondling my boobs with his too hands. He put his chest on my back and I can now feel his huge erected cock poking my ass cheeks.... I could hear his breaths in my ears has he slowly rub my breast, insisting on the nipples...

- Ok... my breast is clean I think........

- Ho yeah.... no doubt about it now.

His hands leave my breast and go down my stomach, and then he wash my pubis era....

- Dad....

He them try to move his hand between my leg but I keep them close

- Open those legs....

- No!! Dad, itís over now and..

- I said open those damn legs!

He try to force his hand but it wonít enter here. I try to get away by going down

- Nooo!!! dadddd!!!!

But he rises me up, and open my legs using his knee. He won and his hand was now cupping my pussy...

- Hooo myyyy....... nothing like a young shaved pussy!

I surrendered once again. He began caressing around my pussy lips, going around them and then going back and forth to my anus. Then he goes for the lips. He carress them up and down, spread them a little, play with them..... Them he discovered my clit. He began rubbing it, doing little circles.... It goes on for a long time. I could feel his heavy breath in my ear, and his big dick poking my back...

I wasnít aware of it, but I was there, eyes closed, mouth half open, kind of enjoying it. Father sees that and put it right in my face

- Youíre enjoying it arenít you?

- euh...wwwwell not at all!!

- Haha!!! Donít even try!

He then leave his grip and hand me the soap.

- Itís now your turn!


- I washed you, now you washed me. Go ahead.

Dammit, I should have seen this one coming....I didnít want at all to do this but did I have the choice?

So I take the soap and began washing his body, rubbing his back, his legs, his ass, then moving to his chest. All the time with that big dick pointing at me.....

- Iíve finished....

- No you havenít, my dick isnít clean.

- Clean it by yourself, Iím done with this.

- Ho no!!

He push down on my shoulders so I was now kneeled in front of him.

- Wash it. Now.

I take some soap and began rubbing his dick, moving from his cock head to his balls. Then washing those goddam balls... Now that it was clean I try to get up but he hold me down on my knees.......

- Itís not over sweetheart. You have clean the outside , now itís time to clean the inside!

- ???

- Open your mouth

- What????

- I said open your mouth!

He grabs me by the hair has I was trying to raise up and put hi cock in my face.

- Open that goddam mouth!!

- No I donít wanít to do this.

- Ho yes you will!!!

He then pressed his cock on my mouth and it finally open and he enters half his dick in my mouth.

- mmmmmmmm.....

- Look, it didnít hurt.

He slide a little by the outside and then enter again. He takes my hair with one hand, holding his cock with the other and began moving my head on his shaft.

- Thats how itís done. Do it now

I began to go up and down on his dick, I had no choice otherwise heíll have forced me....

- Yeah thatís great!!! Faster and deeper now!!!

He put a hand each side of my head and began to fuck my face!! My eyes were wide open, I was loosing my breath!

- Do it that way bitch!!

I started to go up and down as he wished a little faster.


- Ho yeah!!!! The same mouth of your goddam mother!!!! Continue!!!!!!

I keep the rhythm. I canít believe I was doing this... I was sucking my first cock in my own shower, the cock of my own dad!!

It last for 2 or 3 minutes and then:

- Iíll cum baby!!! Be ready to swallow!!!!

And then it happens: he shouts loads and loads of hot cum down my throats!!!! It was disgusting and I try my best not to puke.... It was like it was never ending!!


He takes his cock out, and I was finally able to breath....

- Your a good girl!!! As of now, we will have each week great moments like these!!!

He then walks out of the shower, towels himself and get out of the bathroom naked as if nothing had happen, letting me in the middle of the shower, on my knees and still in shoked of what had just happened.... and then I cried again........

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