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insearchof33333 07-02-2013 10:20 AM

Good Cop/Bad Cop – The Interrogation – Sweetlust, Analise2013, and ISO
My partner and I sat in our patrol car waiting for our shift to end. We had just gotten a tip from our informant that a huge shipment of crack was coming into town from Mexico. It would be marketed under the name “White Girl, but that was all we had. If we could find out more, it could be the biggest bust ever made in this town. My partner and I would be sure to make “detective first class.” Unfortunately, we needed more information. Little did I know, that “making detective,” was not my partner’s goal. She had other ideas, as I would soon discover.

We had been partners for over five years now, and been through some shit. I don’t care what anyone said, I had no finer partner than Kat (Katherine) Wilde. She was short 5’ 4” but she was tough as nails. And while she didn’t always take the “high road,” she got things done. She was a good cop who sometimes took short cuts. Nevertheless, I would trust her with my life. In fact, I did every single day.

We ended our shift and decided to go for a couple beers. Our work never really ended when our shift did and we needed to figure out how we could get more information on the “when” and “where” this deal was going down.

Kat took a long pull on her beer bottle and began to speak.

“I heard something today that might help us. One of the whores on 10th was mouthin’off, pissed because her drug dealer boyfriend dumped her for some little rich bitch from uptown. According to her, little “Ms. Rich Bitch” is trading pussy for free coke. She then can supply her rich friends and make a killing. She also seems to enjoy taking a walk on the wild side, hanging on the arm of Lupa."

“Oh really? If we could bust Lupa, that would be so fucking satisfying. And bringin’ down a deal of this size? Hell, we would make detective by next week. And a drug bust of this size? Even the DEA would be offerin’ us jobs.”

She looked at me for a full 30 seconds and said “Or?...”

“Or what?” I asked.

“Or…we can also 'divert' the shipment, sell it for street value overseas and retire to the Caymans.” she said with a perfectly straight face.

I laughed, “Yeah Right?” But when I looked at her, she wasn’t laughing. “Are you fucking serious?”

“Damn right I am. We have been good cops, well you have. Never getting dirty and what the fuck has it gotten us? They just raided our pension to pay the mayor and his cronies. Fuck “detective!” the Caymans sound much better to me. When you realize that the street value is over 2 million? Fuck that good cop shit. My retirement puts me in Cincinnati OH. Is that where you wanna end up Davids? Think...come on dude. This shit's real!” She stopped when she saw the look on my face “OK...forget it. You're a real princess aren't you? Do it by the book, right? Well...how many of those dope dealers walk because we do it…by the book? How many are living like fucking kings...laughing their heads off…while we bust our asses, put our asses on the line every day?”

“I don’t want to become the scum I arrest.”

"Huh? Yeah…well, “the scum” are living it up Living on taxpayer dollars even in jail. Then they walk…back out on the street in 48 hours. I am sick of being a fucking patsy. It’s always some saavy, greedy ass, lawyer or judge willing to sell their soul, and the rest of us, for what? a lousy G?”

“It’s the damn judges and lawyers we should arrest, but I don't do this job for the money. I never did.”

“Yeah...yeah...Your' daddy was a cop, and died a poor cop. Your grand daddy was a cop and also died a poor cop. So you like to keep the tradition up right? OK Just fucking forget it. Sorry I brought it up.”

“Look, let me think about it OK. I got bills just like the next guy”

“Sure you do, and guess what?....Your check ain't getting’ any bigger. I know ex, using your alimony money is taking a trip with one of her boy toys to France. Guess she makes out alright while you bust ass.”

“Don’t talk about that fucking cunt! I told you never to bring her up. It took everything in me, not to shoot the bitch that night I saw her fucking that guy. She fucking laughed at me. I pulled the night shift and she fucking laughed at me with his cock still inside her.”

She laughed. “Well...well...still a sore spot huh?” I glared at her.

“Ok..ok...sorry,” she smiled holding up both palms. “Anyways...Look at it this way. We get that shithead Lupa off the street. His little whore will give him to us on a platter. And think how much sweet revenge this will be…You living it up on some island…hot little native girls all over you. And her?...no idea where you are...Money tree all gone!”

“You just want them island pool boys licking you twat.”

“Maybe I do...who..knows...I might like a little bitch I can fuck over.” I looked at her with surprise. “OH...sorry....guess never got it did you? ...I like both sides of the fence. I swing whichever way....I'm walking.”

“All these years, I never knew. Of course I always let you handle the female arrests”

She took one long last pull on her beer bottle and put her empty down. She playfully slapped my cheek. “Well, now you do. Ya know partner, I 'love you,' like a brother, but sometimes you can be so fucking innocent and dense.

So...come on...think about what I was sayin’ at least. We pick up Lupa’s little honey....We pull her over or some bullshit infraction, and then we take her to an interrogation house…Look. I got an in with the guy down in property. Hell, he's grateful even if I only wave at him. I give him a blowjob and I get whatever I need. He'll let us have the keys to one of the rarely used houses, and not document it.”

“Oh nice? Your my partner, and never once a blow job ? What the hell kind of partner are you? “ I joked.

“She looked innocently at me, and hurt. “But You never asked.” She fake pouted. Then laughing, “Ahhh...come on big guy...don't think I never checked you out, and I seem to remember you had a wife in this mix. And you know how fucking around...fucks up a partnership. We’ve seen that many times.”
“Yeah I do. I'm the good cop remember? And I seem to remember that YOU have a boy friend.”

“Had a boyfriend. Yep...caught me with his sister…Hey, don't give me that look! She's hot as hell... You and I could both do her...and she'd still want more.”

“What look? You swing both ways and aren’t partners are supposed to share?” I joke. “We coulda had a threesome. Selfish bitch!” I said smiling.

“Look…She had nowhere to sleep...flew in from Arizona....didn't tell him she was coming. I tell her to sleep in our room and I'd take the sofa. She says...’No..No’...won't put me out. So I says, ‘Ok...we can share’...Next thing I know, I wake up to her sucking my tits? Now...who the hell was I to say ‘No’? What kind of friend would I have been? Actually?” she said laughing, “He thinks I corrupted her.. I told him your skank sister was a whore long before me. So yeah that pretty much ended that.”

“Yeah I can see that wasn't gonna end well. I wish she had stayed at my place and woke me up by sucking my cock. It’s been a while. I seem to pick the wrong kind of women and I am tired of being fucked over.”

“Hmmm....well....Lupa's girl?...she might just be your type… I mean at least to fuck, I heard she is a “hottie” and pretty free with that pussy.”
“Right? I‘m gonna hook up with a drug dealers whore?.”

”Don't consider it 'hooking up,” she laughed. “Consider it official business. Just part of the interrogation process. You trade some cum for some info?“

Laughing, “Oh Yeah, I interrogate her with my cock, right.?

“See!...Now you're getting’ the point, and I have seen your cock, I think it would!" she smiled at my surprise and continued. "I mean, really. We’d be doing a public service. We get scum like Lupa off the street… We collect on our 'retirement’ and maybe...little Miss Sunshine...can provide some extra curricular activity.”

“Hey I was joking. I am good with cleaning up the scum, but like you say, he'd pay someone off and walk. I know he has walked away from more than just drug dealin.”

“Well...he won't be walking with that cocaine if we shoot his ass. I guarantee with a little ‘incentive’ his girl will give him up, and by the time we finish with her, or she'll tell us where that shipment is and do anything we ask. And we will be diverting some of the drugs...taking ‘em off these streets…Jamaica ain't so particular, and I've got connections.”

“Right, ‘Come to Jamaica and feel alright,’ I sing songed. “Look, this could get fucking ugly. We could be caught up in a drug war.”

“Stop being a pussy, OK? Look! We can pull this off...we just need the a little info...and his bitch will tell us, I guarantee it. And….”

I interrupted her, “Let me sleep on it.”


“I said,” cutting her off, Let me think about it, OK?”

Her lips narrowed. “OK, Think about it, pal...’sleep on it’…but don't 'sleep' too long…Cause Stevens...is in on an ‘early retirement plan’, if you aren't. All I have to do is give him the word...but you being my partner for all for all these years, I thought you should have first shot. Besides...Stevens has an itchy trigger finger, while you're calm...and a stone cold killer when you need to be.”

“Stevens is a pyscho. He'd end up shooting you.”

“Yeah…too right. Sometimes he gets that look in his eyes...He even scares me…but if you’re not in, he’s all I got? “ She looked at me a long time and finally stood and threw ten bucks on the bar….”Ok , I am out. Think about it. Get back to me. This deal is going down and so’s that little rich bitch….with you or without you…partner.”

She turned and walked away. I saw her saunter out. No fear in her. Never was. I looked at her nice, heart shaped ass in those tight jeans, as I frequently did, and thought…’What if?’ (as I also frequently did.) So she saw my cock huh? I waved to the bartender for another beer. I had no place to go.

Sweetlust 07-03-2013 11:23 PM

Shit! I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d fucked up by trying to convince Davids to get in on my scheme to take Lupa’s shipment and his woman. Davids was a damned good cop. He put honor above everything else; even his own comfort and needs. I, on the other hand, had no compunction about screwing over the very system I was sworn to uphold.

I hadn’t always been a ‘bad cop.’ It was quite the contrary. I graduated from police training academy, bright-eyed and full of noble idealism like 99.9% of the others in my class. I remember hearing the speeches and seeing how distinguished we looked. My parents were beaming from ear to ear at their ‘little girl’s’ achievement. I was their little girl, alright. All 5’4” of me. That’s the beauty of me. People take one look and think—‘she couldn’t possibly be a threat.’ Well, I usually got the last laugh. I could bring down a grown man double my weight. I’d boxed on a women’s team in college. I could handle any firearm placed in my grip. I didn’t mind getting dirty and didn’t mind killing a motherfucker. I grew up in one of the most crime-ridden parts of the city. My parents were dirt poor with five kids to clothe and feed. My three older brothers made sure I and my sister were tough as nails. To date, the only woman that could beat my ass in a fair fight was my sister Maria.

Basically I didn’t take any shit off anyone—man or woman. I’d hit a child if I had to, so sure…my conscious is a little skewed. So fucking ‘sue’ me!

I’d been born poor, grew up poor. It was only by my determination to keep good grades (thereby receiving a four-year scholarship to a local college) and never suffer hunger or homelessness again that I decided I wanted a real career. I wasn’t going to be the girl that married some available dick and stay home raising a bunch of squalling brats, begging him for money to buy fucking tampons. No way in hell! I wasn’t wife/mommy/earth-mother material. I was me, Katerina Angelica Wilde. Better known by my precinct as Kat Wilde…sometimes…just ‘Wild-Kat’. The guys thought it was funny, until I punched Officer Guido Fortelli in the nuts during a pick-up basketball game. He thought it was cute to label me. Yeah…I showed those assholes ‘cute’. Now, I’m just Kat, or Officer Wilde if I don’t like you.

Reaching my apartment, I unlock the door, my holster, hat and gym bag crushed under one arm. Pushing it open, I sigh in relief. I really hope Davids comes through. This money could make a big difference in our lives. Budget cuts were getting worse. Manpower, firepower and willpower were running lower and lower these days. We were understaffed and underpaid with nothing to show for it, while the fat cats were getting richer. People like Lupa’s bitch could buy and sell us. Sure, they were the ones to vacation in the Hamptons, Nantucket, and Europe. Overworked minions like us vacationed in front of our television sets while we baked in 100 degree weather. I wasn’t taking it anymore. Not after our last bust.

