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sadohedonist 09-02-2015 11:22 PM

Silent sleeper
i see her on the couch watching tv in the dark, seemingly falling asleep. This is the first time I have seen her alone all night and I don’t anticipate anyone will be by this late. The stage is finally set.
I crawl in the basement window, knowing it will be open as always, having tested it before. I shiver with anticipation as i ascend the stairs and make my way through the hall, through the foyer to the living room where i stand behind the couch where she is reclined facing away from me. I hold my breath as I take a cloth from my pocket and hold it firmly, leaning in..I bring my arm around abruptly, forcing it against her lips and between them, covering her mouth with my hand as i force her head back until my lips touch the shell of her ear just barely. “all alone tonight?” the heat from my breath warms the skin of her ear as i catch her arm with my other hand, pulling it behind her. “hold still bitch..You don’t want me to have to damage that pretty face now do you?” i leave the rag hanging from her mouth so I can grab her other arm and pull them together behind her.

Her heart beats frantically as she tries to whip around and get free, letting out a soft muffled sound. she tongues the rag and tries to push it out. paralyzed by fear she can’t manage to do more then shift it a bit.

I take out a roll of electrical tape and bind her wrists together behind her, palms out, moving around in front of so i can gingerly shove the rag all the way back into her mouth, pushing her head back as i do so. “there’s no need to be afraid dear one. I want you alive, for right now.” i run my nails along her cheek and jawline as i pull out a line of tape and tear it off with my teeth, applying it firmly over her lips and smoothing it out. i sit back a bit to survey my work as i put the tape away. “there..now no one will hear you. So no one will be saving you. You are all mine. I have been watching you a long time and I know no one is coming back here tonight.” i hold her face cradled in my hand, my thumb pressing her cheek into her jawbone. “mmm..” i inhale deeply as i lean in, my nose lining up alongside hers, brushing it almost affectionately. “Come morning there will be nothing of you left to save I think.” the look of amusement that touches my lips bares my teeth just a bit as i sit back, running my fingers through her hair. “do you know what I am going to do to you? I can smell how afraid you are. but I don’t think you can imagine just how creative I can be. I’ve had a lot of time to think about just how I will use you when you are helpless before me. Now I am going to take my time enjoying every part of you. using all of you. violating every one of your holes until you are only fit to be thrown away.”

A few tears strain to come to her eyes but she forces them back. she struggles with the bindings to no avail and when she gives up and looks helplessly at me, her eyes are filled with terror at what I have promised to do and she has to look at the floor, closing her eyes tightly, trying to will herself away form here.

I backhand her twice sharply going each way. “look at me bitch..don’t you dare tune me out.” i take a butterfly knife from my pocket and open it, holding the blade just under her chin.“I want you here with me..feeling all of this. If I see you stop paying attention or trying to block it out, I will start cutting pieces off of you and I will make it last as long as I am able. I can make you surprised at how much you can live through if you make me.” i bury my other hand in her hair and twist her head to the side, holding it very still as i press the blade to her neck, letting her feel the cold of it’s surface but only pricking her skin a bit. “do you understand me?” i speak very slowly and purposefully, releasing her at the end so she can answer.

She is shaking a lot now and swallows as best she can and gives a purposeful nod, her eyes wide, letting out not even a muffled sound this time, just wishing it to be over soon.

“good girl..” i fold up the knife and put it away, moving aside and pulling her legs up around me so she is leaning back on the arm with me held over her. I press my hips to hers as i bend down to trace my lips along the lines of her face and down her neck, pushing her shirt up under her breasts as i go, my hand playing my nails over her skin. “I love the taste of you when you’re so afraid.” she can feel my arousal against her. “you’re going to do just as I say now, aren’t you?” i lift my head a fraction to watch her eyes.

her eyes are wide and she forces herself to not pull away and flinch from me as she knows what I will do to her. She gives a very small nod and disgusted shivers ripple up her spine as she strains not to recoil from my touch.

“I wonder if I should believe you..ah but I think you are to afraid. you wouldn’t want to make me upset with you.” i carefully peel the tape from her lips. “i want to hear you beg for me..” i know this is against my better judgement but the idea is far to arousing. i hastily pull her sweat pants down over her hips and off one ankle before unpacking the cloth from her mouth. as i draw her legs around me again i stare at her intently. “not one fucking sound that can be heard outside this room bitch. not one. you know what will happen if you ruin this for me.”

She timidly opens her mouth and her words shake as she softly speaks. “P-please…” she swallows nervously and shudders again. “P-please…let me go…”

i slip my fingers under her panties and pull them down a bit, exploring her folds under them as i watch her. “you know I can’t do that. and I won’t. I’ve waited to long to have you. I want to hear you beg me to do what I want to you. anything else is just noise. I’m going to do it anyway, but I can be gentle if you can be a slut for me.”

her lip quivers slightly and she looks as if she will be sick. her voice chokes as she tries to say something. “Do…do what you want with me…p-please…”

“hm. that’s not very imaginative.” i part her folds and trace inside them, brushing past her clit, coming around it, drawing lazy circles against it. “try again. tell me what you want me to do to you.”

she shivers and squirms slightly again, her hips moving away from me as best she is able. “I want you to t-touch me…I want you to fuck me” she tries to make her face look not so afaid but it fails miserably and her eyes look like they are just begging me to say it’s good enough.

