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07-11-2006, 07:19 AM
Bank Robbery
By Throatdagger

My buddies and I have been short of cash lately. We decided a quick way to replenish our money would be to relieve the bank of some of theirs. We had been watching the bank over the last several weeks to see if there was a pattern to customers and the armor truck deliveries. We decided that late Thursday was the perfect time to strike. The armor truck would have dropped off the money for the busy day on Friday when man customers cashed their weekly paychecks. The bank was usually quiet at that time since most people will have already done their daily banking. We made our move right before closing time.

We entered the bank individually and milled through the bank. Some stood at positions in the lobby while three others made their way to the teller windows. I threw a smoke bomb in the middle of the lobby as we all announced “This is a robbery. Stay calm and don’t set the alarms off and everyone will live to see tomorrow. Any funny business and we will kill everyone.” One of our team quickly locked the doors as the ones at the teller’s windows herded the tellers out into the lobby. Me and another guy grabbed the bank managers and herded them to join the tellers. The lone customer in the bank, a geek looking guy was shoved to join the group. Everyone was told to lay face down with their arms stretched above their heads.

One of my buddies quickly bound the two male tellers. We figured that they posed the highest risk of fighting. We figured the geek wouldn’t feel the courage to fight. I walked behind the females and looked at them lying stretched out on the floor their skirts rode high on their legs since they had been forced hurriedly to the floor. I announced “Ladies, here are the rules. I am going to walk up behind you one at a time. I am going to place my shotgun to the back of your neck. When you feel the gun barrel, you are to tell me your name and then reach behind you and pull your skirt all the way up. If you have a slip on, that had better come with it. You will have to the count of ten for me to see your ass. Once you have your skirt up, put you’re your hands on your hips and spread your legs. One of my friends will tie your hands. Just lay quiet and do as you are told.”

I stood behind the first teller. She was a white woman with blonde hair in her 50’s. I place my shotgun at the back of her neck. She meekly said “Betty” as her trembling hands moved to pull her skirt and slip up her twisting body till they were over her hips. She then laid her shaking hands on her hips as she spread her legs. She began sobbing as my friend roughly knelt between her legs and bound her wrist with a wire tie.

I walked behind the next teller. She was trembling in fear and embarrassment at what she would soon be forced to do. She looked like she was part Spanish with a little bubble butt. I placed the gun barrel to her neck. She managed to say “Laurie” as she squirmed on the floor tugging her tight skirt up over her hips. She sobbed as my buddy knelt between her legs and forced her knees further apart. Obviously, she was shy and might make a candidate for further attention.

Two of my buddies were busy cleaning out the cash drawers as I moved to the next shaking body. She was one of the managers. She was Italian and a very pretty woman in her 30’s. I watch her for a few seconds before I put the gun to her neck. I could tell that she was afraid that we were going to take more than money; why else would we be forcing the females to pull their skirts up. She was aware that she was one of the two prettiest ones and probably in more danger of our perverted attention. Her fingernails dug into the carpet as she waited for the touch of the gun. She breathed heavy knowing that very soon she was going to have to pull her skirt up so these sick bastards could ogle her legs and ass.

I finally pressed the barrel to her neck. She had already resigned herself to the fact of having to endure this torment. “Ann” she said as she moved her hands down to her skirt and began tugging the material up. As the skirt rose up her beautiful legs it was evident that she had pantyhose on. That made me more excited. Finally her skirt lay clumped around her waist as she clasped her hands together. My buddy gave her ankles a swift kick sending them jerking across the carpet. I pressed the gun harder to her neck; as I reminded her “Spread your legs. We want yours really wide.” She moved her legs apart as my friend knelt in position. He scooted close to the shaking woman forcing her legs extremely wide. He bound her wrist and then stood up and winked at me as he gazed down. Her legs had been forced so wide that her entire crotch was visible through the stretched material of her pantyhose. She was definitely a candidate for us to have some fun with.

There were two remaining women to go. The first was a tall Mexican lady in her late 30s who is the manager. When the gun went to her head she quickly said “Nicole” as she rapidly pulled her skirt over her hips. I guess her training had taught her that complying was the best thing to do. I could tell from her body shaking that she was afraid of what was going to happen. Why regular bank robbers would be forcing the female captives to expose themselves if they didn’t have something sexual in mind. Her legs lay spread apart as the routine was repeated again; wrists bound with a wire tie.