Dominic Neely, a piece of shit scum we pulled off the street after many man-hours of blood, sweat and tears. The guy was heavily involved in any number of felony offenses, human trafficking being just one of the bigger things. We had surveillance, undercover work, shakedowns on his cronies and the like. Did he see jail time? Not one day. The DA’s office couldn’t be bothered to wipe their own asses after we handed the guy to them on a silver platter. The case was thrown out—no search warrant on his penthouse condo. All that work was for nothing and to make matters worse, Police Chief Bowman was called to the carpet and soundly reprimanded. So much for doing your job because it’s the right thing to do.

I bent the rules where I could without conscience or fear of reprisal. Others did it too, you kept your nose just clean enough to get by and few complained. We were all frustrated.

After putting my things away, I headed to the shower. I’d taken off my uniform at the precinct and put on my t-shirt and jeans. I smelled a bit funky (it’s a wonder Davids didn’t make some lame ass joke) and decided a shower was just the thing. No matter how tough I am—I’m still a female and I like to smell good.

The jets of hot water pounding into my flesh was heaven. I sighed in pleasure. Soaping up, I made sure to wash thoroughly, my mind drifting to the plan for Lupa and his bitch. I closed my eyes, imaging how and where we would pick her up. Danny Freitas, one of our local snitches had told us Lupa’s little cunt paid a visit to the local drug house a few times a week. She was due for some candy in a couple of days. I’d been slipping Danny some cash to make sure he kept on eye for her and report to me. The prospect of easy money made that boy my trained monkey.

I rinsed off the soapy residue, letting my fingers slide and glide over my now wet silky skin. I feathered them across my breasts, enjoy the flutter it caused in my lower body. My nipples were so sensitive, I could practically come from just stroking them. I closed my eyes and pinched them.

“Ahhhh…..ssss…!” I hissed as spikes of pleasure shot up through my spine. I circled my dark tan areolas making myself moan. My skin was an olive tone and my nipples a darker contrast. People always thought I’d been on an island for vacation sunning myself. Nope. My mother’s side of the family was from around the Mediterranean and I inherited their looks. With my dark hair and sultry chocolate brown eyes, people often mistook me for an Italian or a Latina if I threw out a little Spanish. I had a bit of the 'coke bottle' shape going on, but more athletic and tight. My full breasts often strained at my uniform top. I refused to buy a bigger, baggier size. My uniform trousers didn’t fare much better as they molded to my rounded firm ass. My ‘ex’ loved to fuck my ass. Really, if I was too lazy to work it, I’d just shove a pillow under me, ass sticking up and let him ‘ride the tide.’ He was good at it too, it was a shame he didn’t want to share me with his sister.

I continued to tease and fondle my breasts, pinching nipples and stopping to lick them in between as the water sluiced over me. Moaning in my throat, one hand slid down to my shaven mound. I loved the feel of it, so smooth and enticing. My fingers danced over the lips of my pussy, teasingly separating them. Pinching my clit, I groaned as I manipulated it. I sunk two fingers into my slick cunt. My mind drifted to Lupa’s bitch. I’d seen her in the society papers with her rich daddy. She was a pretty girl with a dirty little habit. I imagined her sweet little mouth giving me what I needed. My fingers steadily thrust into my clenching pussy as I toyed with my clit with my other hand.

When I felt the orgasm spiral through my body, my cunt spasmed. I braced myself against the wet shower wall riding out the wave.

“Ahhhh…fuck!” I breathed as I trembled from climaxing. I sucked in air and got myself together. Turning off the shower, a grin spread across my face. My plan was a good one. Lupa would go down, we’d get the goods on him and make his pretty little slut roll on him. She’d give us the ‘where, when and how’ and then we could dispose of the dead weight.

An hour later in bed, I thought about the difference between Davids and Stevens. Stevens was one step away from being a psycho. If you started a fight, he damned sure finished it with casualties. He ‘swung first, asked questions later.’ Bill Davids, on the other hand, was a straight shooter. He was the guy that looked at all the angles and made the best decision. He didn’t jump first. He was trustworthy, too. Stevens would fuck me over in a heartbeat if it gave him the upper hand. He’d made it clear he expected pussy, too—not just Lupa’s bitch…mine too. I’d tell him anything to secure his assistance. I didn’t want Stevens though. I wanted Bill, my partner. I could count on him if I could reel him into this.

With that thought, I drifted off to sleep. Danny, my boy on the streets had alerted me that Lupa’s girl was going to be showing up the day after tomorrow and we would be waiting. I had one day to convince Bill. Then I was going after her. When our little interrogation was done…she’d tell us anything…give us anything. My hand slid back to my pussy. I rubbed myself to blissful sleep.

Analise2013 07-04-2013 10:34 PM

The next morning, it was time for me to meet with Lupa. My supply was running low, and I was planning on having a party this weekend. And what's a party without a few favors to pass around? I didn't need the money, that wasn't why I kept the bros and their idiot girlfriends supplied with cocaine. I just loved watching them hand over their money, knowing they would be back for more. I got to party, and get paid for it too. I was everyone's friend, and no one fucked with me.

No one.

I wasn't exactly what you would call physically imposing. Standing barely over five feet tall, I weighed little more than one hundred pounds. My pale, nearly porceilin skin made me look like a delicate doll, with fiery red hair and pale blue eyes that always seemed to make me look like I was up to something.

I got into my black leased BMW, my red heels and white thin summer dress showing I was ready for a day out. Little did daddy or anyone else know I was going to see Lupa. I was wearing his favorite black thong and lace bra under my dress. I also had spare clothes in my handbag, just in case he wanted to tear everything off of me.

That was the thrill. Not just the drugs, but knowing Daddy and all the other idiot debutantes he made me hang out with were completely fooled. I wanted to walk on the wild side, and be something more than arm candy to another brainless rich boy. I wanted a man, one that could make me feel like something more than another rich bitch.

I drove down to the docks, sending a text to Lupa that I was ready to go. Jessica wanted to party tonight, and he was going to rock my world. I needed at least two kilos for my plans, and if there was anything left he could snort the lines off my body after everyone was gone.

That was what we had been doing for months, having rough and kinky sex on Daddy's bed when he was gone on business trips, or meeting in hotels downtown. I couldn't wait for him, and the thought of him taking me again made my hands slip under my dress, rubbing my inner thighs.

insearchof33333 07-06-2013 10:44 PM

I lay in bed that night staring up at the ceiling, considering whether I should become a “criminal” of not. I wondered what my father would do. The force had always been corrupt to a certain extent. There had always been bad cops but now it seemed that the only “suckers” were the ones who tried to do it the right way. Was I a sucker?

And then there was the question of Stevens. I couldn’t believe Kat would consider partnering with him. Was she that far gone? Had she slept with him? I had always respected her relationship with her boyfriend, even after I threw out that whore I married. I wanted Kat, no question about it, but unsaid rules meant you didn’t fuck over your partner, and you also didn’t you fuck your partner. But Stevens? Christ! Kat was better than that. I thought about her fucking him. My hand found my cock as I thought about fucking Kat. It didn’t take long to get hard or to cum. It never did.

I lay there a long time, weighing the pros and cons. I already knew what I was going to do, but at least I let myself think I was looking at all sides of the issue. I was OK betraying the system, I owed it nothing. What I wasn’t OK with, was betraying myself. That was the sticking point. At the end of the day, you always had to look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you liked what you saw.

I met Kat the next day in the locker room. She looked at me quizzically.


“Yeah I’m in.” I said in a low voice.

“That’s great! You made the right decision. You won’t be sorry. You and me baby on the beach in the Caymans. High Five!” and she raised her open palm. I didn’t slap it. Her face dropped from a grin to a frown, “Are you sure you are good with this? because Stevens…” I cut her off.

“I said I was good. OK? I’m in, and fuck Stevens.” I was angry and it showed. Kat looked at me sideways as she tied her shoe. She was quiet for about 5 minutes as she got her gear on, and then all business.

“OK , here’s the deal. Little Ms Rich Bitch…Oh, by the way her name is ‘Jessica or Jess.’ She will be meeting Lupa today according to my snitch. So let’s go. “

We didn’t say another word to each other as we drove to Lupa’s main house. We parked a discreet distance away and around a corner, in a place we could observe but not be observed. We sat for over an hour. Finally Kat got out to use the head and not long after, a brand new, red BMW convertible drove up and parked. Not the type of car you saw in this neighborhood ordinarily.

I saw her primping in her rearview mirror and then get out of the car. I stopped breathing for a second. Jesus Christ! She looked a lot like my ex wife. Sure, a lot younger, but much the same facial features, hair and hairstyle. Her dress? a lot more “whorish” (short skirt with her ass all but hanging out. Crop top, just barely covering her tits) but I bet she was no less of a whore than my former wife.

My eyes narrowed. I felt an instant dislike for her, knowing how she probably used good men and threw them away. Well, she would find out that it would be Lupa, who would put out the trash, not her. Actually we would be doing her a favor by arresting her. Our interrogation would be brutal if she was not forthcoming, but she would live. She wouldn’t be so lucky with Lupa, but I was sure she thought she was too smart for that to happen. Bitches like her, deserved what they got. One day my ex would get hers too, I hoped. Yeah I wouldn’t have any problem dealing with this one.

“Is that her?” Kat asked stirring me from my musings.

“Yeah I am pretty sure.”

“I’ll be right back,” and with that, Kat walked over, took out her nightstick and as she walked past the BMW, casually smacked the taillight shattering the red plastic into a shower on the ground. She walked back, got in the car, smiled at me. “Now we got an excuse to stop her.”

Sweetlust 07-08-2013 06:47 AM

Returning to the squad car, I gave Davids my best shit eating grin as I slid back into my seat. Now it was just a waiting game. According to Danny, she usually spent a couple of hours with Lupa getting high and fucking. I sighed, settling down into my seat for the wait. I picked up my now cold coffee and took a sip. Grimacing at the concoction, I put it down and swallowed the disgusting swill.

“Fuck! Nothing worse than good coffee gone cold.” I chuckled then looked at him. You know, Davids, this is going to go down easy.” I stare out the window at the girl’s car. I can’t help but notice he’s quiet. I knew he wasn’t 100% ‘sold’ on this, but he was at the end of his rope. I was also banking on the fact that this girl looked an awful lot like his ex-wife, right down to that slender frame. Judging by the pics I’d seen of the ‘ex-Mrs. Davids’—Lupa’s bitch could have been her younger sister, or maybe her ten years ago.

Usually Davids is a ‘Chatty Cathy’, discussing everything from sports, finances, the state of the police department, his ‘ex’ and anything in between. I needed to keep the momentum going. I didn’t want Stevens. I didn’t tell him the real reason I didn’t want Stevens. I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell him some of the places Stevens and I ended up at off-duty. He’d never believe it anyway.

Okay, it’s like this…I have a little secret. One, if Davids knew, he’d damned sure look at me in a whole different light. Stevens only found out by accident. Hey, who knew Stevens had some of the same tastes as me? I’d been discreet, or so I thought. I was out at one of the ‘clubs’ I liked to frequent.

Okay…it was a BDSM thing! I needed to let off steam and sex with my ex-boyfriend wasn’t going to always cut it. I liked to indulge in the scene, but being a cop, in the public eye, ethics…blah, blah,blah…it just wasn’t something I wanted out there. It was tough enough being taken seriously without anyone making jokes or using my lifestyle as leverage against me.

Out of all the clubs and events out there, Stevens had to pick the one I liked the best. I’d been engaging in a training session with a particularly enthusiastic Domme (I wanted to be trained by the best) when one of the club’s owners asked if several newcomers could peek in to get an idea of what was happening. Of course, Lucy would have to say ‘yes’. She loved to be on display and knew I would be on my best behavior. I had also unwisely decided to forego wearing the mask I usually donned. I could hear the newcomers approving remarks through my moans and grunts of painful ecstasy. The endorphins flooding my brain didn’t quite block that asshole’s voice.

