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trouble-shooter 10-15-2017 10:12 PM

Salma Hayek – The Perfect Gift Ch 1,2 & 3
What follows is fiction.

This is a story I wrote and posted on another forum some time ago and now I posting it here.

Salma Hayek – The Perfect Gift

http://i1.wp.com/radaronline.com/wp-...size=500%2C281 https://i.pinimg.com/236x/bc/b3/2a/b...6758c6e27f.jpg

https://i.pinimg.com/474x/7e/98/67/7...ek-fishnet.jpg http://iv1.lisimg.com/image/1054294/...alma-hayek.jpg

https://media.giphy.com/media/M35qTjfH3xScU/giphy.gif http://gravitybong.net/files/public/...rie-boobs2.gif

Chapter One

You know the old expression, “He’s bitten off more than he can chew this time”?

Well, this time I bit off a mouthful… and then some.

Let’s start from the beginning. Call me Jimmy. I’m a 52 year old man who made his fortune in the Big Computer Rush of the 90’s and had the good sense to get out before it all fell apart, putting my money in oil, gold, aeronautic, and anything else profitable I could find. I own a mansion on each coast, a large cattle and horse ranch in Texas, and a small island in the Caribbean, along with a number of cars, boats and aircraft.

To put it simply, I’m rich. My sole heir is my son, Jonathan, who I’ve raised myself since him mother died when he was only 2 years old. He’s a great kid (all father’s think their sons are great kids). Athletic, intelligent, charismatic, but to be honest, his grades suck. He’s so smart he gets bored and can’t stay focused on his studies.

I found a way to keep him focused. I made him an offer he couldn’t resist.
In exchange for him improving his grades, he gets what every teenage boy dreams of. His own Sex Slave. I even let him pick who it would be.
Now, I know my son has always had a preference for Latinas. Hell, John Wayne himself had the same preference. He married two Latinas, and if they’re good enough for the Duke, they’re good enough for my son.

What surprised me was the Latina he picked.

I was figuring a local beauty queen, maybe a little Hispanic hottie he had spotted on the beach in Miami, or even a sweet young celebrity like Selena Gomez. I was stunned when he announced he wanted Salma Hayek.
The more I thought about it, the more sense it made. He had lusted after Salma since first seeing her on a DVD of “From Dusk till Dawn” a few years ago. Today, Salma is still an incredible beauty, and her age makes her far less likely to accidentally impregnate, making her the perfect subject for the multiple daily ravaging’s my horny teenage boy had planned for her.
Well, my motivation worked. In fact, it worked even better than I thought it would. Within 2 months, Jonathan had a straight “A” average in all his classes. Now it was time for me to come thru on my side of the deal.
The things a father does for his son.

On the advice of a friend who once had a similar problem, I contacted a certain Mr. Magister, and after a few days, and the payment of a very large sum of money, a non-descript looking van arrived at the private hunting lodge on my Texas ranch. I had sent all the staff away for the week, so I was just me there to greet the “delivery team” as they wheeled in the small steel cage that contained the blindfolded, gagged, and bound, bikini clad form of Salma Hayek.

I didn’t bother asking the team about the details of her capture. Suffice it to say Mr. Magister and his men are consummate professionals. Earlier in the week, the news had reported the crash of a small private plane, claiming the lives of all its occupants, including that of international celebrity Salma Hayek, on her way to a movie location, in the jungles of South America.

As I said, they are consummate professionals.

After the delivery team left, I was alone with my ‘acquisition’. I stared down into the cage at the lovely, drugged form of one of the world’s most beautiful women. For a moment, I thought about taking her myself, and telling my son that I needed to train her for him. But I held back. After all I had promised her to him, and I wanted my son to know that his father always kept his word. Still, as she lay there, I was tempted.

I left her in the cage and went to take a shower before bed, a very Cold Shower. My son would be arriving in the morning, and I wanted everything to be ready for his ‘Big Day’.

Chapter Two

Slowly, the gray mist of drugs that rendered Salma unconscious began to lift and the international star of stage and screen began to realize her predicament. The last few days were a jumble of chaos and drugs. Her small plane forced to make an emergency landing in the jungle after one of the piolets pulled a gun. Masked men in trucks hauling her off and drugging her, the sound of the plane exploding behind them as the trucks sped away. Striped, chained and caged, she no longer knew where she was or what day it was, but she had the sense of traveling a great distance for at least a few days.

Now sore, sweaty, tired, hungry and still woozy from the drugs, she felt her trip had reached its destination, but for her the journey had just begun.
Light flooded her eyes as she felt the blindfold being pulled away from her face. As her eyes attempted to focus, someone could see the hand of a young man lifting the blindfold out between the bars of the steel cage that help her. Still gagged she could only manage a whimper at the site of the teenage boy that now controlled her life. She attempted to pull back as his other hand slipped between the bars for the cage and onto her breasts; but the cage prevented her from escaping his groping hand.

"Hello Salma", the young man said with a wide smile." I'm Jonathan, I own you now. You will be spending the rest of your life as my slave." Tears begin to fill Salma’s eyes at the sound of the words, and attach of Jonathan's hand on her helpless body. Somehow, she simply knew that's what he was telling her was the absolute truth, that her old life was gone, and that she would spend the rest of her life serving him.

Still weak from the drugs, Salma barely reacted as Jonathan unlocked and opened the cage door. Still gagged and change she could offer little resistance as Jonathan slowly pulled her from the cage she stood weakly unable to protest as Jonathan fastened a thick leather collars around her lovely neck, pad locking it in the back, and attaching a steel chain leash on the front "D" loop on the front. Slowly Jonathan lifted the leash handle till it was taught and gently began to lead Salma around the room. Disoriented and weak, and with chains running between her wrists and ankles, it was all she could do to keep up with her young master on their first short walk together. In his free hand, Jonathan carried along riding crop, which he used to gently tap the struggling star on the bottom quietly urging her forward, telling her to keep up; and occasionally, slowly running the flat slapper of the crop over her full lovely breasts, being careful to be gentle with her, not yet ready to demonstrate the crops of full capability for punishment.