“ah…it’ll do. Not very convincing but I no longer wish to wait. I fear you are spoiling and I must ruin you first.” i delve my hand inside her, curling up and caressing her walls. as i do this i lay forward, burying my face in her shoulder, taking the skin there between my teeth as i part my lips over her.

a shaky breath escapes her and she closes her eyes forcefully. I can feel obvious goosebumps all over her skin as my lips meet her shoulder. She whimpers softly and tries to hold back from making any further noise.

“mmm..I love the feel of you inside. you can lie but you’re so wet for me right now..” i lift myself up, keeping my hand inside her, working her wider as i take my pants over my hips, pulling my member free. it strains with suppressed arousal, already thick and full at the thought of violating her. I take it in hand and lay it under my other, moving my hand away as it can brace against her opening. “now tell me the truth, you want me to fuck you don’t you my little slut?”

she accidentally lets out a genuine groan and her face turns bright red. she looks distinctly disgusted with herself, yet her resolve has begun to crack slightly. she nods and swallows, clealy trying to muster up the will to sound convincing. “Y-yes…I do…” her breathing grows slightly heavier.

i force my way inside her with agonizing slowness, pushing her walls out as i impale her on my length down to the hilt. “you can do better. say ‘I want you to fuck me.’ tell me you’re my slut and how much you want my cock inside you.” i lift my hips a bit and bump her cervix before drawing back and rolling them against her, sliding in and out slowly, thrusting against her with force as i gain speed in increments. “mmm..you’re so tight and wet for me slut. I love how you feel stretched over my cock..”

she squeals softly and struggles, her legs spread wide as I rest my weight on top of her. her breathing becomes heavier still as I stretch her near her limits. This time her voice comes out higher and faster as she begins to pant. “I want you to fuck me.” she gets louder. “I’m yours and only yours…and your cock feels so amazing…” she whines at the end from trying to spit that out.

“mmmm..for your sake I hope that’s true slut.” i pound her harder and faster, slapping her hard enough to cause her head to snap to the side, taking hold of her throat and using my hold to force her still as i slam into her with reckless abandon. “I’m going to fuck you until you’re all used up, cunt.” i bring my head down, holding hers still. “I’m going to break you, use you again until there is nothing. then I’m going to end you, slowly so i can see the life leave you.” i take her lips under mine, drawing her lower lip between mine, holding it between my teeth and pulling at it, fucking her like I am filled with rage, my other arm coming around the small of her back to hold her against me as i lift her a bit, sliding inside her in shorter strokes, staying deeper as i tear her lip, finally releasing her so her head can loll back. “and you’re going to enjoy every moment of it.”

She is staring into my eyes, her own tearing up slightly from the force of me inside of her. she presses against my hand on her back and her mouth stays slightly open. behind all of her disgust I can see the pleasure building unwilling.

“nothing to say bitch?” I set her back on the arm, leaning her over the back of it, holding myself up with my back bent so i am pressing her upper wall as i slide back up into her. “I can feel it for myself. How much you want me now.” i lay my hand over my length, my fingers bent up so the pads just barely graze her clit as i brush it teasingly, matching my rhythm inside you as i bare down a bit and circle against it, faster and faster. “I know how this feels. your body can’t lie. but you think you can. I want to hear it. and you’re going to tell me..”

she gasps, moaning once and speaking. “I…I fucking want you!” she nearly shouts and lets out a squeal. inside she curses herself for being unable to disobey me and me for being right.

“not so loud..” i rub her faster as i shake the couch from the force of my thrusting. “want me to what..? say it.” i move my arm out from under her to lift her leg and bend it so i can get a better angle.

“To g-go faster…” Those words come out with a moan as the new angle hits the perfect spot inside of her and her vision fades for a second from it. her toes curl and she balls her hands as she tries to remain in control of herself.

i thrust into her much faster, stroking her fire by rubbing her clit in erratic vigorous circles. “let go..show me your pleasure. I have given it to you because I wish to see it. nothing else.” i close my eyes, the feel of her walls closing on me starting to send me rising.

her back arches as she chokes back a scream, digging her nails into her hands to keep herself distracted enough to not cry out when it hit the right spot.

i thrust into her with desperation. “Cum for me slave. there is no need to hold back.” i feel myself rising and push into her more erratically, stroking as fast as i am able from the outside as i hold myself up to penetrate her as deeply as i am able, feeling her walls caress my length and shaking with desire

her walls close in around me as her whole body wracks with the pleasure she has been trying to hold back. she trembles with release and it bows her back again with the force of having supressed it so long. her hands clench and release and she lets out a long sighing moan, holding back none of the obvious pleasure she has been given.

the feel of her walls caressing my length as she clenches in release sends me over the edge. “mmm..oh..good bitch..yes..fuckk.uh..mmmmmmm.” i slide out of her, still stroking her clit for a moment more as i spill my seed over her, holding myself and giving it an extra stroke before i spill the last of it along her jawline and over her lips. “lick it up slave. I’m not finished with you yet.” i am breathing heavily, my eyes half lidded, seemingly elated.

she is panting heavily and her eyes are still wide, seemingly disgusted with herself for letting me use her so well and making her take pleasure in it. she shudders at the thought but then does as I say, lapping up my cum where her tongue can stretch to it, flushing as she does so, staring at me in what she hopes is contempt.

Azores89 10-26-2017 10:39 AM

This is a good one.

grants70 10-27-2017 09:17 AM

Nice one!

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