“Wilde? Wilde? Well…shiiit! I know her!” I could hear him excitedly telling another guy. I looked up in shock. Brown eyes met blue eyes. Mine narrowed in warning when someone asked how he knew me. He grinned with a look of pure malevolence. I was fucked unless I took control.

After my session was over, I found him chatting up a little sub and grinned myself, knowing that her Dom could kick his ass. That wasn’t my worry though. I ‘excused’ him and pulled him into a private area. Between lewd remarks, innuendo and guffaws, I managed to convince him that his life was forfeit if word got out. His price was to use me for ‘training’. So, for a measly few hours each week of him ‘playing’ with me—flogging, spanking, knifeplay, or whatever—he kept his end of the bargain. Frankly I could have ‘outed’ him, too. Of course nobody would bat an eye if they heard Stevens was into some things. He was barely hanging on by a thread. Me, on the other hand, nobody suspected. They saw a good, dedicated career cop. That’s the way I wanted it. Fortunately Stevens knew he was skating on thin ice to expect me to fuck him. Sure, I gave him blowjobs (I needed to feel a man in my mouth, so sue me!) a handjob or two and that is as far as it went.

I wanted Stevens out of my life and I hoped the prospect of money would shake him loose. But with Davids on my side, we could tie Stevens to all this and that would effectively put him out of commission. He could tell everything he knew, but by the time he did, we’d be long gone. In the meantime, I had a few ‘interrogation’ tactics gleaned from my ‘training’ at the club.

“Davids, why so quiet?” I didn’t look at him; I kept my eyes straight ahead. “Come on, level with me, ‘cause I need you 100% or this will go down like a lead balloon. So, level with me now, or I call this off and Little Miss Jessica will drive off free.” I crossed my arms defiantly; the set of my mouth was stern. I didn’t need this shit, but I didn’t want the prospect of him having second thoughts at the wrong time.

“I told you, Kat. I’m on board. Just nothing to say right now. Fuck…just...let’s get this done.” He grimly replied. I nodded my head. Whatever he wasn't telling me, I hoped it didn't affect our plans.

After three hours, two more breaks—fortunately there was a fast food joint around the corner—our little ‘birdy’ emerged from their love nest. I smiled to see her clumsily trying to negotiate the steps down to the sidewalk. Looking about she made sure she was alone and patted her purse. Bingo! She was also carrying. She walked with the gait of a freshly fucked bitch. I’m pretty sure Lupa did a lot of nasty things with that prime piece of ass. She kept his ‘product’ flowing amongst her wealthy and willing friends. He couldn't ask for a better dealer than that entitled, self-absorbed little cunt. Little did she know her world was about to get rocked. I patted the dashboard and smiled.

“Let’s go Davids! Our girl has a date with destiny and I think she just broke the law!” I chuckled humorously as he pulled off after our prey.

“Fuck yeah, she’s ours!” he smiled. Smiling, that was good. I was glad to see, he was on board--at least on the surface. He tailed her as she pulled off and away from the neighborhood and out of sight of Lupa and his boys.

After tailing her for ten minutes, we followed her out of the neighborhood, intending to catch her before she hit the interstate. Once there, we’d have no jurisdiction and I’m sure she’d know that much.

Davids hit the siren in warning, flashing our lights. She took the bait, looking up to see if we were after her. Like a good little citizen, she pulled over. I gave her credit for being smart. I wanted her to make us chase her and get another reason to hold her. Making sure the area was clear and a bit deserted, I got out of the car and walked over to her.

“Miss, are you aware why you are being pulled over?” I asked in my most non-threatening professional tone when she rolled down her window. Her big blue eyes peered up at me. Redhead. Mmmm….I did enjoy redheads. I kept my features neutral as she seemed to hesitate. I waited for the usual excuses and frustrated sighs. She didn’t disappointment me.

Analise2013 07-10-2013 10:53 AM

Leaving Lupa's house was difficult. Today has been going splendidly. I have two kilos of cocaine in my handbag, and just had a very satisfying romp with my boyfriend. He was kinky today, wanting me to sit on his face while he pleasured me with his mouth. I lost count of how many times I orgasmed on top of him. I knew when I was leaving that I was walking a little strangely, but the stupid smile on my face made it obvious as to why.

When I got in my car, I placed the bag under the passenger seat. It was heavy, and I didn't want the contents falling on the floor. If one of the bags were to rip, I'd have my party favors all over the interior of my car. I pulled away from the curb slowly, looking around as I drove. I didn't want any of the other dealers on street knowing I was carrying.

A few minutes down the road, I was feeling good. Had my music playing, and the air conditioning running. The warm weather, and my romp with Lupa, had me slightly sweaty, my skin glistening and my slutty attire clinging to my small frame. I was already plotting how I'd spend my cut of the money when my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a siren.


Oh fuck.

Oh fuck it was a police car. What happened? I wasn't speeding, and they couldn't have seen me before? I pulled over slowly, hoping they would go around. But my luck wasn't that good. I rolled down my window as a full-figured, very attractive officer walked up to the door. I put on my best smile and listened to her give me the usual greeting. "Why no officer, I don't know. Was I speeding?" I kept wanting to look to see if my handbag was visible, but if I turned my head I knew it would be a dead giveaway.

Sweetlust 08-02-2013 09:21 AM

Smiling inwardly, I kept my face impassive. This little bitch was going down in the worst possible way. Sure, it was Lupa we were after, or rather his shipment and the money, but a little ‘fun’ along the way never hurt anyone.

She smiled the 100-watt photo op smile society folks liked to flash, obviously trying to maintain her cool. As surreptitiously as possible, I tried to scan her car for signs of the drugs and any money. We needed evidence that could sink her.

“Why no Officer, I don’t know. Was I speeding?” she asked in light and breathy tone. She was high.

“No Miss. Were you aware you had a busted tail light?” I asked, the dark glasses hiding the movement of my eyes. Then I saw her purse neatly tucked under the passenger seat. Bingo! The stuff had to be in that humungous handbag. Fortunately it looked to be so big all of it couldn’t fit under the seat. The rest of the interior looked spotless.

“My tail light? That can’t be…I was parked earlier.” She looked at me in confusion.

“I understand Miss, but it is, Are you the owner of the car?” I asked.
“Well...yes...of course.” She eyed me warily.

“I’d like to run your license and tags Miss, would you mind stepping out of the car and over to the railing there?” I indicated the side of the roadway.

“Um…what? This is my car! I assure you, it is mine!” she protested.

“I understand Miss, but we need to eliminate the possibility. The sooner you cooperate…the sooner you can leave.” I forged ahead. She finally huffed in frustration and pulled the handbag out, trying to shield it from me with her slender body. I watched her small breasts pressed enticingly against her arm as she moved about. She pulled out her driver’s license and shoved the handbag back under the seat. Opening the glove compartment, she passed me the registration. “Thank you Miss. Now, if you’ll step out here, until we can run your information and those plates.” I waved my partner over as she got out of the car.

“Problem, here Officer Wilde?” Davids asked, but kept his eyes on Little Miss Society.

“Just need to run a check on the license, registration and tags.” I passed him her items.

“Sure. I’ll be right back. Don’t worry Miss…uh…” he peered at her license, “Preston…Miss Preston. These checks are routine. You’ll be on your way in no time.” He smiled disarmingly at her, his green eyes sparkling. I was always amazed at how many women fell for that look he gave them. Gullible bitches and she was no different. She gave him a half smile and nodded. Davids moved back to the patrol car to ‘do the check’.

I watched him walk off as she stood with arms crossed and glared at me. I wanted to slap that look off her pretty little face, or better yet see it when she was getting fucked in the ass while I made her suck on a dildo. Now…that would be so worth it. I hoped Davids made this look good. We needed a reason to be able to search her car and I would bet my entire paycheck, Lupa’s little gift was in that handbag. Most women just tossed their bags (me included) onto the car seat within easy reach.

That was her first mistake. There were going to be other ‘mistakes’ we would take full advantage of and she was going to be in for a rude awakening. I smiled then, but it was not a reassuring one.

insearchof33333 08-05-2013 04:41 PM

As I walked back to the patrol car, I shook my head. Not only did she look like my former wife, Emily, this little bitch could have been her twin – flirty, self absorbed, spoiled, demanding, one who thinks she can get anything she wants from a man by shaking her ass and showing her tits.

I was polite but I am always polite. When you treat a perp with respect and some deference, many will lower their guard, especially women. I wanted this one to lower her guard completely, and think she could “get over” on me with her big smile and pouty lip bullshit. I was fooled once, but never again.

I went through the motions of running her license and registration but then quickly got out of my car with a frown on my face. I walked towards her and Kat and saw her smile at me.

“Miss Preston, I am sorry to have to tell you this but we have a report this car is stolen. I am sure it’s just a computer glitch cause I am sure you are no car thief but I hope you don’t mind coming down to the station to help us clear this up. I am afraid I will have to let my partner here drive your vehicle and I will take you in the patrol car. Can you please turn around. I am going to have to cuff you. It's required.”

“What? Are you FUCKING kidding me? No fucking way! This is MY car, well, my father’s. He bought it for me. We only put it in his name for insurance purposes. I am NOT getting into any patrol car and you both can go FUCK yourselves.”

This was all Kat needed. She spun little Ms rich bitch around like a top and slammed her face down on her trunk of her car.

“Oh I am sorry,” Kat said, “Did that hurt? It was an accident. You must have tripped. I am sure my partner here will testify to that.”

Kat pulled the cuffs from her belt and very quickly (and probably too tightly,) secured the girls wrists behind her back.

“Tell you what Davids. Why don’t you drive her car to the ‘station’ and I will take her in the patrol car. I would like to talk to her and sometimes women are more comfortable talking to other women. I also want to run a preliminary drug test on her as her eyes seem a little too ‘unfocused’ to me. I think Ms Preston here, is in a whole heap of trouble and better start thinking of a way out.”

I knew Kat was setting her up to turn Lupa. It really wouldn’t be that difficult. Self absorbed bitches like this one would sell their grandma to save their ass, much less their drug dealer Lupa. Although I think if she actually knew what Lupa was capable of, she would hold her tongue until someone cut it out.

Lupa did not treat snitches with any mercy. We had seen his work and it was sickening. Getting him off the street and stopping this flow of poison would do wonders for this neighborhood. Kat and I would get out "take" out of it (and I still wasn’t totally good with that.) However it would go down a lot more easily knowing we got this scum locked away for life.

I saw Kat roughly shove little rich bitch back towards the squad car... (What was her name, Jessica Preston? ) , pushing her head down to get her in the back seat, as was common practice,

I also knew Kat was in her element. The tears that streamed down little Jessica's eyes and her pleading would have no effect on Kat, as I am sure they did on many men. Kat would make her cry real tears soon and enjoy every minute of it.

Our location was only minutes away, I am sure this girl would have no idea where the real station was, so she wouldn’t panic until she saw the set up we had. Once she saw that and was hoisted to the ceiling, the real tears and real begging would begin. It would only serve her right. I kind of wish I had done this to Emily vs letting her go without a fight. I was so depressed and devastated by her betrayal, I just let her take everything. I am sure she was still laughing at how fucking stupid I was. I gritted my teeth. I wouldn’t make that mistake again and Kat could have free rein with this little bitch.