Slowly the blood returned this home was sore and stiff legs, as she walked in on pins and needles around the room at the end of her new masters leash. The exercise worked, and the wobble soon left her legs. As she regained her strength she began gently resist the leash’s tug on her collar. To her surprise instead of being angry Jonathan turned and smiled at her. Slowly he approached the chained woman and without speaking a word her gag and then clamped his mouth over hers, forcing his tongue into the struggling stars reluctant mouth. At 5 foot 2 inches tall the chained, leashed superstar had little chance of resisting the teenage boy who towered a full foot taller than her. As his tongue invaded her mouth, his groping hands began to explore her naked, exposed body. She soon learned that was few struggles she managed were totally pointless against the hormone driven lust of a young man. The seriousness of her situation quickly began to set in. She was helpless, trapped in an unknown location, restrained and vulnerable, and completely at the mercy of a young man who planned to use her for his own entertainment. As Johnson's probing fingers touched her private areas she was embarrassed by the rush of pleasure she felt at the hands of a man who clearly intended to force her to do whatever he wanted, no matter how much she objected or resisted. Soon Jonathan's mouth moved from Salma’s down to her full heaving breasts. Slowly his tongue circled one^ dictator circles until the tip of his tongue finally reached her tender nipples. Taking as much of her full breast into his mouth as he could he begin to suck, harder and harder as Salma finally began to find her voice.

“Please stop.” She stammered.” Please stop, don’t do this. I’m a married woman, I have a husband. I’m old enough to be your Mama.” Thru her accent the pleading sounded of her voice was highlighted, and gave Jonathan a special thrill as his prized toy continued to beg him. “You don’t want me. You want a young girl, someone your own age. Not an old woman like me.” A sort gasp escaped Salma’s lips on the last ‘me’, as Jonathan’s long center finger entered her unprepared asshole for the first time. She was just about to resume her protests when Jonathan’s mouth clamped over hers again, cutting her off. Their tongues mixed while Jonathan’s finger continued to probe deeper inside Salma’s tight ass. Meanwhile, Jonathan’s other hand began to massage and fondle Salma’s magnificent breasts. The combination of fingers and hand and tongue was enough to drive the weaken woman over the edge as her body began to respond to Jonathan’s attentions. Her hips began to rock and thrust, her back arched to force her tits out to be better grasped, and her tongue plunged into his mouth, returning the passion he had shown her.
When Jonathan finally released her mouth, Salma stepped back in revulsion to her unconscious reaction to the man that was holding her prisoner. Jonathan chuckled at the look of fear and shame that played over her humiliated face as he pushed her back into a chair. Yanking her legs into the air by the chain that ran between her ankles, Jonathan took a moment to admire the beauty her elevated legs exposed, before reaching into his pocket and producing a key. Quickly he uncuffed her ankles, and set about sliding her lovely feet and legs into a pair of thigh high boots that waited nearby. He re-cuffed the chain to her ankles as he spoke.

“I think you earned a little walk outside for that.” Jonathan said, “And we can’t have you walking around barefoot in this weather.” Standing Jonathan tugged lightly on Salma’s leash prompting the suddenly obedient star to rise from the chair and follow her new owner across the room, and down a maze of hallways before finally reaching a door to the outside.

Outside, it was a typical Texas Panhandle winter. For miles in all directions all Salma could see were snow covered trees and fields stretching to the horizon and beyond. Her heart sank and she realized how far she was from rescue or home. The cold wind bit bitterly into the skin of her naked body, chained as she was with her hands close together in front of her, she could do little to protect herself from the freezing cold. When Jonathan came to a stop on their walk, she found herself rubbing up against him. Trying to slip inside his open coat, craving the heat if his body. Thinking of how warm his hands were, she rubbed her clit against his leg, trying to lure him into warmly groping her again. Jonathan’s plan was working brilliantly. After only a few minutes in the cold, Salma was begging for his touch.

The moment was perfect.

Jonathan pulled the blanket from his shoulder, tossed it open onto the snowy ground and order Salam to lie down on her back. Salma cried, but obeyed as the wind blew across her nude form lying on the blanket. Jonathan once again removed the chain from between her ankles.

Opening his coat and jeans, Jonathan settled down on top of Salma, his warm coat covering them both, and the heat of his body warming hers as he forced his cock into her trembling cunt. Salam screamed from the pain, from both the unexpected invasion of her pussy, and the large size of the young man’s dick. Forced by the cold to cling to him for life, she felt herself helping push the young man’s engorged penis deeper and deeper inside her body. The heat generated by her rape served to warm her and urge her own even further humiliating her. She hated what was being down to her, but she needed the heat for Jonathan’s sex to keep herself alive in the cold. And to make matters worse, her body was beginning to respond to Jonathan’s thrusting. Her hips were rocking in rhythm to his hard pounding of her pussy and thrusting up to meet his forceful downward plunges. Before long she felt and unwilling and unwanted orgasm building up in her body. An orgasm she could not deny or stop. After long minutes of fucking into the ice cold weather her mind and body gave in as she screamed an orgasm that went unheard over hundreds of acres of snowy landscape. Over and over she screamed and trembled. It was an orgasm like she had never experienced before. And yet, Jonathan, the horny young man was yet to be finished with her. As she lay there panting, weak and sweaty, Jonathan continued to pump his rock hard cock into and of out of her. Finally Salam dared to look into her rapist eyes. In them she saw a lust she had never even imagined could exist, all focused on her. Suddenly Jonathan grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples with all his might, while once again clamping his mouth over hers. The pain of that pinch combined with her inability to scream drove the passionate Latina wild, as her kicked and bucked while Jonathan fucked her wildly, finally releasing a long stream on hot sticky cum inside her wet pussy. The warm cum filling her body made Salma thrust her hips out, her kegel muscles squeezing to milk every hot drop from his cock.

He lust momentarily satisfied, Jonathan stood up and closed his jeans and coat, once again exposing Salma to the cold. The slight tug on her leash was enough to make her rise without a spoken command. Jonathan led her back to the house without chaining her ankles again, as her legs were too weak from the hard fucking she had just received to attempt an escape; and now Salma knew, that even if she could escape, she would only last minutes in the wilderness that surrounded the house. Exhausted, cold and humiliated, Salma quietly followed her new owner into the house, to see what he had planned for her next.

Chapter Three

It had been three days since Salma Hayek had been delivered to her new owner.