I motioned for my friend to move back a keep an eye on things as I handed him the shotgun. I knelt beside Nicole’s shaking body and ran a hand up her long brown leg. I bent down and whispered in her ear “Do we do it here or in your office?” My hand now moving in circles over her exposed hips; she sobbed “My office.” I knew that I was going to have some fun. I grasped her arm and lifted her first to her knees and then finally to her feet. As I slowly led Nicole towards her office I glanced to see one of the guys returning with a sack of money from the teller’s drawers. He went to the final teller who was lying quivering on the floor. She had seen the other females forced to pull their skirts up and now was watching her manger being led away for what she was sure would be some form of sexual attack.

Grabbing the teller by her hair; he pulled her to her feet. He looked at her name tag and said “Sarah, me and you are going to the vault. Fight and I will blow your head off.” Her head bowed in resignation; she walked slowly to the vault. The vault door was wide open. It was only protected by a door of steel bars with the key still in the lock. My buddy quickly turned the key and swung the gate open. He then forced Sarah inside with him following. He then closed the door and locked it; tossing me the key just before I shoved Nicole through the doorway into her office. I kicked the door shut with my foot as I shoved the manager towards her desk.

“Please don’t do this. You are getting all the money. You don’t need to do this.” Nicole begged as the reality grew nearer. As she stood shaking before me I decided to taunt her a little. “Do what?” I asked rhetorically. She stood trembling; not saying a word. “Bitch, answer me.” I demanded as I shoved a pistol to her head. Her lips quivered as she began to sob. She managed the words “Rape me. Please don’t rape me.” I ran my outstretched arm over the top of her desk; knocking everything to the floor. I stepped behind her and roughly shoved her face down onto the desk. I kicked her ankles hard; knocking them part way open. I grabbed the bottom of her skirt and jerked violently up as I shouted “Spread wide. Get you damn legs wide apart.” She spread her legs as she continued to sob and plead.

“Shut up. Are you going to co-operate or do I completely strip you? If you obey, I won’t strip you naked; I’ll only rip your panties off.” I asked. A meek “I’ll obey” came from under her bowed head. I placed my hands at the waist of her panties. I watched as she braced herself for the upcoming jerk. I yanked and the thin nylon material easily tore away. I gazed at her beautiful brown ass as it shook nervously. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock from my pants. I stepped forward another step; my cock brushed against her bare skin. “Please don’t do this. Please, I’ll get pregnant. I don’t want to get pregnant. Please use a condom or at least pull out before you ejaculate.” She begged. “You think that I bring a condom to rob a bank? I am definitely going to dump my load inside you. I guess there is another option; I can do you in your ass.” I replied as I laughed.

”I have never done that. That will hurt me too much. Please, I will jerk you off. You can shoot your load on my belly. Please!” “Shut the fuck up; pussy or ass, which gets filled?” I demanded. “My ass; but please use lubricant and untie my hands so I can hold the desk.” She continued. “I am not untying you hands so you can set an alarm off and I damn sure don’t have any lubricant. One more word and I will ram it all in at once.” I said as I nuzzled the head of my cock around her sphincter. Her breathing quickened as I pushed harder. Her anus began to slowly open as moans and pleas flowed from her mouth. She knew that screaming would put her and all her employees in extreme danger. The best course of action was to let this bastard sodomize her. Maybe he would be easy and not rip her anus open.

Her legs tensed as she braced herself against the desk. I pushed harder and the bulging head of my cock popped inside her anal opening. I felt the tightness of a virgin ass. Her anal canal throbbed against the intrusion. She tossed her head as she bit her lip hard trying to stifle any screams that wanted to pour out. Another nudge and I sank deeper; slowly burrowing into a tight hole. Meanwhile in the vault another party was getting under way.

Sarah was forced into a corner of the vault. She knew that she was locked in the steel box with the robber. When he had completely cornered her, he raised a finger to her quivering lips and said “Be very quiet. You don’t want to get your friends killed. Do you? The terrified teller trembled; her cute bubble butt pressed firmly against the cold steel. She shook her head no as he placed his hands at the front of her blouse. One by one he flicked the buttons open and her large bra covered breast slowly became visible. Her once tight blouse now hung completely open. She knew better than to raise her hands to try and cover herself. He leaned forward and kissed her neck. He then whispered in her ear “Strip. Take all of your clothes off and be quick about it.”