Analise2013 08-06-2013 09:25 PM

I wriggled in the back seat, the cuffs tight on my wrists. In some of Lupa's kinkier games, I had been tied up, or down. But this was different. I was sitting in the back of a smelly police car, and looking at the jail sentence of a lifetime. The officer driving her car had to have found the drugs in her bag by now.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Think!

"Okay, listen. Please....can't we work this out?" I couldn't tell if the officer in front of her was listening. God I wished it had been the man. I could have gotten him to pull over. Maybe if I had him, she could have sucked him off, offered my body in exchange for a release. I'd hate it, but the guy maybe was a good lay? I didn't think the officer driving was interested, or maybe she swung that way. I'd been with a few girls before, nothing daddy knew anything about.

"I have money. Lots of it. If you just let me get back in my car, I'll get you whatever you want. Please?"

I put the same pleading tone in my voice that got Lupa all hot and bothered. He loved to listen to me beg, and it got him hard knowing I'd give him what he wanted. Maybe it would work with her. I wasn't used to it, but if it got me out of drug possession charges, it was worth it.

I scooted forward in my seat, my short skirt rising up and showing off the crotch of my blue thong. I pressed my face close to the partition, hoping to entice the woman. "I can offer whatever you want. Anything."

Sweetlust 08-09-2013 08:48 PM

I grinned at the lovely Jessica’s attempt to ‘bribe’ a police officer, sworn to uphold the law…to serve and protect. Well…too bad for her, she got the one that ‘upheld’ my own law, and ‘served and protected’ my own interests at this point. I coughed to keep myself from letting out a peal of laughter at her lame attempts. I’d played those games more times than I could remember.

Sure the sweet begging, the ‘puppy dog’ look and a tone full of innuendo and promise more often than not, got to the male officers. They’d feel sorry or horny, or both by the time someone like her got finished putting on that little act. I shook my head in mirth. It won’t work with me. I perfected that shit in my BDSM activities. Some Doms ate it up, others not so much. Stevens liked it when I begged. I was curious to see Davids’ reaction to her little crocodile tears. Little bitch had even moved to show of her cunt.

“Miss, once we’ve cleared up the stolen property issue and a few other things, you’ll be done. In the meantime, I suggest you not try to bribe an officer of the law. It won’t look good in our report.” I coldly spoke to her. I didn’t want her to cozy up to me, and I didn’t want her to get warm and fuzzy. I needed her uncertain and afraid. Fear made people do a lot of things they wouldn’t normally consider and it made them the perfect victim.

I guess she thought better of it as she leaned back in the seat with a sound of frustration. I hoped Davids made it to the ‘station’ (really on old warehouse used for storage) before we arrived. A couple of days earlier I made sure the larger ‘equipment’ we’d need was already installed. There were a variety of restraint devices, including a bed outfitted with a ‘T’ restraint that would keep her completely immobilized. There were a couple of pulley devices installed and my favorite a fucking machine I had devised from an old exercise bench.

Davids had all the other tools in our little black bag. I smiled to myself imagining him going into a BDSM specialty store asking for various toys. I was sure he’d turned eight shades of red by the time he’d paid for everything. The other items I had already left at the warehouse.

Miss Socialite was quiet the rest of the ride, except for the occasional ‘threat’ of what her father was going to do when he found out we had hauled her into the station. I would love for her father to see a nice streaming vid of his ‘innocent’ little girl as her ass was being pounded and her throat being fucked deep. Yes, Daddy Dearest would probably blow a gasket.

We arrived at the deserted warehouse and I was pleased to see a light shining inside. That meant Davids was already waiting for us. He’d parked her car in a cut behind the warehouse to avoid drawing any attention. I came to a full stop, and switched off the ignition. It didn’t take Little Miss Brain Trust long to realize we were not at the police station.

“Hey! Where the hell are we? This isn’t the police station! You’d better have a damned good reason for having me out here in the fucking middle of fucking nowhere!” she yelled in a most unladylike manner. I grinned still ignoring her and got out of the car. I came around to her door and yanked her out.

“Out of the car Jessica!” I was no longer referring to her as Miss Preston and we were no longer on the clock. She nearly fell to the ground, but I roughly hauled her up.

“Owww…you’re hurting me!” she protested trying to pull away from me. “What are you doing? Where’s the other officer? Why am I here? Do you know who my father is? I’ll have your head on a tray! You…you won’t be able to get a job giving out free blowjobs when my Dad finishes with you!” she continued to rant and threaten.

I stared at her for a millisecond, marveling that she didn’t have the good sense to shut up and try to figure out the situation. My hand let go of her arm and I grasped the front of her top. I hauled off and slapped the slut.


The sound of my hand connecting with her face was electric. Her eyes widened as she cried out in pain and surprise.

“Look you little cunt—you’d better change that fucking tone and change it NOW!” I pulled her close, my face close enough to hers to kiss her. “Keep this shit up and there won’t be enough of you left to identify…got it?” I hissed.

“Y-yes!” she nodded like a bobble-head doll as I shoved her against the patrol car. Locking the doors, I grabbed her arm again and propelled her forward to the warehouse entrance.

“You keep your fucking mouth shut until we get inside. You speak when spoken to, you answer any question we ask and you do as you are damned well told. Try to fucking run, bitch…I swear I will bust a cap in your ass. Scream for help or try to fight me, I will shoot you in the head. Believe me Beautiful…you don’t want to piss me off. Do we understand one another?” I finished by roughly shaking her.

“Yes…yes! Please…don’t hurt me…please…!” she whined as I dragged her inside.

“Davids! Where the hell are you?” I called out, as I shut and locked the door. I’d made sure the outer gate locked with the remote controller to avoid drawing attention to any activity here and keep out unwanted guests. The last thing I needed was to have to shoot a couple of bums looking for a warm place to sleep while we were ‘interrogating’ our pretty little victim. I pulled her along, uncaring if I hurt her, as I searched for my partner.

insearchof33333 08-11-2013 01:18 PM

I heard Kat calling me. She sounded annoyed, but then she always sounded annoyed, impatient and aggressive. I had set up most of the equipment she asked me to buy days before, but I still had the directions for one device unfolded in front of me.

I was still trying to figure out what the fuck some of this shit was for. When I went to that place Kat told me, it looked like a fucking torture chamber with walls of whips, clamps, cuffs, ropes, devices, and that was just the front of the place. In the back, was the larger equipment, stocks, crosses, poma horses, cages, fucking machines, and even a full size, fucking steel cell.

This was NOT you light play-bondage sex shop. This was fucking hard core. What the hell was Kat doing in her off hours?

“I’M BACK HERE,” I yelled.

Kat came into the room dragging little Jessica behind her. When Jessica saw some of the contraptions in the room, her eyes widened, and her bottom lip started to quiver. She suddenly lost all her bravado. Kat looked at her and smiled.

“Oh I see you like our little interrogation studio. By the time we are done with you, you little bitch, you will tell us all we need to know and then some. I will find out the very first time you first put your finger in that slit of yours, by the time I am done with you.”
She then looked at me with some consternation. “Davids? What the fuck are you doing? That doesn’t go there. Oh for Christ’s sake. Here, do the honors with little Ms. Rich Bitch here and let me do that.”

I stood and grabbed Jessica and pulled her over to that large, wooden, X shaped cross. I undid one hand cuff and started to attach her wrist to the one secured to the cross. I paused.

“Hey Kat, facing out? or facing in?” Kat paused from her work and looked over her shoulder at me.

“For now? facing in. She may not want to see what is coming her way if she doesn’t cooperate. And for Christ’s sake, strip her.”

I pushed Jessica face first against the cross and secured her wrists and ankles to each extension of the wooden X. She didn’t struggle but she shook with fear. Once I had her secure, I looked back again at Kat and said, “Now how do I get her clothes off with her cuffed like this?” Kat stood up and looked at me.

“Really Davids? Really? Jesus Christ do I have to tell you everything? Here.” She handed me a long sharp knife. “Just cut them off, she isn’t going to need them for quite a while.”

As Kat turned back to the device she was assembling, I took the knife started to slice Jessica’s top from the back, until the material hung limply from each shoulder. Her bra snapped apart easily, with just a flick of the knife. Her skirt and panties were an quick easy cut as well, and fell away. I yanked, cut and pulled the material away from her body until she stood there naked and shaking with fear.

I must admit she had a tight little body. Her skin was smooth and unmarred except for a tiny tattoo of a scorpion on the back of her neck, and the word “Juicy Jessie” in script just above her ass in the small of her back. And what an ass she had, I ran my hand over it and down in between her legs.

I pushed her naked body up against the rough wood, and put my mouth to her ear, In a low voice, I said,

“You better tell us what we want to know about Lupa’s plans, Jessie, or we are going to find out just how “juicy” you are.”

With that, I slapped her ass hard, causing her to jerk and press her pussy against the wood. The sound of the slap roused Kat from her attentions, and she smiled at me.

“OK Davids, maybe you have the right stuff after all. You can’t be nice with little stuck up bitches like little Jessie here, or you know what happens?” (she paused for effect) “They just grow up to be cheating, money stealing, using bitches like your first wife.” (she paused again) “And we don’t want that again, now do we?”

I gave her a dark look. She knew I hated any mention of my first wife, Emily, and she kept needling me with it constantly. She saw my look and laughed.

“Get your ass over here, I want to show you how some of this shit works.”

Jessica finally managed to croak out, “What about me? Please let me go. I don’t know anything about what Lupa is doing. He just gives me ‘blow’ and we fuck, is all”

With two quick strides, Kat was on her, yanking her head back by her hair. She spat out.

“YOU? WHAT ABOUT YOU? You are just a lying, little, whore-bitch and you know it. You tell me one more fucking lie and I will make you pay dearly.”

With that she shoved her head away and turned back to me.

Analise2013 08-15-2013 10:03 PM

I could feel my scalp and ass burning. The woman had nearly ripped my hair out when she grabbed me. I waited until they stepped away, tears of shame streaming down my reddened cheeks as I pulled at my restraints. If I was lucky, I could get free and make a run for it. Even naked, it would be better to run through the bad part of town than to stay with the two psychos that had grabbed me.

I looked over my shoulder, my eyes drifting to the different torture devices in the warehouse. I didn't even know what half of them did, and the ones I could figure out sent shivers down my spine. If I didn't get out of my bonds, I may never get out of the warehouse alive.

I started pulling at my wrist restraints, trying to keep my struggles as quiet as possible. I had to be able to get free. If they wanted Lupa they could have him. But if I gave them any information, they'd kill me. I'd seen this in movies before. I was useless to them once I was dead, and they could kill me and leave me here to rot once they have whatever information they were wanting.

Sweetlust 09-22-2013 07:00 PM

I was two seconds off slapping the shit out this wide-eyed slut. So innocent and yet, so dirty! I knew the type. I’d seen them on television, in the social pages of magazines and newspapers and parading around town. Such worthless little bitches with a deep seated sense of entitlement. I worked hard with little to show for it, except the privilege to ‘serve and protect’ this trash while girls like her fucked or bought their way out of trouble.

My patience was wearing thin. That was one reason Davids and I got along so well. He was the calm, patient…understanding one. He was the ‘good cop’. As for me, I was the hothead, La Puta mas caliente. That was me—a real bitch. I liked it that way. People left you the fuck alone, didn’t screw with you. Now Lupa’s little fucktoy was going to provide us with the ‘key’ to pulling off this heist and a little entertainment as well. For now, I ignored her in order to bring Davids up to speed on the fine art of sexual torture.