The morning of the fourth day started as the others day. Salma awoke in her steel cage, naked and collared. Jonathan allowed her legs to remain unchained so she could spread them more quickly for his pleasure, and her hands unchained so that they could better service him as well. Besides, in her three days of captivity, she had yet to attempt escape even once. The small modicum of freedom was her reward for being a ‘good little slave girl’.

Jonathan unlocked and opened the cage door and reached in and clipped the leash onto Salma collar. Without a words order, she obediently crawled out of her cage and knelt waiting for her Master’s whim. She lowered her head and let her eyes look up to see Jonathan towering over her. “Mmmmm, you need a bath Salma, and I need some breakfast.” Jonathan softly stroked her head like she was a pet. “I’ll have two scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. Prepare my breakfast, and then you’ll bathe, for my entertainment.”

Salma lowered her eyes, and after Jonathan unhooked her leash, made her way to the nearby kitchen and set about cooking. When she was finished Jonathan led her to a room she had never visited before. A large comfortable chair sat with a small table in front of it, facing toward a deep, transparent slipper tub. Jonathan sat relaxing in the big chair. Salma placed the breakfast tray on the small table, and Jonathan removed her collar and ordered her into the tub.

After days in the cage, Salma was sweaty and ready for a bath; but this bath was as much for Jonathan’s entertainment as it was for her cleanliness. Slowly she lowered herself into the warm water, and let it flow over her tired body. Slowly, carefully Salma ran her hands over her skin, massaging the sore muscles underneath. She pumped one hand full of liquid soap, then sank back in the tub, lifting one leg in the air and starting at her toes, Salma slowly began to rub the wet sticky soap onto her skin, gently rubbing it up and down her long extended leg; First one leg, then the other.

Jonathan sank deep back into his chair and sipped his coffee, while he enjoyed the show.

Having finished with her legs, Salma sank down into the tub submerging up to her chin before rising up enough to bring her breasts above water. Now the liquid soap pump directly onto her wet tits, waiting for Salma’s hands to massage them over the massive mounds. Her hands circled her breast round and round in ever smaller circles, till she reached and washed her now erect nipples.”Mmmmmm”, softly she moaned as her soapy fingers brushed over her sensitive nipples, before sliding down her smooth belly, over her navel and down between her quivering thighs to the tender lips of her well fucked pussy.
Jonathan’s almost constant demand for sex had left the star’s pussy sore from all the pounding, far more and far harder than she was used to.

Jonathan reached down into the basket next to his chair, and tossed a long double ended dildo into the tub. “Make sure you clean yourself on the inside as well, baby.” Jonathan smiled in anticipation of what was coming.

Salma ran her hands up and down the long, fat rubber dildo. “It’s too big!” She protested. “It will hurt. I can’t do it!”

Jonathan sat up in his chair, this was the first sign of resistance Salma had offered, and he was going to slap it down now. “You’re going to fill your pussy with one end of that dildo, and take the other end in your asshole; or I’m going to come over there and force them into your holes ; AND I WON’T BE GENTLE!”

Salma whimpered, and pouted, but quickly promised to do as she was told, when Jonathan started to rise up from his chair.

Leaning back into the water, Salma was able to slip her legs over the side of the tub, opening herself up wide. Coating the end of the fat dildo with liquid soap Salma began to slowly work it inside her cunt, stretching her pussy open far wider than it had ever been before. Even the lubricating liquid soap was not enough to completely alleviate the pain of her body that felt like it was being split in two. She screamed in pain as she forced the dildo in and out of her pussy. Finally her pussy began to loosen to accommodate the huge rubber schlong as she begin to work it in and out faster and faster to please her owner. The transparent walls of the tub gave Jonathan a clear view of the spectacle taking place inside, and quite a show it was. Salma hips thrashed about and rocked to let the dildo enter her. She squirmed, fighting against herself as she tried to force the dildo inside herself. And worse was yet to come. While she finally managed to accept the massive dildo into her pussy, her tight ass was another matter.

Till this time, Jonathan had been content to only finger her tight ass, enjoying the snug fit around his thumb. Salma made one brief attempt at inserting the impossibly large dildo into her anus, but failed, unable to open enough for its massive girth.

“I can’t do it Master. It’s too big to fit into my ass.”

“WHAT?!” Jonathan roared. He stomped over to the tub and grabbed his slave by her arm, lifting her out of the tub. “Suck it woman!” he ordered.
Salma quickly opened Jonathan pajamas and plunging his enormous cock down her throat, gagging herself on the first thrust and still trying to take down more. Furiously she sucked, trying to appease her Master’s anger at her failure. But long minutes of Deep Throat were not enough to placate the lusty teen.

Pulling his cock from her mouth, Jonathan ordered Salma to put liquid soap on his hard cock.

Trembling, Salma obeyed, fearing what she knew would come next.

Jonathan bent the helpless woman over the side of the tub, and began lining his cock up to be forced into her ass. Feeling the pressure of the lubricated dick against her anus, Salma started to protest. Jonathan plunged her face into the bath water and held it there as she struggled against his penetration of her ass. When he let her up to catch her breath, the woman foolishly tried screaming out an objection to his use of her, so back into the water went her face. Again she gurgled and struggled as Jonathan penetrated deeper and deeper into her unwilling ass. Finally, after several dunks, she stopped her struggles, fearing he would drown her. Now she quietly, painfully endured anal sex, realizing that this would be her fate, for the rest of her life.

The fourth day of her captivity has only just begun, and already her Master has raped her anally. He would rape her three more times that day, and her morning bathe became a daily ritual and daily entertainment for her owner’s pleasure.

Next time Chapters 4. 5 & 6

trouble-shooter 10-15-2017 10:19 PM

Salma Hayek – The Perfect Gift Ch 4,5 & 6
Salma Hayek – The Perfect Gift Continued

http://a1.ro/uploads/modules/news/0/...86b75c7229.jpg http://tvmedia.ign.com/tv/image/arti...2025220268.jpg

Chapter Four

Dawn. The first rays of daylight flickered thru the bedroom curtains onto Salma Hayek’s eyes slowly waking her. She lay curled up on her left side, naked in her Master’s bed, a steel chain running from her collar to a lock on a “O” bolt firmly mounted to the bed’s headboard. Her young Master Jonathan, lay spooned behind her in the bed. Even as he slept, his hands continued to grope her breasts and body. As the light began to wake him as well, Salma felt his erection already beginning to form, and one of his hands slide down between her legs, and begin massaging her pussy, still recovering from the workout the night before. Silently his other hand began to squeeze her breasts and pinch her nipples. Salma started quietly moaning, trying not to scream at the feeling of her owner’s probing fingers violating her body yet again. It had been seven days since she had found herself at the mercy of this teenage boy. It was her one week anniversary as his sex slave.