Panic flashed through her body. She was locked in with this man who was demanding that she remove all of her clothes. Her eyes darted around the walls; looking for an avenue of escape. Then she remembered the locked gate; even if she could somehow escape his grasp, she would surely be caught. It was like she was inside a cage with a wild animal. She slowly slipped her blouse off her shoulders. She lowered her hands and nervously felt for the clasp on her skirt. Soon she had worked it loose and the skirt fell around her ankle on top of her discarded blouse. She shivered in the cool air. Her bra and panties is all that remained besides her short stack shoes.

She decided that her bra would be the next to go. Raising her hands she managed to find the two wire clasps holding her bra firmly in place. She dreaded the thought of what the anxious man standing directly in front of her would do when her large breast fell free. A couple of months before, she had been kidnapped and raped by a guy. She hadn’t told anyone of her ordeal. Now all the memories were flooding her mind as she was being forced to strip. There was little doubt that his purpose was a sexual attack. This time she was going to be attacked basically in front of her co-workers and a customer that she had daydreamed about. There was no way that she could keep this private. Her mind flashed with the thought of what the headlines in the paper would read. “Bank robbed and manager and teller raped.” Her mind darted to think of what must be happening to Nicole in her office. Her mind was snapped back to her reality as she felt the man’s lips on her now bare breast as she had inadvertently dropped her bra to the floor.

The cold of the steel pressed deep into her back as she tried to avoid his advancing lips and tongue. His tongue encircled her pink nipples. Oh God, her nipples were quickly becoming erect. That drew more attention from her unwanted attacker. He was now sucking a nipple deep then moving to the next one only to quickly return. She imagined this is what breast feeding must feel like. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by a slap on her ass. She knew that he wanted her panties to join her other garments. She gently tugged her panties over her bubble butt till the fell loosely to the floor.

The man’s hand dropped to her pubic area and began roaming probing deeper and deeper as his mouth continued to suck her now tender nipples. Sarah was beginning to breath deeper as she felt a wetness flush through her body as her attacker slid his hand between her legs. She could only hope that her ever increasing wetness didn’t become obvious to him. She knew that her luck couldn’t be that good. He lifted his head and whispered softly in her ear “you are getting wet. You like this; don’t you.” Sarah’s face flushed red as she trembled. All she could manage was to shake her head no. She knew that her sexual attack was now inevitable. Would he claim consensual sex if he was ever caught?

As he continued to fondle her naked body, he began to remove his clothes. Soon his naked body was pressing against her. She knew that her rape was very near. What happened next sent shock waves through Sarah’s body. The man suddenly grabbed her and shoved her roughly towards the steel door gate. She found herself being pinned face first against the steel gate. The man called for another one of the robbers to come over and hand him a pair of handcuffs. Her hands were jerked into the air and shoved against one of the steel bars. A cuff went around one of her wrists and then around the steel bar and then another cuff on her other wrist. She was now handcuffed with her arms in the air standing entirely naked in front of the gate. She knew that this demented man was planning on raping her in full view of everybody.

Sarah turned her head and begged “Please not here. I will let you rape me; just do it back in the vault where people can’t see.” She was humiliated at having to beg to be raped. She knew that everyone could hear her pleading. She was especially embarrassed that Robbie, one of the male tellers was hearing this. She had a crush on him. How would this affect any chance she had at getting him? The man that had brought the handcuffs over walked over to where the lone customer laid. He grabbed him by his arm and jerked him upright. With a violent shove he sent the man stumbling towards the gate where Sarah stood. How humiliating having to stand totally naked in front of a customer; her arms raised she basically was on display like a side of beef. What happened next was even more shocking. The customer was told to strip. A gun jammed to his head; he had no choice but to totally disrobe.

When he was totally naked he was shoved forward as another pair of handcuffs was passed between the bars. He was ordered to stick his arms between the bars just above Sarah’s waist and the clasp his hands together behind her back. Sarah could hear the handcuffs click behind her back as the customer’s arms encircled her waist. The two were standing face to face. Both of them were totally naked. Sarah couldn’t help glancing at the customer’s face; his geek glasses staring back at her exposed body. Her eyes inadvertently lowered to see his cock becoming erect. Sarah felt her hips being shoved forward; tight against the cold steel bars. She felt the customers cock poking her in her lower abdomen. What were these bastards planning? Were they going to force her to have sex with the customer? Sarah had found the guy strangely attractive; but having sex in public was totally humiliating. Her attention was momentarily diverted by the low screams coming from Nichole’s office. Sarah had completely forgotten about what her dear friend must be enduring; at least she was behind closed doors.