“Geez Davids, I can’t believe you never…ahhh…shit…look…this is a St. Andrews cross. The history…well…don’t need to know that. It’s a cool restraint device as you can see by little Jessica’s current predicament.” I chuckled at my own sense of humor. “You can keep her upright, upside-down or front or back facing. I love it because it keeps our little ‘vic’ secured in the preferred spread-eagled position. I must say, Davids, I do ‘prefer’ her spread-eagled. Mmm…check out that round little ass. I’ll bet her asshole is nice and tight. I’m sure the same cannot be said about that snatch, huh? I hear Lupa’s got a ‘Kong sized’ dong. Is that true Jess?” I deliberately shortened her name and ran my hand over her ass.

Jessica whimpered at my touch. A light sheen of sweat gave skin a slick feel. She was afraid. Good. Either way she was fucked. If Lupa thought for a second she was giving him up, she was as good as dead—rich father or no. If she didn’t give up info, then we’d be up her ass and we were not going to leave it in any usable condition. When I let Stevens loose on her, poor little rich bitch’s fuckholes were going to need some surgical reconstruction. Unlike Davids…Stevens liked delivering pain and misery. I spoke his language, but it was Davids I wanted. There would be time enough for that if all went as planned.

“You’re gonna like the other stuff Davids, seeing as how you’re new to all this. But I’m sure young Jess here won’t mind since both of you are newbies.” I guffawed tossing Davids a flogger. “Now, I know your prissy ex-wife liked to ride, so you will be familiar with this handy tool.” I smiled as he caught the flogger with one hand.

“Wow…yeah...she did ride, but I don’t remember anything like this.” Davids’ eyes lit up. Jessica tried to twist her head around to see what we were doing.

“Please…I swear…I don’t know anything! Please let me go! I…I…could get you money…better jobs….please…!” she began to plead with us again. I let Davids examine the flogger while I reminded her that she had not rights unless we gave them to her.

“You know, Jess….you don’t follow directions too good. When I say…shut the fuck up, Princess…I mean SHUT THE FUCK UP!” I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled none too gently on it, forcing her head back.

“AAHHHH…!” she yelped in pain as I let her go, only to hear her softly sniffling. Moving back to our table of devices, I picked up a butt plug. It was a red medium sized rubber toy I always liked. It would loosen her up rather than have Davids simply fuck her ass. For some reason, I didn’t care about Stevens raping her anally, but I did care if Davids did it.

“Here, suck on this. Maybe this will keep you quiet.” I laughed, shoving the rubber plug at her mouth. “I suggest you get it nice and wet because you are going to need it!” she moved her head away in an effort to avoid the offending little tool. “Ah ah ah…! Open up...open!” I slap her cheek.

“Please…no…!” Jessica whimpers again, but opens her mouth when I shove the butt plug at her. This time she sucks it, covering the plug with saliva. I pulled it from her mouth with a wet pop as she choked outcry.

“Good girl!” I moved behind Jessica and ran a hand down one ass cheek, then between her legs. I began to stroke her pussy lips. “Wow…your cunt is as smooth as silk. Too bad you waste this prime pussy on that piece of shit Lupa. Davids, I dunno…I was gonna let you fuck her pussy…but I might want to enjoy some of that!” I pulled my hand away then positioned the butt plug against her fleshy crack. One hand separated the pale globes as my other hand began to insert the plug. Jessica whined and tensed up. “Now…now Jess…I suggest you relax. You don’t expect me to believe Lupa never hit this? Ohhh...no…girl, I’m pretty sure he gave your ass a ride or two. But…whatever!” with that I rammed it in.

“OWWWWW….!” Jessica howled in outrage at the assault on her tight hole. She squirmed beautifully, unable to avoid my punishment of her ass. I shoved the plug in…drew it out then plunged again, inserting it to the hilt. She cried out again.

“That’s it Sweetie…make some noise!” I urged, my laughter ringing out through the warehouse. “Now tell us, where is Lupa making the drop off and delivery? Oh…and Sweetie, you can end this real quick by telling us what we want to know, or you can make it long, hard and painful. The choice is yours.” I spoke with a steel edge to my voice, waiting for Jessica to deny any knowledge of what Lupa was planning.

She whined pitifully. I slapped my hand against the protruding end of the butt plug, forcing it into her again. Jessica let out another cry.

“I’m waiting Jessica!” I yelled. I looked over to see Davids fingering the flogger. I was pleased to see that he felt comfortable holding it. Now, I wanted to see him use it. “Jessica tell me something, or I have no choice but to let my partner have a go at you. Now…do you want to give us the information Jess?” I smiled evilly at her enjoying the way her eyes widened with fear.

insearchof33333 10-05-2013 07:01 PM

I held the flogger my hand as I watched Kat shove a hard rubber device in to j's ass. I wasn't sure I could use the flogger to be honest, I had never beaten a woman. Sure I had manhandled prostitutes who got mouthy in the course of an arrest, and used whatever force I needed too on male perps, but this...this was different. While I had no love for sluts like Jessica, the fact that she was helpless and now just a scared little girl hanging there...no bravado, no smart ass remarks, just a frightened helpless litte girl made me hesitate.

"Davids, are you going to use that thing or not?" Kat stood looking at me, hands on hips, with an impatient look in her eyes. :"We DONT have a lot of time here. *If you aren't man enough man enough to use it on her, then let me have it."

Kat snatched the flogger from my hand, and with an equally quick motion swung her arm in a wide arc to connect with Jessica's body. SWACK, Jessica screamed in pain

She laid into Jessica again, another scream

Kat continued her narration as she swung the flogger but now directed at me. SWACK/ scream

"If Stevens were here, he'd know what to do. In fact, he enjoy it." SWACK/scream

"No wonder your wife fucked around on you David's. You treat whores like ladies, not like *the little sluts they are" SWACK/ scream

I knew she was trying to piss me off and it was working. Kat stopped and jerked Jessica's head back by her hair. "Listen you little cunt, you tell me where the drop is or I will beat you til you bleed."

"I .I...I...don't..... know...I swear it !" Jessica said chokingly between her tears and gasps for air.

"YOU LYING LITTLE BITCH.! " And with that Kat really lay into Jessica's back and ass. Even Kat was panting now with her effort. As she raised her arm again, I caught her by the wrist and with my other hand twisted the flogger from her grasp. "ENOUGH...maybe she doesn't know, maybe she does, but beating her senseless is not going to get us an answer any sooner. Right now? she isn't the stuck up little cunt, trading pussy for drugs. She is just a scared little girl. Why don't you take a break and let me talk to her. If she won't tell me or if she lies to me, she is all yours.

"BULLSHIT! I will get an answer if you'll get out of my fucking way." Kat's face inches from mine.

I spoke quietly to Kat as responding in kind only escalated things. "I said enough. Now I want you to take a walk, cool down and let me talk to her. I told you, if I cant get an answer, she's all yours.

FINE! Kat stomped off.

I walked over to Jessica. She hung there limp, crying. "OK let's talk. You tell us what we want and I give you my word, we will let you go, and I guarantee you protection from Lupa.. But, if you refuse or tell us a lie?...Well...you have seen what my partner can do." I paused to let that sink in, then continued. "I can keep her in check, but if I give her free rein....Well...So it's your choice."

(meanwhile...) Kat walked outside the warehouse cursing and kicking or punching anything in sight. It would take her a while to cool down once she was spun up. Little did she realize she was being watched.

"OK Kat so what the fuck are you up to?" Steven's said to himself aloud." You should have included me in your plan instead of that pussy Davids, cause now, I am going to take whatever it is you are cooking up. Oh yeah, Kat, all that and more." he said with a smug smile. He then picked up his cell phone and punched a stored. number. "Hello . yeah let me speak to Lupa, I think I found something he lost."

Poison 10-26-2013 05:29 AM

"You can't protect me from Lupa. You're just a beat cop. Lupa's too powerful, too crazy." I sob to the male cop, Davids his psycho bitch partner had called him.

"You can't even protect me from her." I said, my body beginning to bear the mark of that crazy dyke cop's assault.

"Please, mister, just let me go. I promise I'll say nothing to anyone about what's happened here. Just let me go. I just want to go home. ...I'll suck your cock if let me out." I pleaded, hoping to play to his mercy.

Sweetlust 10-29-2013 03:14 PM

After I’d cooled off a bit, I made my way back into the warehouse area we were holding Jessica. Davids was coddling the silly bitch. I knew I should have kept at her. I listened to his calm voice, and then reasoned that he had a ‘method to his madness’. I should have known he wasn’t turning into a pussy. It was clear as day, this was just the way Davids worked. He was the calm one. I had to admit, he got more confessions in a day than I did in six months. I leaned against a side wall and allowed him to continue.

Jessica was sniveling and making more excuses, but at least she wasn’t doing any more of that god-awful-crying women get into. As if tears were going to sway anyone with a set of balls. I was pretty sure tears don’t work on Lupa. I tried to imagine what Lupa saw in Miss Society girl, except that she was a lead in to her friends with lots of money and lots of connections. Lupa was no joke. His tentacles were spreading and he was not a forgiving person. If he found out we had Jessica, none of our lives would be worth the dust under our feet.

Honestly, I didn’t give a crap about Lupa or the likes of Jessica. I just wanted a fair deal for once. My plan had only been to score a little of the action and make it hard on Lupa to figure out what went wrong. Jessica was our bargaining chip. We just needed to know where and when on the shipment and how many we were up against. The night was not going to last and I figured Davids was going to need to get a lot more tough before the night was out. Once Jessica gave us the intel we needed, Davids could check out her information.

Davids was starting out with the ‘good cop’ tone, but I was seeing a part of him, I never really noticed. Beneath the good cop, there was bad one lurking somewhere. That is the man I wanted to appear. I could tell Davids had potential to do some serious damage….if he let himself go a little. If he put aside ‘good cop’ for just a moment and embraced the ‘bad’.

I could see it in the set of his face as he gained Jessica’s trust. I crossed my arms waiting for him to turn on her at any moment should she continue to stall. It was when she offered to suck his cock, I blew my stack.

Pushing away from the wall, I marched over to them. Davids had a shit-eating grin on his face. I knew his next move. The guy hadn’t had a decent blow job in ages. Still it pissed me off that she’d try that amateur-ass trick and that Davids was starting to think with his cock.

SHIIIIIIT! I can’t believe you’re that stupid bitch? Ohhhh…that’s cute….real cute. Offer to suck the big bad Cop’s dick. HA HA HA! Damn even a fucking ‘pro’ knows that shit doesn’t work on the best of days. Frankly, and for future reference Cunt, offer to let him fuck your ass. You get much more mileage out of guys when you give that up.” I chuckled, walking over to them. Grasping a handful of her hair I yanked it as hard as I could.

“OWWWW! NOOOO! STOP!” Jessica wailed at my assault. Davids wrapped a strong hand around mine and peeled my grasp from her hair. Jessica whimpered like a baby.

“Look, Jessica…I told you, cooperate and I can keep my partner her in check. But I don’t know Kat…” he turned to me and grinned again. “I think I deserve a little something for my patience.” Davids winked at me. What the hell was he playing at? I wanted her to talk, not necessarily get his rocks off. Though the idea of watching another woman forced to suck his cock was kind of hot. I’d seen plenty at the BDSM clubs I frequented and it turned me on to hear a woman squealing in pain more so than pleasure as she was being skull-fucked.

“Davids what are you--?” I started to ask him what the hell was he trying to do when I saw his eyes light on the table with our ‘tools’. My eyes followed his and a smile of delight grew on my face. I saw the object of my affection…a 10-inch long strap on cock that was as thick as my wrist! Oh joy!

“Yeah Jess I think I will take you up on that blow job since you offered so sweetly.” Davids leaned close into Jessica’s face.