“Happy Anniversary, SLAVE!” Jonathan gloated, as he suddenly jabbed his hard cock into Salma sore pussy. The helpless superstar turned slave squealed with pain and surprise, but could do little more as Jonathan’s morning wood pumped into her captive cunt. “that’s it slut, serve your Master.”

Jonathan was always horny in the morning, but Salma couldn’t help but notice he seemed extra excited today. For a moment she thought that he might actually be sentimental enough to care about today being their one week anniversary; but his rough treatment of the former star soon ended that idea.
Jonathan rolled his slave onto her back, and mounted her again, spreading Salma slender legs wide in the air as he started to pound his way deep inside.
“Maybe I’ll bring some of my friends home from school with me today, huh? Show you off a little.” At first Jonathan’s words made no sense to Salma. Then it dawned on her. 15 year old Jonathan was still a High School student. This past week he had spent with her was part of the Winter holiday break, and now it was time for classes to start again.

“A few of the guys have their own slaves.” Jonathan stared into Salma’s eyes as he told her his plans while fucking her. “None of them are as hot as you, and of course, none of them are famous.” Jonathan grinned as he looked down at his helpless slave. “Now Jimmy’s slave has bigger tits than you, but I think you’re the better fuck. Who knows maybe Jim and I will swap for an afternoon and I’ll get to find out for myself!”

The thought of being traded amongst a group of teenage boys filled Salma with fear and anger as she suddenly began weakly resisting Jonathan, crying, and saying ‘no, please no’.

The mild fight thrilled Jonathan. It was exactly the reaction he had hoped for.
“Oh, you don’t want me to swap you baby? Bet you don’t want a Gang Bang either, hmm?” The smile on the boy’s face stretched ear to ear, as Salma’s whimpering and crying increased. “You want me to keep you all to myself you’d better be a good little slave.”

Urged on by her Master words, Salma started thrusting her hips up hard to meet the downward plunge of Jonathan’s cock. Her hands groped his muscular back and buttocks. Her mouth and tongue came to life, as she suddenly reached her head up to kiss him. Salma was a woman possessed by the desire to satisfy the man, even if it was only to avoid being raped by even more men. She begged Jonathan to fuck her harder, to use her. Pleading for his cock deep inside her body, she begged to be kept; and kept for his use alone. She found herself telling Jonathan how much she loved him, loved the way he used her, loved her new life. Finally desperation overwhelmed her humiliation as she began begging for her owner to cum. Pleading for Jonathan’s seed deep inside her pussy, the pussy he owned. Promising to give herself to him in any way he wanted.

The thrill of hearing the slutty words from a woman who had been the subject of the lusty dreams of millions was just what Jonathan had been holding back for. His cock fairly exploded inside his slave, sending wave after wave of hot sticky juice to coat the inside of her hot, wet snatch. The force of his cum splattering inside her was more than enough to bring Salma to an unexpected orgasm, as she lay squirming under her still pumping owner.

Finally, after long minutes of cumming, Jonathan fell onto his back, next to Salma, exhausted from the morning’s workout. Looking down at his still throbbing cock, covered in Salma’s juices, Jonathan caught his breath. “Get that pretty mouth of yours between my legs slave and lick my cock clean.”
Slowly, Salma lowered herself down the bed and positioned herself between Jonathan’s legs and began licking the balls that had just shot their loads inside her.

Jonathan moaned with pleasure at the sensation. “Mmm, hurry up slut. I’ve got to get showered and ready for class.”

The fear of the threatened gang bang still fresh in her mind Salma’s tongue moved quicker, licking harder in an effort to clean her own climax off Jonathan’s lean young body. But after only a few moments licking Salma noticed Jonathan’s cock beginning to grow and harden again. Before she could pull away, Jonathan’s hands grabbed her hair as he forced his now erect cock into the actresses’ mouth. By this time, sucking her Master’s cock had become instinct to Salma; but even after a full week together she was surprised by how quickly he could recover from sex and be ready for more, especially when her talented tongue had been put to good use.

Jonathan now lay on his back, guiding Salma’s head up and down, literally fucking her mouth. Jonathan shot a quick look at the clock. “SHIT!” he growled, and pulled his cock from Salma’s compliant mouth. “Come on slut” he said as he unlocked her chain from the head boar and led her into the bathroom. “Get in the shower slut.” Jonathan said as he roughly pulled her into the large walk in shower. Hitting a button the preprogrammed water nozzles sprayed on the couples from seemingly all directions.

“Get on your knees and finish your job.” The impatient young man barked as he snapped the loose end of her chain to a lock on the wall, and began to soap his body.

Furiously Salma sucked trying to satisfy him, while he bathed and scrubbed. Still rock hard, Jonathan groaned with pleasure while he scrubbed himself. Salma quickly began to alternate between sucking Jonathan dick, and taking it out of her mouth to lick and stroke it. Soon Jonathan was ready.

Salma knelt before him, looking up, her soft brown eyes opened as wide as they could be, and her mouth opened wide as well. She knelt like a proper slave before her Master, and begged him to cum on her face and in her mouth. “Please Master, please give me my reward.” Salma said as the shower rained water down around her kneeling body. “Please cum on my face, Master. It’s here for you. Oh please come on my face… and in my mouth too. Please Master. Let me drink your cum. Let me taste you inside me!”

Those words were enough to send Jonathan off for the second time that morning, shooting two sticky globs of sperm on the Latina’s lovely face, and still more onto her tongue and into her body were she eagerly swallowed it down.

Drained of his lust (and his cum), Jonathan rinsed off and turned off the water, leaving Salma kneeling in the shower. “Stay there slut.” Jonathan said as he began to dry off.

Out of Salma’s sight (but not out of her hearing) came a knock on the door, followed by the sound of Jonathan’s voice. “Come on in Dad, I’m still getting dressed. Running a little late.”

Then Salma heard another man’s voice. An older man’s voice. She remembered the voice, but had never seen the face of the speaker. “Driver’s outside son. He’ll take you to school today.”

