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Announcements in Forum : General Rape Forum
04-12-2017 until 04-06-2020
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Rapeboard Rules Of The Road 4/12/2017

Rules and Guidelines for Movie Posters and Downloaders Rev. 4/12/2017 Please do not ask us what picture hosts or download sites to use. We DONT endorse any of them. All we ask is that they fit the board guidelines & at a minimum can be used by US members . Note moderator corrections in your thread allow us to monitor your compliance with forum rules/guidelines DO NOT ask to have them removed.
  • Rule #1A: While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure this forum is not disrupted or abused in any way.
Uploader/Poster Rules Content
  1. SCAT material in any shape or form is BANNED from the forum, post it at your own hazard.
  2. No content involving any participant under the age of 18 will be tolerated. You will be banned immediately and permanently.
  3. Screen-caps are required to post any video clips. Please try to use a hosting site that is not banned or otherwise would violate other forum rules.
  4. No content involving real rape. This is a fantasy site. Any post implying that that a video or pictures depict real rape will be subject to immediate deletion and the uploader warned or banned.
  5. When uploading personal pictures, get permission from everyone who appears in them. Pictures in the public domain do not require permission.
  6. No comix/comics.
  7. Films with snuff need to be marked as such in the description.
  8. No ads for other sites or sample clips. This includes the placing of blogs and/or website links in your posts or signature line. They will be deleted and you will be warned/banned. NO USER NAMES in file links.
  9. If your image host requires members to click on links to view the pictures, its not acceptable.
  10. Absolutely no .exe or similar file links. They will be deleted immediately and the user warned. Do not watermark anything.
  11. Use the stickied "Streaming Movies" thread to post your online streaming movies. Help us keep the board clean and easy to access the actual movie posts.
  12. No "Vanilla" content. "Vanilla" (or conventional sex) is consensual sexual behavior which does not involve forced sex, BDSM, kink, or fetish activities.
  13. All links to filehosts must be clickable. You may use tags [code] and [quote] if you will close link by the tag [url]. For example: This format is prohibited
    This format is allowed
  14. No content allowed from the following sites by their own request, this is a very serious offense. So please refrain from posting material from the list below:
  • BrutalMaster.com
  • BrutalViolence.com (a.k.a FunnyBDSM.com)
  • Cartoonvalley.com
  • Dawnsplace.com
  • John Marshall Productions
  • MedicalFuckers.com
  • Natashaflade.com
  • Punished Heroines
  • Psycho-Thrillers.com
  • Quoom.com
  • Queensnake.com
  • Red Milf Productions (a.k.a Rachel Steele)
  • SHG-Media
  • SleepingBitch.com
  • SlayerParis.com
  • StraponDreamer.com
  • Thebattleforearth
  • TokyoFaceFuck.com
  • Volldo.com
  • ZFX.com
  • ZooSkool.com (a.k.a. kinkcafe.com)
  • NO SCAT MATERIAL Can be posted ANYWHERE on the forum
Etiquette and Format
  • Always create a single thread for all your movie uploads, rather than flooding the board with separate threads. Multiple threads in the same area will be deleted. Do not post in other peoples threads, please start your own. You will be warned ONCE, then banned.
  • ALL download links in the public section MUST be FREE download links.
  • Note it is YOUR duty as the uploader to stay informed of current maximum free file download sizes.
  • DO NOT leave broken download/picture links up for longer than 48 hours.
  • The correct way to bump a thread is with new content.
  • Never solicit paysite passwords. And if you see such a solicitation, respond at your own risk.
  • Do not use link redirection on your uploads. It will be considered a phishing attempt. The link will be deleted immediately and the uploader will be permanently banned.
  • Any file host requiring a premium or paid account, or which requires personal information from the downloader or registration on the site before their content is accessible is prohibited. DO NOT USE passwords.
  • Certain file hosting services not allowed here, either because they have too many pernicious popups, malware, etc, or because they are not available in all areas, or because of long waiting periods (60 seconds) small daily download allowance or excessively slow speeds. Some do not allow free downloads. The following is a list of the filehosts not allowed on Rape Board:
Banned Filehosts
  • asfile
  • Bitroad
  • Datafile
  • Exclusivefaile
  • fiberupload
  • filesmonster
  • Freakshare
  • Filesonic
  • Getthebit
  • gigapeta
  • letitbit
  • Oron
  • Prolifico
  • Sms4File
  • Smsfiles
  • Sokrati
  • Turbobit
  • up-file
  • uploaded
  • vip-file
  • sharecash
  • ziddu
  • ANY .ru file
Banned Imagehosts
  • Also ALL file hosting service who do not offer English language are banned.
  • ImageBunny. com
  • imgah . com
  • imagebam . com
  • f a p o m a t i c.com
  • l i n k b e e.com
  • freebunker.com
  • image-bunny.com
  • imagetwist.com
  • imgchili.com
  • img-vidiklub.com
  • photo-chicken.com
  • piccow.com
  • pics-hoster.com
  • pic-base.com
  • Badimg.com
  • fastpic.ru
  • ******.ru
Further Suggestions
  • Include screencaps in your post, so everyone can see what you're sharing.
  • Include as much extra info as possible - file sizes, file names, description, etc.
  • DO NOT use passwords
And For Downloaders
  • Post all movie requests in The Movie Request Thread, rather than start a new thread.
  • Do not use the board's report post system to report dead links. Dead links are the responsibility of the original uploaders, not the forum staff. On discovering a dead link:
  • If the post was made recently, within a month or two, try posting in the original thread and asking the uploader to reupload.
  • If the post is older, PM the original uploader or request a reupload by posting in the The Movie Request Thread.
  • If you have any questions regarding the rules, please contact one of your moderators:
  • Moderators work hard to keep this a great place to be,and should be allowed to enjoy it without abuse from the members that reap the fruits of their labor.
  • Insulting or berating moderators for performing the functions of their job will no longer be tolerated and can result in a warning or if it persists, in banning, including in The Rowdy Room.
  • If a member has an issue with a moderator, that member should take it to a PM. If the member doesn't want to PM the moderator in question, PM another member of the moderator team. Questioning a moderator's decision is not wrong, BUT BE RESPECTFUL and do it in a PM.
  • Never edit over a moderator's post.
  1. Somedude - Head Moderator
  2. Crotch_Ripper - Board Admin
  3. Baur_147 - Moderator
  4. Becka - Moderator
  5. Sodoman - Moderator
  6. Newland - Moderator
  • If you find what you believe is a direct violation of these rules use the Movie Alerts thread which can be found HERE
  • Do not start a new thread asking questions or about the movie room rules or process. That is what your moderators are for, PM them accordingly.
  • If you find a violation, report it. There is no reason to add negative dialogue to a member who may not know better yet. It is unfair to expect a second chance when YOU mess up if you aren't willing to give it to others.
  • Check these rules often as new updates will posted accordingly
Final Note For those of you who think the mods here are harsh might remember one thing. Do you know how many people would love to close a site like this down? No chances are taken here with clips, links or material. If it even looks funny it gets yanked. We must be more vigilant than other sites, due to the nature of this board. Some less free thinking people don't distinguish between fantasy rape and real.
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