“Take her down Davids!” I ordered as he released her restraints. “Let’s put her over the bench!” We dragged the struggling young woman to the next torture device a waist high bench, short enough to keep Jessica’s ass positioned for anal rape and her mouth available for a forced blowjob. She fought like a wildcat despite what we’d already done to her. We finally managed to restrain her once again. Her legs were spread wide, her tight little hole winking at me and her mouth was just the right position to take Davids' cock.

“Whoa Kat, you’re going to make me rethink my furniture…this shit comes in handy!” Davids chuckled at the sight of Jessica’s wrists and ankles secured.

“YO! Jessicaaaaaaa….!” I drew out her name in a sing-song voice, teasing her. I walked unzipped my trousers and slid the down. Kicking them off, I made sure to let her see me positioning my strap-on. I kept my thong panties on, sliding the flimsy material aside as I easily slid the shorter protruding end inside my own cunt. I loved the double edged strap-on. I could fill my own pussy while destroying Jessica’s cunt. I gyrated my hips in an obscene way as tears pooled in her eyes again. “Ohhhh…c’mon Jess, you offered to give my partner a blowjob. The least you could do for a butch gal like me is take it up the ass! Don’t give me that innocent look; I know you think I like fucking girls. HA HA HA…you’re half right. I like fucking anything I can get my hands on. Now…just relax, ‘cause, frankly, this is gonna hurt.” I smiled and stepped behind her. I unbuttoned my shirt, giving Davids and unhindered view of my breasts. With one hand I undid the single clasp in front, letting my tits swing free.

“PLEEEEASE! NO…NO! I CAN’T TAKE THAT IN MY ASS!” Jessica cried at the sight of my strap-on.

“Yes you can.” I responded matter-of-factly. Slapping her ass, I slid a finger up and down from her crack to the slit of her pussy. Her cunt was only a little moist. Perhaps it was the natural response to what we were doing. She was trembling and whining. Still pleading with us not to hurt her. Still denying she knew anything.

“Damn Kat, I never knew how deep you went with this stuff…anal, huh?” Davids looked amused and a little taken aback.

“Don’t worry, if this doesn’t make her talk, nothing will. We can have a little fun with her, too. All work and no play…eh...you get the idea!” I laughed. My finger penetrated Jessica’s cunt. I felt her body tense.

“Uhhhh….!” She moaned at the unwelcome intrusion.

“Now, I told you Jess….relax….oh, well shit, you don’t care, I don’t either!” I pulled my fingers out and used one hand to aim my ‘cock’ and the other to steady her ass. I pressed the ‘cock’ firm against the dusky hole. Jessica cried in protest trying to move her butt to avoid my assault. “STOP MOVING SLUT!” I slapped her ass hard. I pushed against the tight muscle, determined to breach it. Davids held her head in place. I inched it in, slowly opening her. I was sure it was fairly painful judging by her screams.

“AIIIIEEEEE…...” her wail was sort of heart rending. But neither of us was moved.

“TAKE IT BITCH! TAKE IT!” I growled through clenched teeth as I felt the ring of muscle pop slightly allowing me to fully thrust into her anal channel. She arched her back a little but it only gave me better access to her plump little ass. I was quite surprise Lupa hadn’t used this hole more often. On the other hand, it was good, because it made it that much more painful for Jessica. “THAT’S IT! FEEL MY COCK UP YOUR ASS, GIRL? I WILL FUCK YOU ‘TIL YOU BLEED…. SO YOU’D BETTER START COMING UP WITH SOME ANSWERS SKANK!

“NOOOO….PLEEEEEASE! I…I C-CAN’T TAKE IT! NOOOO MORE…NOOOO!” Jessica was screaming at the top of her lungs as I plunged in, slowly at first, then I pulled out then shoved back in. I began a slowly hard fuck in her ass. In…out…in…out…in…out…as my momentum picked up. I began rhythmically fucking her ass, raping her hole. The small amount of natural moisture, and blood as I tore into her aided my glide. Davids was mesmerized as he held her face in a grip to keep her from moving too much.

“Come on Jessica, I want to help you, but I can’t if you don’t talk. Now, Kat…she can go all night with that thing. I knooooow you don’t want that!” Davids crooned. It was didn’t stop Jessica from wildly crying out.

“I…I….nothing…Lupa…nothing…!” Jessica was blubbering and screaming in pain as Davids pulled out his cock. I gripped her hips so hard; my nails were digging into the soft flesh.

“Shut this bitch up Davids, while I finish destroying her little asshole. You should thank me Jess…I’m doing you a favor, now Lupa can fuck you up the ass all he likes! UNNNH! UNNNH! ARE YOU LIKING THIS? NO? I SURE AS HELL AM LOVING IT!” I rammed into her again and again, shoving her against the bench. “Go for it Davids, keep her mouth busy until she has something productive to share!” I laughed as he positioned himself.

insearchof33333 11-01-2013 08:30 PM

I shook my head, smiling inwardly, once Kat got revved up, there was no stopping her, no way to reason with her. You just had to let her emotion run its course. Jessica should have NEVER called Kat a “dyke.” Kat had never been a lesbian but she loved her rough sex, be it with man or woman.

I looked down at Jessica and saw the pain on her face, heard her keening screams as Kat ravaged her ass. If it had been anyone else, I might have felt some pity, but here was a little spoiled rich girl who had everything life had to offer and what does she do? whore herself to a drug dealer and then go sell that same poison to her rich friends.

I saw Jessica look up at me from the bench with pleading eyes and thought “Fuck It.”

I unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, grabbed a hank of Jessica’s hair, and said. “So I think you said something about a blow job, right? How about a nice skull fuck instead? ” She shook her head left and right in the negative. I smiled down at her and said quietly, emphasizing each word. “Open…your…fucking…mouth…NOW!”

The look on her face was priceless. Her jaw just dropped open, both from command and surprise. I pushed my now hardening cock into her mouth sliding it along her slick tongue and down her throat. Hey eyes widened, and she bucked at my invasion. Her screams and air supply were suddenly cut off. To add some pressure, I pinched her nose closed.

“Now Jessica, I want to see if you memory improves any. You said Lupa would kill you. What makes you think we won’t do the same?” I released my fingers and pulled out as Jessica gasped for air.

“Please, please, I don’t….” I shoved in again, and pinched her nose shut.

Being anally raped with a hard plastic cock by an angry woman was one thing, but having a cock rammed down your throat without the ability to breathe, quite another matter. Tears streamed down her face and onto my cock, as Kat brutally slammed into her ass.

I pulled out again, “Now Jessica,..” She sucked in air as best she could and gasped in pain…”has your memory improved any?”

“I …I… told you, I,” (Umpf) don…don’t know anything” she wailed.

“Wrong answer” was my reply. “You better tell us anything you know or you aere no use to us” and I shoved in yet again.

“Kat? she isn’t going to tell us anything. Let’s get this over with. We will find another way to get the answers we need.” I looked down at Jessica. “Well Goodbye Jessica. Been nice knowing you. At least before you die you can be of some service to us.”

I smiled evilly down at her, as I looped a narrow piece of restraining leather around her neck. Kat looked at me, “DO IT!” was all she said, and with that, I thrust in violently causing Jessica to make an inhuman sound.

I rammed my cock into her mouth with equal viciousness. We were whip sawing Jessica, She was now just a piece of fuck meat to be used. I tightened the leather thong around her neck, as I brutally thrust in and out. I was sure she now realized that Lupa couldn’t be much more brutal than we were being now.

I could feel my orgasm building and I really didn’t care now if she talked or not. I thrust in deep to the hilt of my cock and felt my cum explode down her throat. I thrust a few more times emptying my cum.. She bucked and gagged as Kat thrust in to her as well and then pulled out.

“Thank you Jessica, Now its time to say goodbye.” I pulled tightly on the leather. Her eyes widened , She rasped out a whispered “wwwwait.”

I loosened the leather around her neck,

I never planned to strangle her but I wanted to scare the shit out of her and convince her that we could be just as bad as Lupa. It took quite a while for Jessica to recover but we were patient.

“The…” she was crying now…”only thing”…loud sob…”I know” …shaking… “is this place,”…another sob…”a house that Lupa has, with lots of men guarding it.”

As she regained her composure she gave us details of all she could remember. This sure sounded like the drop zone for a huge drug delivery, but we were skeptical.

Kat grabbed Jessica by her hair and pulled her head up, her face inches from Jessica and said. “Bitch if you are lying to us, you are dead” and then dropped her head as Jessica wailed, “it's all I know, I swear”

Kat pulled me aside. “What do you think? Maybe you can go check it out and I will keep little Jessie company here. If it pans out? We let her go back to Daddy, If not, we send her back to Lupa, after we put word out on the street that she ratted him out.”

Sweetlust 12-08-2013 09:28 PM

Jessica babbled out some near useless shit about a possible location, but I was no fool. Her ‘sudden’ recollection—no doubt helped by Davids’ cock down her throat and my strap-on in her ass—was sketchy at best. She needed Lupa more than he needed her. He could find another split tail to fill his bed at the snap of a finger. Jessica liked the ‘candy’ he provided. Her friends and their friends liked it, too. So, she was going to stay in good standing with him. Yet, she also knew the implications for herself and her family if we put it out there what she was really doing. The rough treatment was done for good measure just to make sure she understood what we could, and would, do to her if she crossed us.

Still, I didn’t quite trust her. Davids could check out her little story and report back. In the meantime, I was going to play. While Davids exited from the warehouse, I turned my attention back to my little fucktoy. My eyes narrowed, as hers widened in fear. I’d seen that look before. It was on many of the faces of the criminal scum we bagged when they realized they had nowhere to run…nowhere to hide.

Jessica was about to find out first-hand why I liked playing with girls. Don’t get it twisted, I love a nice hard cock in any hole I have, but girls were soft, pliant and screamed beautifully.

“Please…please…d-don’t h-hurt me any m-more!” Jessica whined as I approached her again. I could see her body visibly trembling. Though she was afraid, there was still some fight left in the girl. I liked that, because I was going to completely eradicate it. I slowly sauntered over with a seductive sway. Smiling I slowly stroked the ‘cock’ of my strap-on. My hand slid up and down the shaft in a lewd display. Stopping just behind her I reached out a hand to stroke one of her ass cheeks. “Pleeeease….I swear…I…I…told y-you all…I…I…know!” she began to blubber again. Fat tear drops ran down her face splashing to the concrete floor.

“Jess…Jess…Jess...” I sighed dramatically. “Whether you told us ‘all’ you know remains to be seen and whether that intel is worth your life…well…my partner will verify that. So at this point, your protests are pretty useless. I suggest you worry about the ‘here and now.’ Speaking of the here and now, Sweetie….tell me…just between us ‘girls’ is Lupa the lover all you cunts make him out to be? Or is he just a coked out dud like the rest of his crew? Hmm? Tell me what nasty shit Lupa likes to do to you. Maybe I can do you just as good!” I crowed with laughter as Jessica wailed in misery.

“Pleeeease….I…I…I…just wanna go home!” she cried. I shook my head in disgust.

“Wow, you rich bitches are all alike. All talk and shit until you meet the real deal. Well, Jess, no can do. But I will do this…’cause I’m starting to like you and that ass of yours. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you something to take your mind off all this Lupa bullshit and pass the time until Davids returns. Okay?” I giggled like a schoolgirl as Jessica continued begging me to let her go. As if I would consider that option. No way.

I bent to pick up my trousers and pulled a small plastic bag out of my pocket. I smiled the small item I pulled out of it. I was going to enjoy this. Dropping the trousers and the bag, I laid the object upon her back.

“Wh-what….are y-you d-doing?” she asked between sniffling and tears.