Salma heard her owner’s voice speak. “Thanks Dad’s. Think just a few more months till I can drive myself.”

The older man’s voice chuckled, “God help us all. Where’s Salma?”

“Still in the shower, I haven’t had a chance to put her back in her cage yet. Do you mind”, she heard Jonathan call back.

“Not at all” the older man replied. “You mind if I have a little fun, before.”

“Have a ball, Dad, I’ve got to run.” And with that Salma heard the door slam… then silence.

Slowly, an older man, close to her age, walked into the bathroom where Salma still knelt in the shower. Quietly, she lifted her face and eyes to see the man who had given her to Jonathan as a gift.

“Well, well. What have we here?” the old man said as he unbuckled his belt, and pressed the button to start water in the shower again. “You know, I haven’t had my shower yet today.”

Quietly, Salma lower her eyes as the old man removed his clothes…

Chapter Five


After over three month in captivity Salma Hayek had begun to dread Fridays.
Oh, sure, the day started out like any other weekday. She would wake with her collar leash/chain locked to the headboard of her owner’s bed. Some morning she would wake to the feeling of his hands groping her, other mornings she awoke to the feeling of her semi-conscious body being fucked. But each day, Jonathan would have his way with her, then run off to school, leaving her to rest for another 8 hours, before he returned home and spent the rest of the day enjoying her magnificent body for a few hours, before going back to bed.

Fridays, Fridays were different. Jonathan would return from school, energized with the knowledge that he would spend the whole weekend using and abusing Salma to his heart’s delight, over and over. This Friday was different, however. A new Spanish Teacher had been frustrating Jonathan (and most of the male student body and staff) with her large breasts, and tight blouses. Jonathan came home rock hard and horny as he had ever been in his life.

Salma stood, wearing nothing but her collar and one of Jonathan’s old dress white shirts, in the new large cage/cell she had graduated to over the months. Jonathan rushed into the lodge, slamming and locking the large heavy door behind himself, and without a word went straight to Salma’s cell, opened the door and pulled the startled woman out.

He stood there staring at her for a few moments while he seethed in anger and lust. Just as Salma started to ask if anything was wrong, Jonathan reached out with both hands and ripped her shirt wide open, exposing her naked body and 36C tits to his gaze. Quickly, he grabbed her hips, pulled her close to himself, and began sucking and fondling her breasts. Even rougher than usual, Salma was startled by her younger owner’s aggressive treatment of her body, and tried to pull away as he began to bit and nibble on her tender nipples; but the hormone crazed young man would have none of it, as he brought his hand down hard across her ass, again and again, until her struggling stopped. She didn’t really want to resist anyway. She was just surprised by how horny the young man sucking on her tits was.

Still silent, Jonathan shoved Salma down onto her back, on the padded piano bench, before dropping and removing his jeans and straddling the bench. His semi erect penis dangled between his legs, and rubbed softly against her massive tits.

Slowly, Jonathan lowered his body till his cock lay between Salma’s tits, then cupped each tit in his hands and squeezed them together his cock. Pinching her nipples, caused Salma to moan in pain, finally drawing words from her tormentor / Master.

“Mmmm, proud of these big pretty tits, aren’t you slut.” His voice was almost a growl, low, sharp, and pained. “You like showing them off, and teasing all the men with them. Look but can’t touch, right? We’ll I’m going to do a lot more than just look, slut. I’m going to fuck these big tits.” Jonathan’s cock began to pump up and down between Salma’s tits. “Yeah, you like getting these tits fucked, don’t you slut!”

Salma had been tit-fucked before, but never like this. Jonathan, with all his strength, enthusiasm and horny rage feel like he might actually damage the actress’s massive mammaries. Salma had to act quickly to stop the pain Jonathan’s rough treatment was causing.

After months as his slave she had only one way left to spare herself injury at the horny teen’s hand.

“Yes Master, Please fuck my tits.” She screamed as she slid her own hands onto Jonathan’s. “Please use me, please use my tits. Please fuck my tits Master. I love it when you use me.” The words slowed Jonathan for a moment as Salma slipped her hands under his to take over holding her tits in place.
“I love it when you fuck my tits, Master. Oh God, I love it when you fuck me Master.” Freed from holding her tits, Jonathan hands roamed to her head, stroking her hair, and lifting her head up to see the sight of his cock poking out from the top of her cleavage.

“Please Master, let me suck your cock.” Salma plead. “I love sucking your cock, Master. I LOVE YOU, MASTER! I LOVE YOU JONATHAN!“

It was the first time Salma had ever used his name.

Stunned by her words, Jonathan released his grip on her head, allowing her to slide down and swallow the entire length of his cock in one excited shove down her throat. The sound of her gagging on the length of his shaft sliding down her throat, almost made Jonathan blow his load at once. Still Salma tried to swallow his member down deeper. Wildly she whipped about trying to find a way, anyway to take more of the young man’s cock deep inside he throat.

The lust that built up in Jonathan felt like it might explode out from inside him. The teasing from his busty teacher, followed by the unexpected passion of his slave brought up urges beyond anything he had ever felt.

Pulling his cock from her mouth, Jonathan was surprised, as she tried to sit up and keep his member in her oral embrace, finally crying in frustration. “No, please. Don’t take your cock away. I want to suck it. Please Jonathan let me suck your cock some more. I need it. I need it inside me.” The woman pled to no avail as the lusting, panting teenager lifted her from the bench, and carrying her across the room tossed her onto the bed, before climbing in on top of her.

Salma grabbed for his cock in an attempt to take him in her mouth again, but Jonathan had one goal on his mind and nothing else would do. Lifting her tan legs in the air, he spread them wide apart and mounted her. His cock immediately stabbed her wet pussy, as his hands and mouth began to assail her tits.

Salma screamed from the sudden penetration, but not from pain, from the excitement. Words began to burst from her mouth urging Jonathan on. Only a few minutes earlier she had been dreading his Friday return from school because of the uninterrupted weekend of rape that it always led to, now the thought of him using her was bring the Latina actress dangerously close to an orgasm.