Inside Nicole’s office, I was shoving my cock deeper into her rectum. The tall beautiful woman twisted from the pain as I continued my invasion. She whimpered for me to stop; trying to convince me that I was deep enough. I still had 4 more inches to go and she was going to accept every bit of my pulsating cock. I was going to bury all that I had in her ass and then I was going to pump the living shit out of her. I grabbed her head and pulled her head back hard. I kept her chest flat on the desk with my elbows as I folded her neck backwards as far as it would go. I continued to shove until finally I was completely impeded in her stretched anal canal. I paused to adjust my weight; it was time for the anal ride. I released her hair only to grasp her shoulders. I pulled about three inches out; she relaxed some, thinking that her ordeal was over.

I jerked her shoulder hard as my cock once again buried itself up to my balls in her rectum. She yelped as she tried to stifle a full scream. I pumped in and out rapidly. Her body trembled as she lay bouncing on her desk. I moved my hands to her face and slipped two fingers inside each cheek. I pulled back hard. Not only was her ass being stretched; her kind face was being almost ripped apart. Her head was drawn back as her hair shook wildly as she tried to twist my fingers from inside her mouth. I pulled her up from her desk and forced her to walk around her office with my raging cock still implanted into her sore rectum. She took gingerly steps as each one forced my cock from side to side in her tight anal cavity.

I moved her to in front of a chair. I forced her head down against the seat which thrust her ass higher in the air. I then tore into her ass like a jack hammer tearing into concrete. Her legs trembled as she cried hysterically. My cock pulsated faster and soon was throbbing uncontrollably. I stiffened and sent a flood of sperm deep into her bowels. Her hips twisted wildly as my spunk continued gushing. Several more quick pumps and I was completely drained. I pulled my cock out as Nichole collapsed in front of the chair. She lay weeping as she rolled onto her side and curled into a ball. I had definitely reamed her ass.

I opened the office door and seen that the entertainment was under way at the vault’s door. My buddy, who was inside the vault with Sarah, was forcing her breasts between two of the steel bars. They protruded directly in front of the geek’s face. My buddy said “Okay, you know what to do. Start sucking those nipples.” The geek’s face turned even a brighter red. His cock was already poking through the bars, stabbing the poor teller’s abdomen; now he was being told to suck her nipples. My buddy shoved Sarah hard against the bars as she nodded her head and told the geek “Just do it before he kills us.” The geek opened his mouth and encircled the trembling teller’s right nipple. He gently closed his lips and began sucking on the pink projection. Before long, his sucking became harder as the helpless teller wiggled with embarrassment.

My buddy moved directly behind Sarah. He positioned his cock and pushed forward as he whispered in her ear “Nice and wide; spread your legs nice and wide.” The terrified teller shifted her feet apart. As my partner moved closer, she suddenly realized what his target was. She was going to be sodomized as she stood chained to the vault’s gate. She knew that she was helpless to stop his assault. She remembered from her previous rape how much it hurt. She turned her head and meekly said “Please find something to lubricate me with. There is some hand lotion on the desk out front. That would work.” My buddy stepped back and put a finger against her sphincter. He pushed and his finger slowly disappeared into her rectum as she grimaced in pain. She had completely forgotten about the guy sucking her tender nipples. She had much more serious concerns. As my friend worked his finger around in the helpless teller’s anus, she stood on tip toes trying to ease the depth of his probing. I nodded to two of my friends who stood guard over the hostages.

The two moved to Betty, the oldest teller, and lifted her by her arms and drug her towards the office. Fear spread over her face as she pleaded “Please don’t.” She had obviously heard the noise previously from the office and surmised what was going on. When the three reached the open door she gasped “Oh God;” as she seen Nicole abused body lying curled on the floor, her bare ass still leaking spunk. One of my friends shoved Betty towards the desk as the other one help me carry Nicole from the office. My friend shut the door and turned to face the shaking woman. With the click of the latch, Betty knew that her ordeal was about to begin. She trembled as she pondered why she had been chosen; she was at least twenty years older than the other women and they were prettier than she was.