“Oh…you’ll like this hon…” I chirped, running my hand between her ass cheeks then down to feel her cunt. My fingers began to massage the fleshy lips of her quim and reached forward to slide against her clit. I felt Jess jump a little at the feel of my fingers.

“OH!” she jumped again, surprised at my tender touch and the good feelings I’m sure that were starting to build as I continued to stroke and tease her pussy and clit. I worked my fingers until I felt moisture. The room was silent except for her short breaths and wet squelching noises her fuckhole was now making as I rhythmically pumped my finger in and out. I thrust in three fingers…bringing them out to rub the moisture around her clit. I pinched and teased that little bundle of nerves as her body moved slightly. She fought the urge to push back, but soon lost the battle. I could hear her panting and moaning a little trying to stifle herself, but she lost that battle, too.

“Mmm…you like that Jess? Feels good doesn’t it Princess? Well…you just enjoy that, and remember…I can make it easy on you…like this…” I thrust my fingers harder into her and felt her body push back almost involuntarily. “I can also make it hard on you like this…” with that, I moved my one hand back to her ass and pushed the small item I’d placed on her back into her asshole. She was nice and loose enough that she didn’t fight me now. Pushing against my fingers pumping her cunt allowed me to push my little surprise into her anal hole. I had carved it into the shape of a small butt plug so that it was easier to push inside. She was enjoying the good feeling in her pussy and then within seconds…it hit her.

“Ohh…ohhh… ahh…” she crooned until the sensation gripped her. Her body began to shake now, forcing me to aggressively ram my fingers into her cunt.

“You okay there, uh…Jess?” I grinned knowing what she was feeling. It started with a tingle, not uncomfortable…at first. Then it would build into a burning sensation and there was nothing she could do to stop it. Her ass began to wiggle as if trying to dislodge something. The harder she clenched and unclenched her asshole, the worse it would get.

“What…WHAT DID YOU DO!” she screeched, her body full on flaming now. I knew what was happening. She began to wildly arch and rock her body as the burning sensation grew. “PLEEEEASE….WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MEEEEEE?” she screamed in agony now.

“Ohhhh….god Jess…girl…you’ll make me cum screaming like that!” I giggled. Slapping her ass, I leaned over her backside, continuing to tease her clit. She moaned at the pleasure pulsing through her clit, but groaned at the pain of what I had inserted into her butt.

“PLEEEEEASE...NOOOO…GOD…NOOOOOO….TAKE IT OUT! TAKE IT OUT!” She was screaming as if someone had set her on fire. Actually…in a way…I had.

“Oh…guess I forgot to tell you, it was ginger, babe. Some call it ‘figging’ and it was kind of like a torture for female slaves in ancient times. Seems it caught on again in Victorian times for female prisoner punishment. Now…we just use it for fun…” I crack with laughter at my last remark. “It’s a helluva ride isn’t it? I remember my first time. Damn….I think you took it a lot better than I did, but you get used to it…maybe. Beg me nicely I might take it out.” I knelt down behind her and began to lick her pussy as I tormented her clit, working her toward an orgasm.

“NOOOOO…NOOOOO…NOOOO! IT HURTS SO BAD!” she cried and bucked. I continued to noisily slurp at the juices pouring from her cunt. No matter how bad it hurt, her pussy was enjoying the loving I was giving it. Jessica moaned and thrust at my mouth, but still tried to fight the burning of the ginger. Her sobs shook her small body in between moans of pleasure as I ate her sweet little pussy.

“Mmmm….bitch, I could eat this cunt all day, yeah…” I moaned lost in her slickness. “Mmmm…*SLURP*….so….*SLURP*…fucking…*SLURP*….g ood!” I rubbed her clit fast and furious. Jessica wailed in both pain and pleasure as I mouth fucked her. Her body rocked so badly we both nearly fell over as she came hard against my mouth and fingers.

“AIIIEEEEEEEEEE!” she screamed her orgasm and pain as a flood of cunt juice drenched my face and hand. I swayed as I stood up. Slapping her ass, I pulled the cheeks apart and pulled out the ginger. I heard her sigh in relief as the pain immediately began to recede with the removal of the ginger.

“Wow…Jess…just...wow…that was fucking awesome! If it wasn’t for the fact that I love cock so much, I’d go lesbian fulltime!” I laughed and slapped her butt again. Moving over to another table, I ignored the sobs pouring from Jessica. Her discomfort was irrelevant to me. I wanted her to remember this for the rest of her life. I’m sure…she would.

Removing my strap-on, I laid it on a table then stretched. I looked over at Jessica, her ass red and raw looking from being used. Her asshole was stretched and raw looking, too. I picked up my cellphone and took some pictures. Then I moved around to take a few pics of her face, her mouth slack and hanging open as she tried to draw in breath.

“Smile Jess…this one’s for Daddy Dearest. I’ll bet this would go viral if I posted it on the internet.” I taunted her and snapped a few more shots. I sighed and walked away when she didn’t respond. Looking at the clock on the wall, I wondered of Davids had confirmed Jessica’s information.

If it all worked out, Davids and I could ‘retire’ and do our own thing. No more rules. No more rat race, no more politics. They could all go fuck themselves. Yeah…we’d be on easy street for certain. As my thoughts of what I was going to do with my cut filled my thoughts, I didn’t hear the creaking of the outer door of the warehouse. Nor did I sense the presence of the one person that could bring this whole scheme crashing to the ground.

I wasn’t the only one with a borrowed key, or access to the warehouse. It was one of several mistakes I would find that I’d made. Leaning against the table, waiting for Davids’ return, I spread my legs and began to fondle my own cunt. I was saturated. Playing with Jessica had made me so horny and wet. I pinched my clit and viciously worried it as my other hand grasped my nipple and squeezed.

“Ahhh….” I sighed in pleasure. I closed my eyes briefly to savor the sensations.

“Damn Kat! If I’d known it was going to be this kind of party, I’d have brought reinforcements, but I think I can help you out…whaddya say Babe?” the familiar and creepy voice of Stevens caused my eyes to fly open as a cold dread coursed through me. How the hell had he found us? I didn’t have to time to figure it out as he strode toward me, his eyes glancing over to where Jessica was restrained. I stood up as straight as possible, crossing my arms in defiance. With Stevens…the shit was going to hit the fan, I was sure of it.

“What the fuck are you doing here Stevens? This isn’t your deal. So unless you came to wish me well…you need to take your scrawny ass for a short walk off a long pier!” I barked in my most authoritative tone. Ironically, it’s kind of hard to be tough when you’re basically naked and vulnerable.

insearchof33333 12-28-2013 06:37 PM

I couldn’t help but laugh at Kat trying to be tough and at the same time trying to cover her naked body.

“Hello Kat, having a little fun are we ? “ I said with a malevolent smile on my face. “I see you like to give as well as take, now don’t you?” I paused for effect. “But you know I’ve always wondered what your real limits are. I know when you and I played, I never came close, did I?”

“Go fuck yourself, Stevens, You are never going to find my limits and that night was a huge mistake, which I sure as hell won’t make again. Now get the fuck out before Davids comes back and kicks your scawny ass to the street!” she said dismissively pulling on her long uniform shirt

“Well Kat, I am not so sure about that. Maybe this night will turn out a lot differently then you could ever imagine. You see, I brought lots of help with me and I told them all how much you love a rough fuck.” I paused again and laughed then continued, “I think you know Lupa and his men, RIGHT?”

Kat stopped buttoning her shirt and seemed to freeze in place, her head still down but now rising slowly as she saw the 10 men standing behind me. Her eyes narrowed.
“Oh,” I said with another laugh, “and I have another surprise for you too. Bring him up.” Two men brought a struggling Davids to stand beside me. He was beaten and bloodied. His hands handcuffed behind his back. He was gagged. A gun was held to his head. He was roughly sat down into a wooden chair and his feet tied to the legs while his hands were tied to the chair back.

“Soooo Kat, you were saying…..?” he said in his slimy, oily voice.
Kat looked at Davids and tried to keep her face impassive as she swallowed hard and summoned up her courage as best she could. “So Stevens, you gonna kill two fellow cops and work for fucking scum like Lupa?”

I laughed hard again, almost doubling over. “Kat you are fucking priceless! Priceless, I mean it….Here ….meet Lupa. “

A small mean looking man walked forward. He walked directly over to Kat and put a 45 to her head, his hand to her throat, pushing her against the wall. He leaned his head to one side and looked into her eyes looking for fear. There was none in her eyes as she gazed evenly back at him. He spoke softly. “What did you call me Puta? Fucking Scum? Did you call me FUCKING SCUM? (his voice rising a bit) He pushed her away and walked rapidly to Davids pushing the mussle of his gun hard into Davids’ forehead.

“How about I blow your partners FUCKING BRAINS all over this warehouse. I mean, afterall , that is what FUCING SCUM DOES, RIGHT?”

Kat lost her bravado in an instant. She whispered, “Don’t"

“WHAT PUTA? What did you say?”

“I said, DON’T!”

“And why shouldn’t I?”

“Please” she almost choked on the word. “I will do anything you want.”

“Anything? Puta? Anything ? I want a lot but I don’t ask for it. I just take it. How about you get down on your knees and beg my cock for forgiv…“

A plaintive “Luuuuuupaaaaa?” broke the tension as Jessica cried out. “Lupa? I am so glad you are here. Please shoot this fucking bitch. Kill her. Did you know what she did to me? I swear, I never told them a ….”

Lupa walked over to Jessica who apparently had passed out after Kat’s ministrations but was now wide awake.

“You never told ‘em what baby?” He said sweetly but his voice dripped with menace.
Jessica could sense the menace…“Noooo , No I never told them anything at all …I …I…
Lupa interrupted …“Then why was this cop near the pick-up point?” Lupa said pointing to Davids. “If Officer Stevens here had not warned me,” Lupa said with mock respect, “ I could be in jail by now… all because you didn’t tell them anything.”

“I….I .. but they tortured me… I had to tell them something. “ Jesicca said with a rush… “Please Lupa, I…”

He cut her off. “Shh Shh Shh, It’s Ok baby, Lupa understands, “ he said stroking her naked back and hair.

“Shhhhh, here baby let me cut off those ropes that bind you.” Lupa produced a knife, but instead of him cutting off her bonds, he slit her throat from ear to ear. Blood gushed down her front as her eyes went wide. She tried to speak, but while her mouth moved, no words came out. Lupa, avoiding the cascade of blood, leaned over and kissed her cheek and said, “See Baby now Lupa never has to worry about you betraying him ever again.” With that Jessica’s head nodded to her chest.

“You fucking bastard!” Kat screamed, “ You didn’t have to kill her. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Lupa looked at Kat, then nodded to his men. “Hold this bitch.”
Two men grabbed Kat’s arms and held them to her sides. Lupa advanced and slapped Kat as hard as he could, once, twice, three , four times, whipping Kat’s head left, then right. Blood started seeping from her split lip.

Davids screamed through his gag and rocked the chair he was tied to, almost knocking it over. Lupa looked at him and smiled .

” Ahhh I see you have some love for this cunt, do you not? Is it real love? or do you just like the cunt?” he said laughing at his own joke. “Hmmm I bet it’s her cunt.” He smiled and continued… “but I wonder how much you’d like her cunt after we stretch it wide and it is fill it with cum?”

Lupa then advanced on Kat. He held the knife to her neck and slowly licked the blood off of Kat’s chin and now swelling lips, while his free hand roamed her body, squeezing her breast , twisting her nipple… all the while, smiling at Davids. Davids face was flushed red and his eyes were filled with pure malice. If looks could kill, then Lupa would have exploded into a cloud of blood right on the spot.