“Oh God Master. Please fuck me. Fuck me hard, Use me. Oh… I love it when you use me. I’m yours Master. I’m yours forever, do whatever you want with me, just, please I need you to rape me Jonathan. Oh Jonathan I love it when you rape me.” A fire lighted in Salma’s eyes. “I’m your slut, Jonathan. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll stay with you forever. I want to be your whore, I want to be whatever you want me to be. I’ll do anything for you, I LOVE YOU JONATHAN!”

As she continued to beg and urge him on Jonathan pressed on his assault on her pussy, slamming it into harder than he had ever before. Harder than she had ever felt before. And as he continued to pound, his cock continued to harden and grow, filling her skilled pussy like never before.

“Oh god, I love your cock Jonathan. You have the best cock I’ve ever felt.” Suddenly Salma let out a cry of pain. “Oh god, it’s too big, your cock is too big Jonathan. You big hard cock is tearing my little pussy a part.”

Salma licked her lips as she saw the evil smile on Jonathan’s face.

“Fuck my little pussy harder with that big cock, Master. My pussy belongs to you. I belong to you. Use me Master. I love being your slave.”

Jonathan’s evil smile grew as he pulled his cock from her pussy.

“No Master, Please no. I want your cock. Please fuck me some more. Don’t tease your slave. PLEASE RAPE ME!”

Jonathan just chuckled as he rolled her over and pulled her up and all fours.
“Oh, you’re going to get fucked alright.” Jonathan said as he stepped behind her , grabbed her hips, and slammed his cock into her pussy in one long stroke.

“AAAAAAAaaaaarrrrrrgh!” Salma screamed. “Oh Jonathan, I love you Master. Do whatever you want to me.” She said as tears streamed from her eyes. “I’m your slut, I’ll do whatever you want.”

After several hard plunges, Jonathan moved his hands from her hips, up to her always delicious tits. Squeezing them, and pinching her nipples.
The pain and pleasure all mixed together was becoming more than Salma could bear, as she began begging for Jonathan’s cum.

“Not yet, slut.” Jonathan teased. “You haven’t earned it yet.”

Salma knew what he wanted. Always before she had fought, resisted despite the punishments it always brought. Not this time. This time the International superstar gave it up willingly to the 15 year old boy that now owned her, body and soul.

Submissively, Salma lowered her shoulders and cocked her ass up in the air.
“I love you Jonathan. Please take me and use me.”

Without saying a word to the humiliated actress, Jonathan withdrew his cock from her pussy, and slowly began working it into her asshole. She whimpered softly, like a puppy, and gasped for breath as the massive cock opened her asshole, stretching it like never before, and bring tears to her eyes.

As he finally reached full insertion, Salma’s mouth stretched wide open in a silent scream of pain, that no one could hear, but anyone would have been able to see on her face. She took it all, and then in short, panting breaths, told Jonathan how much she loved him, and begged for more.

When he was finally ready to cum, Salma begged Jonathan to cum on her face and in her mouth.

“I don’t want to waste any of it Jonathan. I love you, and I want every drop of your cum inside me”

Jonathan was only too happy to grant his slave’s wish.

That weekend, Jonathan never left the bed.

Still collared and chained Salma brought him everything he needed.
Food, water, newspapers, and her hot body to use whenever he pleased.

Chapter Six

It had been almost 7 months since Salma Hayek had been kidnapped and delivered into the hands of the young man that now owned her. Jonathan had shown a pure brilliance for training the reluctant Hispanic super star, reducing her from a fiery spirited Latina spitfire, to a submissive sex slave.

Summer had come and Jonathan was able to spend all his time with his favorite toy. In the past few weeks the Texas Cowboy had developed a new favorite game for his favorite toy. The game was called … PONYGIRL.

For close to two weeks, whenever she was not serving him sexually, Salma was outfitted in a leather harness, and thigh high leather boots, a bit and bridle fixed between her teeth, with the leads connected to the ranch’s horse exerciser. With its motor powered on, the exerciser forced the lovely woman to walk the long, slow circle around the show ring, while her young owner applied the sharp, accurate snaps from his buggy whip forcing her to lift her knees, and almost prance as she walked.

Later Jonathan removed her from the walker, and forced her to walk in circles around him, his hand firmly holding her guideline, while his other hand continued to apply the whip to her ass and nipples; patiently teaching her to follow his commands, whether verbal or thru the gentle tugs on the leads.
Afterwards, Jonathan would lead her to the barn, and leash her between two columns, before taking out a hose, bucket and sponge to wash his prize pet. Slowly he soaped up her sore body with the sudsy water from the bucket. The cold touch of the water caused Salma to pull and tug at the leashes that held her in place. In truth, she appreciated the bath, but the cold chill of the water on her skin was quite unwelcome. Her struggling was almost involuntary. After all their time together, Salma seldom resisted her young Master anymore.
After a good scrubbing, Jonathan would use the hose to rinse his pet clean, before drying her off and leading her back to the house, for a long night of satisfying his lust.

The next day, would be special.

The next morning, Jonathan packed a picnic lunch for two, and then pulled a package from the closet… a very special package.

Salma looked at the package Jonathan handed to her, all covered in shiny silver paper and wrapped with a red ribbon and bow. “Wh – what is it Master?” Salma stammered in surprise.

“It’s a present, a very special present for my slave girl.” Jonathan voice was cool beyond his years.

Slowly, carefully, Salma untied the bow and removed the ribbon from the silver covered box, and timidly opened the top. Inside, resting on a soft linen cushion, was a beautifully hand tooled Black Leather Collar. Inside, the collar was lined with soft, lamb’s wool. The edges were hand stitched with gleaming silver studs and a polished locking silver buckled covered it’s rear. In the front, low near the base, was a shining silver “D” loop, and above it, a detailed Silver Plate with the name “Salma” etched into it in elegant script.

Tears came to Salma eyes; In part because the collar was so beautiful. She thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, and soon she would be wearing it. But she also realized more. This wasn’t the rough collar of a kidnapper who meant to use her for a time and then release her. No, this is a collar to be worn by a slave who would be spending her life in service to her Master.

Jonathan placed the collar around her neck and then led her to the mirror so she could see her pride and humiliation, as the collared slave of a young man who she had been given to as a gift… a prize. She lowered her eyes in shame and humiliation as she realized that was all she was.

“Come on slave. Lots to do. Busy day ahead of you.” Jonathan motioned to a small table. “Hurry up, get dressed.”

