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roper527 02-10-2007 12:56 AM

Anyone out there know where I can get some knock out drops or pills? I have a woman friend that wants to act out a rape fantasy she has ans she wants it to be as real as possible even to the point of being drugged or knocked out.

ego 02-10-2007 05:28 AM


Originally Posted by roper527
I have a woman friend that wants to act out a rape fantasy

And how we know this?
Man, is it possible to ask for drugs in a rape board?
I wonder, this is what you are thinking since Nov?

Sodoman 02-10-2007 05:54 AM

Squidley is right, you should think better of your playmate than to use drugs on her. You never know what someone could be allergic too. An allergy could have fatal results and you could find yourself with legal troubles, as well.

Alchohol can definitely be effective enough, just need to be patient with it.

dark_d3viant 02-10-2007 08:20 AM

You really can never tell what reaction someone is going to have to a drug of any kind. I watched a feature on rohypnol the other day, a guy on there 'recreationally' used it, and some people had died using it with him.

It really isn't worth the risk, imagine if the worst happened and you had to call an ambulance? What if the situation go even worse and you were the main cause for a death?? What if it got investigated, and you were under suspiction?

You've got to think of the worst case scenerio when it comes to taking those sort of drugs, as sadly things can go pretty wrong, especially if neither of you have taken them before. Better to be safe than sorry!!

Like squidley & sodo said, just get her drunk as you can be a bit more in control of that situation, and it's much less dodgy if you needed medical attention for any reason.


roper527 02-10-2007 08:57 PM

Thanks for your advice. I felt that way myself when she told me she wanted to be knocked out. I think I'll pass with her. Thanks again.

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