Stevens wasn’t happy either to see the knife at Kat’s throat or Lupa’s hand fondling her body. His deal with Lupa was Kat would be his, for telling Lupa where he had found them. He finally spoke up and talked rapidly.

“Lupa you don’t want to do this. You kill a cop and the world will come down on your shoulders. Besides if we play this smart, we can hang the whole thing on Davids here…. A rogue, sex crazed cop, kidnaps a famous daughter of a prominent citizen, rapes her and the slits her throat. And I promise you this female cop isn’t going to talk, besides our deal was that you would give her to me. I told you before that after I am done with her, she won’t even remember her own name. I have big plans for her. Things I have dreamed about for quite awhile now. ” eyeing Kat’s body with lust.

Kat looked at Stevens, “You mothfer fucking scum. Ooo have big planzes for me? I’drather die than be leff alone with you, you ickless wonder. And if I ever get the chance, I will kill you myself, you mother fucker. DO YOU HEAR M…?”
But before she could get “me” out, Lupa punched her hard in her mouth, again cutting off her rant and almost knocking her out. Kat’s head dipped forward. She bravely tried to lift her head, only to have it dip again.

Lupa looked at Stevens for a while, considering his words and finally said. “OK cop, a deal is a deal, just like all the other deals we made…..but….BUT…. first I want to enjoy this bitch myself and maybe let my men enjoy her tight little cunt and ass too. Tell you what, after we are done with her, she’s all yours. That is if you still want her. “
Lupa grabbed Kat by her hair and lifted her head. Her face was starting to purple and her lip was puffy and split. “Tell you what Puta. Lupa is not a man without a heart. I am going to let you give your boyfriend over there a goodbye blow job, although it may hurt from the looks of that lip. Still I am sure you want to say good bye as you will never see him again, right?”

Lupa ordered the men holding her to force Kat onto her knees before Davids . He then ordered her to pull out his cock and suck it. He made it clear that failure to do so would result in Davids “suicide” by his own service revolver, so Kat, tears streaming down her face looked up at Davids with profound regret as she picked up his cock in her hand. As she mindlessly handled it , her only thought was how had her plan gone so terribly wrong? It had all seemed so damned simple, so straight forward.

Kat then gingerly lifted Davids cock to her lips as she bent forward. Davids shook his head and strained against his bonds, but Kat very gently put his cock between her swollen lips and started to suck it, her head moving slowly up and down.

Davids just closed his eyes, but not for long as he felt Kat jerked against him, driving his cock deep into her throat. He opened them quickly to see Lupa behind Kat on his knees smiling at him as he rammed into her cunt from behind. Lupa wasn’t fucking her lightly either but driving his cock into her as punishment, stabbing her with it while he held her hips.

“Keep sucking Puta” he directed Kat. As he thrust into her, Kat closed her eyes and renewed her efforts on Davids’ dick, doing her best to imagine she was somewhere else, anywhere but here. Despite himself, Davids’ cock grew harder and harder, especially when he heard Lupa moan with enjoyment as he fucked Kat’s now clenching cunt.
The more Lupa fucked her, the better she sucked Davids’ cock, using her tongue to tease that underside sensitive area, suctioning it, then taking his cock all the way down her throat.

Lupa had been fingering Kat’s ass but now he pulled out using her own dripping wetness to push hard into Kat’s tight little ass hole. The effect was immediate. Kat pulled off of Davids’ cock and moaned , her mouth making a perfect “O” despite her swollen lips.
Stevens felt himself get hard just watching Kat’s rape and telling himself , soon she would be his and he would be the one making her moan or even better …scream.

“Ohhhh , the Puta likes it up the ass eh? “ Lupa crowed as he thrust in viciously. “
Keep sucking your boyfriend Puta. Make him cum in your mouth,” he said as he grabbed her hair and pushed her head forward and down. Kat complied taking Davids fully in her mouth and down her throat. She was now on automatic, her head bobbing to the rythymn of Lupa’s thrusts into her ass.

It was all too much for everyone involved. Lupa’s men stood transfixed knowing their turn was coming. Even Stevens wanted in on the action as he watched Kat swallow Davids whole, while Lupa buried his cock deep into her ass. The pace quickened now as Lupa and Kat rushed toward orgasm. Davids was aghast at what was happening but he couldn’t help the fact that his cock was rock hard and starting to pulse in Kat’s mouth.
It was Lupa who came first, thrusting hard a few times into Kat’s ass. Davids came second, as those final thrusts from Lupa caused Kat’s throat to constrict squeezing his cock like a milking machine. He couldn’t help but to jet cum deep down Kat’s throat. And finally, as she felt the hot cum being injected into her ass and throat, Kat’s body spasmed and jerked with the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced in her life. Her cunt clenching hard over and over again uncontrollably as wave after wave after wave washed over her.

She lay there a limp doll now with two cocks still inside her, occasionally her body jerking with the aftershocks. The jerking of her body only served to squeeze what cum was left in each man to be expelled into her.

Lupa pulled out and smiled at Davids and then up at Stevens. To Stevens he said, “I envy you my friend, this Puta takes it good and gives it back in spades.”

Kat’s head now lay on Davids’ thigh. She could not look at him. Only two tears slid down her face, not out of pain, but out of shame for what she had done and how much she had gotten them into it. She kept whispering so only Davids could really hear, "I am sorry. I am sorry."

Davids looked down at her as the emotions of anger, pain, pity and confusion raged in his head. However, both his head and Kat’s head snapped to attention as they heard Lupa say. “Ok who wants her next?”

Two men grabbed Kat and draped her across Davids’ legs. One pulled her head up by her hair trying, his best to force his cock into Kat’s mouth. The other forced her legs apart and pushed his cock against her slit. She resisted.

Finally the first man slapped her face hard one more time. The pain was so intense that Kat opened both her mouth and her legs as wide as she could. Davids strained against his bonds as powerfully as he could but all he did was cut into his flesh. He could feel his blood dripping off his fingers.

Both men laughed as they fucked her driving her back and forth across the top of Davids’ thighs. They fucked her with abandon and Kat just took it, the movement of her body once again making Davids’ hard. This was one “lap dance” Davids would forever try to block from his mind. Nevertheless, his cock hardened with each slide, until it was time for the next two men to use Kat. When they thrust into her from both sides driving her naked body across Davids’ cock, he came again.

Kat could feel his cum on her tits and stomach. Her nipple's were so hard now. She had two thoughts warring with one another at the same time. God this felt good and What is wrong with me?" she wondered for one brief aching moment, only to shut her mind down again and allow all those sensations wash over her.

...to be continued

Sweetlust 01-20-2014 09:04 PM

Take it…just take it! That’s the only way to get through this! I tried to blank my mind out. I tried to just let my body go limp, but they weren’t having that and then the feel of my partner’s cock wedged between our bodies wasn’t helping. The men pounding my ass and throat weren’t through by a long shot.

There were two ways this could go down. I could try to fight…resist, but they’d probably kill Davids, beat me senseless and still fuck the shit out of me. I could just let them do as they pleased—they would anyway—and they might be satisfied to simply abuse, humiliate and threaten us. They could still kill one or both of us, even if I cooperated. For what it was worth, Stevens was my ticket out of this alive, and I was Davids way out. Make Stevens happy, he could move Lupa to call off his ‘dogs soldiers’ and they’d be happy enough and we both walked.

I knew Stevens though. He was a sleazebag of the highest order. He wouldn’t be happy with just watching these guys fuck me. Nor would he be happy fucking Davids over just for the hell of it. Noooo….Stevens wanted me, bound, bagged and begging. All I had to do was become his little fuckdoll for life, or until he tired of me and I was pretty sure both Davids and I would escape with our lives. The thought of being enslaved to that asswipe, Stevens, made the bile rise inside me. These guys were bad enough, but they were little more than animals. Stevens was an animal with a brain and a license to use a gun.

After the one guy shoved his slimy dick down my throat, I started to resist out of habit. But the neck wrenching slap he gave me forced me to focus on getting through this rather than enraging them any further. My mouth and legs opened. They hooted and hollered as guy after guy fucked my mouth. I’d been throat-fucked, mouth-fucked, ass fucked and more, but they were whipped up and in a frenzy.

I felt my body sliding across Davids’ lap. His cock was rock hard, pushing into my stomach. The friction was almost painful to me, but I had other things to worry about. The next guy to enter my asshole was huge. I could feel the mushroom head of his cock pushing at the ring of muscle keeping my anal channel tight. The others had breached it, but this monster was going to destroy it!

I winced and gagged as the cock in my mouth spewed cum. Dribbling down my chin and onto the floor, the guy rubbed his fingers in it after pulling out, and then stuck his fingers into my mouth.

“SUCK MY JIZZ OFF MY FINGERS CUNT!” he bellowed. I opened my mouth and nearly choked as he shoved three fingers in and out of my throat.

“Yeahhhh….dude….look at this bitch! Damn! I think she likes it! Her pussy is squeezin’ the shit of my dick man! Imma shove this thang up her asshole!” the other giggled like a horny stupid schoolboy as he poked his cock forcefully in and out of my tender holes.

“Fuck that slut, fuck the hell out of her!” another voice rang out.

“Get all up in that shit man! Look that ass…made for fucking!” another man laughed.

“SHIIIT! LOOK AT THAT GAPING ASSHOLE! Man…she is full of cum…never seen a bitch take it like that!” still more made lewd remarks. My ass burned, yet it felt so damned good. I liked it rough, but only on my terms…not all out rape. I felt hands moving under my tits, pinching and pulling at the nipples. I jumped, but couldn’t escape. Davids could only sit helplessly.

Tears were forming at the corners of my eyes. Not because of fear (well…I was afraid of Davids being hurt worse), but because I was being shunted back and forth like a piece of meat and I could feel my body enjoying it. The tingling in my pussy was so hot. I felt shame and lust warring within me. I felt Davids stiffen even as he tried to break his restraints. His eyes pleaded, but his cock had other ideas. I felt the spurt of warm sperm on my tits and stomach.

I could hear that smarmy motherfucker Stevens’ evil laughter in the background, as he commented on that being as close as Davids had ever been to my pussy. The other men waiting their turn slapped hands at his joke. The smell of sex was heavy in the air; the musky scent was driving me delirious despite my hatred of every man in that room.

“Mmmmphh…...” I moaned like a good little fuckwhore as Davids cock jerked against me as two other men spewed more hot cum in my ass and mouth. I felt a hand furiously rubbing my clit forcing me to orgasm again. A muffled squeak and I convulsed against the hand and Davids’ thighs. My hips bounced as the fingers were replaced by a cock. I made more guttural noises around the cock shoving down my throat. Both men exploded as they pulled out and let the cum shoot out, dripping onto my ass and down my face.

Man after man took me until I vaguely heard Steven’s voice. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but the men didn’t seem happy. I could hear Lupa telling his men to leave off fucking me. I was so worn; I could barely hold my head up to see what was going on. Stevens was in front of me now. I looked down at his shoes, unable to look up. Then I felt a searing pain in my scalp as he forced me to look up by yanking my hair. One of my eyes was swollen, as was my lip. My head hurt, my face hurt, my body hurt…everything hurt.

“AHHHHH…!” I yelped in pain. Whatever Lupa’s plan was for us, clearly Stevens was not done. I had to try…for Davids’ sake. “P-please…please…let…let Davids…go! I—I swear h-he won’t talk!” I begged. It was a fucking picture perfect moment for Stevens. I didn’t beg for shit—but I would do anything to save Davids. “Please…I’ll do what—whatever y-you want!” it was my last ditch effort

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