Salma rushed to put on the outfit Jonathan had laid out for her, what there was of it. A barely there leather bikini top & tiny T-back thong, over the elbow length black opera gloves, and the familiar thigh high leather boots.

As soon as she finished dressing, Jonathan busily set about finishing her gear. A Black leather belt with eight “D” loops on it, a leather harness that covered her shoulders and wrapped around her smooth belly, and finally a piece of headgear Salma couldn’t quite recognize. It encircled her head and allowed short straps down to the harness over her shoulders, the familiar bit and bridle in her teeth, up on the headgear seemed to be feather or long plums. Salma was confused by these, and it wasn’t until Jonathan began securing the cuffs on her wrist to the loops on the belt, that she caught a glimpse in the mirror and saw herself wearing long feathered headgear she had often seen on the heads of horses that pulled carriages around the park.
Just then Jonathan swung open the door to the outside where a small two wheeled cart waited. Suddenly Salam realized what was happening, what all the training had been for. What the fancy headgear was for. She followed in stunned silence as her young Master led the international superstar out and began hitching her up to pull a cart like an animal, like a horse, like his pet Ponygirl.

The small weight of the hitch added to her harness was a sudden shock and Salma considered struggling for a brief moment. But the riding crop dangled from Jonathan belt, and the longer, more painful buggy whip was mere feet away on the cart. Soon she was properly hitched up and the poles of the cart were tightly wrapped by her hands.

It was a strange sensation when she felt the weight of the cart shift as Jonathan sat down on the cushioned seat and checked the items he had packed. She couldn’t believe how quickly she responded when he shook the reins attached to her bridle and gave her beautiful round ass a gentle stroke from the buggy whip.

“Git up girl.” Jonathan voice was smooth and steady, like he had done this a hundred times before. Helpless in her harness, Salma Hayek, International Star of stage and screen slowly began to pull the cart carrying her owner down the trail and out into the open field at his direction.

It wasn’t a very warm day, but the light load of the cart forced Salma to work harder than she ever had, and soon sweat was tricking down her svelte body. The ranch covered hundreds of acres, untouched by civilization, and with barley a mark of modern man, after almost an hour of walking, Salma pulled the small cart down a path that led round a hill and down into the valley below. A creek ran thru the valley and there was a lush green meadow, with only about three trees lining it’s edge. Near the clearing center was a Hitching Post, next to a small trough with a pump and water well.

Jonathan guided his slave girl expertly to the post before pulling the reins and bringing her to a welcome stop. Locking the brake on the cart he dismounted and went to the post locking a leash from the ping to the loop on Salma’s collar. Salma stood in silence, waiting for what would come next. Nothing in her life had prepared her for this.

Meanwhile, Jonathan tossed a large blanket onto the soft grass and rolled it out, before pulling out the picnic basket and setting it on the ground and opening the lid so the sweet smells could float free. Her teeth still biting the bit and bridle, Salma drooled at the delicious smell of the food. Her body craved nourishment after the long hike pulling the cart.

Removing the leather harness Jonathan released his pet from the hitching post and ordered her to kneel on the blanket. As she did, he lay down of the soft wool and ordered Salma to feed them both. Slowly Salma removed the food from the basket, being careful to feed her Master first before taking a bite herself. Even the sight of her eating was a sensual treat for Jonathan, and when she came to the dessert Jonathan enjoyed her licking up the chocolate pudding out of the bowl and off the spoon more than he enjoyed eating the pudding himself.

Then a delightful idea occurred to him. Ordering Salma onto her back he quickly cuffed her wrists and ankles to stakes, already in the ground leaving her spread eagle on the blanket. A large spoonful of cold chocolate pudding was then applied to each of Salma’s massive mummeries. The chill of the pudding harden Salma nipples and made them stand up even thru the pudding, which Jonathan now began to slowly lick off Salma’s prized tits. The sensation was incredible and Salma began to twist against her bonds as Jonathan licked and sucked up the delicious treat.

Salma was scarcely able to catch her breath when she saw Jonathan pick up the pudding bowl again. “Oh no Master, please, I can’t take anymore. The pudding is so cold… your making me feel so … good.” Jonathan just smiled, took another large spoonful from the bowl. He moved like he was about to cover her breasts again, when suddenly, teasingly, he turned and poured the cold pudding onto Salma bare, shaved pussy. The feeling of the cold pudding slowly sliding over her delicate pussy lips caused her to buck and twist like a wild horse, but staked out as she was, she had no hope of escape.

Soon, Jonathan’s tongue was skillfully invading Salma’s cunt, chasing after the invading pudding, and sucking it out. He continued to lick slowly up and down her pussy lips, carefully licking up every drop of pudding that had sunk into the folds of her trembling labia, and sucking hard to retrieve the last few drops that clung to the erect button of her clit.

All the time, Salma was struggling, twisting, bucking, screaming in three languages, all involuntarily as her body reacted to her Master feasting on her tender chocolate covered delights.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jonathan roughly released Salma from the cuffs and ordered her onto her knees. She knelt, trembling from the ripples and waves of pleasure running thru her body. When she finally gathered enough composure to look up at her Master, all she saw was his enormous cock, inches from her quivering lips, covered in Chocolate cake icing.

Salam let out a growl like and animal in heat, and shoved the entire length of Jonathan cock into her mouth and down her throat in one swift lunge. Pulling her Master’s cock from her mouth, Salma set about licking off the remaining icing. Her licking and sucking became so intense, Jonathan actually worried for a moment that his slave would bite his cock in an effort to get at all the tasty cake icing. Salma’s tongue moved fast to quickly lick up ant chocolate that had begun to drip or flow off Jonathan’s dick. Her aggressive licking and sucking pulled hard on his tight balls, already drawn close to his dick.

When she had licked him clean, and he could wait no longer, Jonathan pushed Salam back hard, knocking off her knees and flat onto her back on the blanket. Jonathan jumped on her body like a wolf pouncing on his prey. In a flash, Salma’s long legs were spread wide in the air as Jonathan rigid cock slammed into her pussy with the full force of all his momentum. Salma screamed and howled as Jonathan continued to slap his hips against hers, driving his dick deeper inside she thought she had ever felt. Forcing his way deep in, Jonathan held himself against her, grinding against here hips as he slowly forced his cock deeper and deeper inside.