She took a deep breath and asked “Why are you doing this? Just take the money and go; there is no need in hurting us. Please don’t.” My friend approached the trembling woman and gently guided her to the near by chair; pushing her down in it. Betty twisted nervously in the chair as she tried to avoid looking at how high her skirt and slip had risen when she abruptly forced to sit. She seen my friend staring at her bare legs so she tried to clinch her knees together only to have my friend shake his head “no”. She realized that she had better no risk antagonizing him so she slightly parted her knees as she hesitantly asked “What do you want?”

My friend laughed and replied “I think you know what I want. The real question is how are you going to give it to me. Maybe oral will be enough; but I don’t think so. Which of your holes do you think I should use?” Betty began to sob; he had just made it clear that he was going to either rape or sodomize her after forcing her to perform oral sex. She had never allowed her husband to stick that fowl part of his anatomy in her mouth; now a complete stranger was going to force his cock in her mouth. She had never had anal sex either. She would never allow that either, she had heard that it hurt like hell; beside it just wasn’t natural.

He walked close in front of Betty and asked “Do you want me to do you like my buddy did your manager?” Betty shook her head “no”. My friend explained “Well this is what we are going to do. You are going to sit real still and look up at the ceiling while I unbutton your blouse and remove your bra. I am going to get a good feel of those tits of yours. Next you are going to drop down on your knees and suck my cock. I won’t shoot a lot in your mouth; just enough for you to taste it. Then you are to lay on your back on top of the desk with your ass at the edge. I will pull your skirt and slip up and remove your panties. Then I am going to thrust into your pussy hard six times. Before the seventh ram you are to holler ‘rape me’ and I will start fucking you until I shoot my load deep in you. Do you understand?” Betty sobbed hysterically as she tilted her head back and stared at the ceiling.

She bit her lower lip as my friend began unbuttoning her blouse. When she came to work this morning she never dreamed that she would be bracing for a brutal rape. She continued biting her lip as she felt the cool air flood her chest as the buttons were released one after another. Soon she felt this monster casually flip the front of her blouse wide open as his rough hands pawed the clasps of her bra. Very quickly she felt her breasts falling free; dangling for his unwelcome attention. Rough hands squeezed the tender lopes and rubbed her shy nipples making them hard. He continued pawing and squeezing for what seemed like an eternity.

Meekly Betty said “I don’t know how to use my mouth.” I moved my hand toward her mouth and stuck my thumb against her quivering lips. “Practice on this. Do not bite; just let your lips slide back and forth. Remember the wetter you get my cock the easier it will be later.” I told the terrified woman. She parted her lips as I slide my thumb in her mouth. I began moving my thumb in and out as her lips squeezed tight around it. “That is too tight; gently glide you lips.” I instructed. She released her vice like grip and her lips began to slide easily over my thumb. I felt a flood of saliva as she tried to soak the penetration so it would be easier. She was ready for the real thing.

I removed my thumb and pulled her shoulder forward. She cried as her hips slowly slid forward in the chair and her knees begin dropping to the floor. She knelt on the floor with her lips trembling as I moved my cock closer to them. As my dick got close, she opened her quivering mouth; allowing my dick to penetrate. Her lips were shaking really hard as she managed to close them around my throbbing penis. When I started moving in and out, her head followed the movement. I grasped her head by her blonde hair and held it steady as I thrust in and out. I could feel saliva flooding around my throbbing cock. She indeed was trying to ease the pain of what soon would be happening. It wasn’t long till I could feel my eruption near. I jerked her head snug against my crotch; thrusting my cock down her throat as the first jet of spunk shot out. She choked as she tried to swallow the salty fluid. I slowly withdrew; leaving a trail of slime for her to taste.

As she tried to rid her mouth of the fowl taste, I pinched each nipple hard and said “Get on the desk.” Betty slowly rose and walked on trembling legs to the end of the desk. She squirmed as she managed to get her hips on the desk. She reclined back bracing herself with her bound wrists. As I grasped her legs and adjusted her to the edge of the desk, she stared blankly at the ceiling. I shoved her skirt and slip up and tucked them under her back. I grabbed the waist of her panties and quickly pulled them down and off her still trembling legs. I lifted her legs up and apart as I moved closer.