The pain was more than Salma could bear, as it felt like Jonathan pounding and deep probing would split her in two, but the orgasm she felt building inside her body was like none she had ever felt before in her life.

Then, unexpectedly, Jonathan yanked his cock roughly from her ravaged pussy and forced her to roll over and in one swift motion pulled her up onto all fours as he grabbed her hips and speared her wet pussy with the sword that was his cock.

Salma tried to scream, but no sound came out. Her arms dropped from under her, leaving her shoulder down on the blanket and her ass stuck up in the air, as Jonathan mercilessly slammed his dick into her cunt , over and over again. His rock hard balls slapping against her swollen clit, and the large finger on one hand forcing it way in and out of her vulnerable asshole.

Suddenly Salma’s voice returned. But it was not a scream that came out. It was no plea for mercy. Salma Hayek, idol of millions heard herself… begging to be fucked harder… calling Jonathan her Master… her Owner… telling him how much she loved what he was doing to her… telling him how much she loved him. Her words were punctuated by the sound… and the exquisite pain of Jonathan’s hand, slapping her lovely ass. Spanking it till it was glowing red hot.

Suddenly, Jonathan reached out and grabbed Salam’s tits… hard, and pulled her back up on all fours. The sharp grabbing of her tits and lifting of her shoulders, pulled Salma back hard, slamming her hips into Jonathans. She could bear no more, she could wait no longer.

“Oh, Master, Please give it to me. Please Master give it to your slave.” Salma yelled

“What do you want slut? You have to beg for it.” Jonathan now was yelling to, “What do you want?!”

Salma lost all pretense of composure, civility and manners. “Oh God! I WANT YOUR CUM!! I WANT YOU TO CUM IN ME!!! OH PLEASE… GIVE … ME… YOUR… CUM!!!” Salma’s begging turned to a scream just then, as Jonathan exploded inside her. Salma felt each and every forceful shot, as Jonathan continued to slam his cock into her as he blew load after load of sticky hot sperm inside her. His jism shot so hard Salma thought her cunt would be bruised from the impact of the hurtling cum.

Instinctively the muscles of her pussy wrapped tight around his cock as her hips keep slowly rocking back and forward, trying to coax and milk every drop of cum out of the dick that was lodged deep inside her.

Finally; He was spent. Jonathan collapsed onto the blanket, and pulled his sweating slave girl on top of himself so he could suck on her tits and relax after the hard workout.

After a few minutes of happily nuzzling Salma heaving chest, Jonathan drifted off to sleep, while Salma continued to try and catch her breath. Soon, a half asleep Jonathan rolled her off himself, and gently patted her leg as he fell deep asleep.

Salma lay there several long minutes, watching him sleep, watching his chest rise and sink. She looked up at the sunny sky. It was still early, not yet noon, she thought and a bird soar far overhead. She sighed and breathed deeply. Free as a bird. Free as a Bird?


In his exhausted state, Jonathan had failed to cuff her back to the ground stakes. He had removed her leash from the hitching post when he brought her to the blanket for lunch, and unlocked her hands from the ring belt.

She looked at him again, sleeping on the blanket, as she slowly eased away from him. Gently she moved off the blanket and stood up. As quietly as she could she stretched up and looked around. Meadows and pasture land as far as the eye could see in on direction, the hills the rounded back toward the ranch house, but in the opposite direction, far in the distance, she saw what looked like a road. No a highway. Definitely a small highway, and a car driving down it, then another.

She was free, escape was just a few miles away across a field and thru the woods. Slowly she stepped, one foot gently after the other. Soon she would be out of earshot. Then she could walk, no run. She would make it to the highway and flag down a passing vehicle, and get away. Yes she was going to get away from… she stopped and slowly turned to look and make sure Jonathan was still sleeping.

She saw him laying there, helpless sleeping on the blanket. She thought about the bondage. The nights she spent in cages, and the nights she spent out of them. She thought of the way he had used her. The way he had treated her like property, like a slave… like a pet. Without thinking, her hand gently went up to the silver nameplate on the collar he had given her today. She gritted her teeth and thought about the way he harnessed her, hitched her up and whipped her like a pony. She thought about the was he washed her like a pony. She thought about the way she was forced to feed him on the blanket. She thought about how he fed her… and she thought about how he thrilled her.
Her eyes came back into focus, and she discovered she had slowed walked back to the blanket.

She looked at Jonathan laying there … again. She picked up her leash, which was hanging between her breasts. She pulled it tight between her two free hands, and then stretched out her arms…

…And quietly attached the loose end on the leash onto the lock on the hitching post. She lowered her eyes and knelt on the blanket, between Jonathan’s legs. Quietly she leaned over and extending her tongue between her lips, gently began to slowly lick up and down the length of Jonathan soft cock.

The pleasant feeling woke the sleeping boy. As his eyes flickered open, Salma looked up from her licking. “Master, you forgot to secure me, I might have wandered off. Please Master, I need you to take care of me.”

A smile played across Jonathan face as he slid his slowly stiffening cock into Salma’s eager mouth.



Well, there you have it. That’s my story.
Jimmy (Jonathan’s father) here again.

As she started to walk to freedom, Salma never saw what was on her back. A tiny red dot. A red LED dot actually. The targeting dot from the scope on my 30.06 Winchester.

Had she taken another step or two, I’d have had to shot her. Can’t have slave’s getting away and telling the Sheriff about my boy and I. But Jonathan said it would be alright. He said he knew she was broken and wouldn’t run.
That’s right, he was in on it. It was a setup, all a test to see if Salma was really broken in and had accepted her new life. Turns out my boy was right, he had done a good job with her, and she was trained and ready to serve for the rest of her life.

You know, this has worked out so well, maybe I’ll get one of these celebrity women for myself. Shoot got all that money anyway, and Mr. Magister said he could get me just about any woman I’d like… for the right price.

My tastes are a little different that Jonathan’s. Oh sure Salma’s hot, and I did enjoy the time Jonathan loaned her to me. And Latinas are pretty dam hot. But I think I want something a little different, a little younger.
I think I want…


Should I continue with the story of Jimmy and who he takes as a slave?

And who should he take?

Send me the feedback and I'll start writing...

grants70 10-18-2017 01:09 PM

This is a good story. I don't really mind where it goes or who gets to be the slave. Better is you surprise us.

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