Betty was completely resigned to her fate. She lay stretched on the desk; her lips nervously shaking as I moved closer. I kind of regretted doing this to the nice lady; but she was too sexy to let this pass. Another soft plea came from her mouth “Please don’t hurt me.” She looked pitifully at me before turning her head to the side to await the now inevitable. I moved forward till the head of my cock was between her folds and at her entrance. Without saying a word, I jerked her hips towards me as I lunged forward. My cock rammed its full length in one shove. Betty’s body jerked as if it had been electrocuted; the air shot from her mouth, as she gasped “Oh God.” I pulled almost all the way out and then thrust hard in again; only to repeat again. Betty had almost totally collapsed from the pain and brutality.

I decided that there was no sense in doing this anymore. Any resistance was now completely gone. I said “Betty, if you want me to quit this and just fuck you, you need to scream what I told you.” Betty tossed her head and took a breath. “Rape me.” She meekly said. I slapped her ass and said “I told you to scream and I mean loud.” Taking another breath as he face turned red she yelled “Rape me.” I was sure everybody had heard that. I began pounding the mature woman stretched before me. She did respond at first but soon she began moving. After about five minutes I shot my spunk deep in her as she twisted slightly on the table. I guess the old girl just didn’t have an orgasm in her. I dropped her knees and they felt limply over the edge of the desk. I let her rest a minute before pulling her up on her feet.

As I guided her toward the door she asked “Will you button my blouse?” I decided to let her have some modesty. I buttoned the middle button of her blouse as I pushed her closer to the door. She realized that I wasn’t going to do anymore. This was as much about humiliation as it was sex.

Back inside the vault my buddy was busy with Sarah. He was just going to loosen her with his fingers. He removed his finger and positioned his cock at her anal entrance. As he stepped forward I could see the grimace spreading over the helpless teller’s face. I watched as Betty slowly emerged from the manager’s office. She walked proudly upright but her head hung down. It was obvious that her bra had been unfastened. Her boobs that once pushed against the front of her blouse were now dangling partially visible through the gabs in her blouse. The other employees turned the heads; not wanting to stare at the defiled woman. Betty made her way across the floor where my buddy helped her lay on the floor once again. When he tugged her skirt and slip high once again, it was evident that her panties had been removed. She slowly spread her legs like she had been forced to before.

My buddy inside the vault called “Bring the other teller chick over here.” I lifted the other bubble butt up and marched her towards the vault. When we got to the gate, my buddy said “Untie her hands so she can help geek fuck her friend.” I cut the wire tie binding Laurie’s wrists and shoved her hands forward. “Get the geek’s dick in your friend’s pussy.” I ordered. She hesitated until Sarah said “My God Laurie, do what he says before they kill us all.” Laurie slowly reached down and took hold of the geek’s erect cock. Poking it through the bars, she soon was working the head into her friend who was pressed tight against the bars by her anal invasion.

Sarah was like the meat in a sandwich. She was standing there why my buddy shoved his cock up her ass and geek man shoved his cock in her pussy. She stood still except for shifting her feet slightly wider. There was the occasional moan as both men were getting into the swing of things. I thought to myself now this is a bank with fringe benefits. Both men were definitely picking the pace up. Sarah stood there as both rammed the pricks in and out of her. The geek was still trying to suck on her nipples. This was a free fuck for him; the police wouldn’t charge him with anything. Both men soon became like pigs rooting in a trough; only it wasn’t there noses it was their cocks and the trough was Sarah’s crotch.

They continued faster as the poor teller yelped partly from pain but partly from pleasure. My buddy pulled her back and spun her abruptly. He pinned her back against the steel bars as his cock found its mark. Laurie knew what she was to do. She guided the geek’s cock into Sarah’s stretch ass hole. Soon both me were at it again. I took Laurie by the shoulders and moved her to the two male tellers. “Get their cocks out and get them nice and stiff. Then make like the meat just like your friend is.” I ordered. She looked defiantly at me but the gun staring her in the face soon changed her mind. She knelt and tugged their zippers down and freed their already throbbing penises. A few tugs and they were ready to go. She lifted her skirt and removed her panties. Giving a final check; trying to decide who got her ass; she straddled Thomas’s prone body. She worked to insert his cock in her pussy and then bent forward. I helped Robbie get directly behind Laurie. He was primed and ready to go. He moved forward as she yelped to go slower; I watch his skinny pecker disappear up her ass.

Both guys were bucking as Laurie helped them work deeper. She gasped as the finally was hitting their strides. Within a few minutes she was being filled front and back with man batter. She continued bouncing as the two guys finished dumping their loads. I wasn’t sure that this was a forced sex encountered. All three were awfully eager to please. I walked over to Ann, who was a supervisor. She knew what was coming; she already knew that we would be doing her soon. I lifted her to her feet. She walked slowly toward the open office door. She was a very pretty lady and I was definitely had plans for this hot Italian chick.

Inside the office she walked directly to the desk and turned with her hips against the edge. She stood on her toes as she wiggled her ass on the desk. Finally she asked “I suppose this is how you want me; lying on my back?” I saw why she was a supervisor. She knew she was going to me raped; she was trying to avoid being sodomized and having to perform oral sex. Well it wasn’t going to work. I walked in front of her and grabbed the front of her crisp blouse and ripped it open in one motion. As the buttons went flying across the room she said “Please don’t rip my skirt off; just pull it up.” I slapped her face and said “I’m the boss now and I’m going to rip every shred of clothing off you.” I shoved her blouse down her bound arms and then jerked her bra up; revealing her perfect firm breasts. I held her as I sucked on her pink perky nipples. I then covered her lips for a forced kiss. She tried to turn away but she decided better. I stood her up and ripped the button on her skirt loose. I shoved her skirt down her sexy legs. Before she had time to react; I jerked her panties from her body. She now stood naked before me.

“Drop and suck.” I ordered. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she meekly knelt before me. He opened her mouth and I inserted my erect penis in till it hit the back of her throat. Her soft lips softly closed around my throbbing cock as she started bobbing her head. Obviously she had done this before. Her head moved faster as her tongue flicked around my pulsating cock. It didn’t take long before I was filling her mouth with my baby batter. She gulped to swallow as I continued to pump more spunk in her mouth. When I finally withdrew, she twisted her head swinging her hair back into position.

I lifted her up and moved her to the desk. I gently lifted her ass onto the desk and she leaned back to be laid flat on the desk. Her legs parted and she raised her knees. I guess she didn’t want to prolong her agony. She let out a little “yelp” as I sank my cock inter her wet pussy. She had obviously gotten wet during the blow job. I pumped quickly in and out as she made little grunting sounds and moaning her pleasure. She definitely knew how to fuck. Her legs wrapped around my waist pulling herself deeper onto my now raging penis. Within a few minutes I felt myself ejaculating deep in her vagina as she panted wildly. I could feel a flood of wetness pour from deep within her as she tossed her head in contentment.

One of my buddies appeared at the door. He said he wanted her ass. I backed away as he rolled her onto her stomach and pulled her off the desk till she was bent over the end. As I walked out the door, I heard her say “Wet yourself in my vagina first.” She was giving instructions on how to sodomize her. As I put my clothes on I heard grunts and moans coming from the office. That pretty Italian girl definitely knew how to please men. We gathered the money in the center of the lobby. The two male tellers were busy making a fuck sandwich out of Laurie who appeared to be thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Meanwhile Sarah was having her ass rammed by the geek while another buddy of mine was filling her vagina with his spunk. She jerked wildly as they both pounded away. The geek finally lurched forward and began shooting his load in her bowels. I tossed my buddy the keys to the gate. He unlocked it and swung it open as Sarah and the geek was still embraced with his arms locked around her. My buddy got two belts from the love boys tumbling on the floor and strapped Sarah and the geek together around their hips after turning her to face him. He made sure that his penis was snuggly embedded in her love box before fastening the belts tight. He then got dressed as other scooped the money from the vault.

When we had all the money gathered and bagged, we pulled the steel gate shut and locked it. I tossed the keys in the bag with the money. I whistled for the love boy with Ann to come on. He walked from her office putting his clothes back on as she stumbled out behind him still nude. We all ran out the back door of the bank as the employees tried to untangle their selves and make their selves somewhat decent for the cop’s arrival. Sarah and the geek were in the worst situation. Both total naked and bound together through the steel gate.

The next day the headlines of the paper read “Robbery and Orgy at Local Bank” with pictures of the employees being led out covered with blankets. The story told of the ordeal of the bank employees and a lone customer. It said that it took hours to free the “love locked customer and teller”.


10-04-2008, 02:21 AM
a very nice story - bank robbery ones are a personal favoutite ofmine